Frigidity: Why Am I Not Interested in Sex?

Why Am I Not Interested in Sex?

There is a frightening trend that occurs in many marriages and serious relationships today – frigidity. I know you have heard all the clichés. Especially about couples who don’t have sex after marriage. But really … what they have to say is that sex may reduce after having children and consume with the pressure of raising them, feeding them, and educating them! read more

Wedding Bands: Perfect Wedding Ribbons for Couples

Wedding Band: The Perfection

A wedding band may be the most important jewelry used in life. The symbol of the bride’s commitment to each other, a wedding band is exchanged as part of a wedding ceremony witnessed by family and friends. Unlike other jewelry, wedding bands are worn at any time of the day. Therefore, it is very important that the wedding band is comfortable and in accordance with the taste of the couple. read more

How To Save My Marriage: Is It Possible?

Is Your Partner Worthy of Saving Marriage?

How to save my marriage? This is the most common question raised by many married couples who experience a marriage crisis. Anyone who says marriage is easy must be single! There is nothing easy about combining your life with others. Several decades ago, people were not divorced because they were in a situation where it was not a choice that women could not support and the community did not accept it, among many others. read more

Marriage Advice: Good Advice About Marriage That Works!

The Important of Marriage Advice

Getting a piece of good advice is very important in every marriage. Unfortunately, during these years, more marriages were destroyed than before. People cannot coexist together in marriage. What are the possible reasons? Why is marriage getting faster, why don’t we get what we want from marriage? Are our hopes wrong? Or is our partner’s choice wrong? Let’s find out. read more

Bridal Showers: Best to Stick to The Bride’s Budget

Bridal Shower

Honorary maids and bridesmaids usually give weddings. Often, with the help of the bride’s mother. There may be more than one bridal shower, sometimes a coworker will give a shower at work or in a restaurant close to work. The prospective groom’s family if they live far away, I want to take a bath myself. One word of warning, you should not invite anyone to a shower that is not invited to a wedding. It’s like saying I will take your gift but don’t want you at my wedding. Ask the bride he wants in the bathroom. read more

Bridal Shower Games: Guide to the Success

Party Advice for Bridal Events

Bridal shower games are pre-wedding parties that are usually held by bridesmaids or family members or close female friends. The reason for the bridal shower party is to bathe the bride with good hopes. The bride is the center of attention in the bridal shower. Although it shouldn’t matter who organized the event, traditionally, the family was prevented from hosting the bridal event, because maybe they seemed to be looking for a present. read more

Parenting Tips For Caring For Effective Children

10 Tips for Parenting Children for All New Parents

If you are like most parents, you might want to raise healthy and intelligent children. You might already have some ideas about how to achieve this. Following are some parenting tips that will help parents make sure they develop their full potential. read more

Wedding Programs: Top Ideas For The Marriage Program

Top Ideas for the Marriage Program

Marriage programs are an integral part of your wedding ceremony. Through the wedding program, your guests can feel more involved with your marriage. In addition, knowledge of what’s to come will help guests to have a better time at your reception; and gives you ways to get your guests informed about the meaning behind certain aspects of your ceremony. The program will also serve as a special memento for your guests. read more

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