Bridal Shower Games: Guide to the Success

Bridal Shower Games: Guide to the Success

Party Advice for Bridal Events

Bridal shower games are pre-wedding parties that are usually held by bridesmaids or family members or close female friends. The reason for the bridal shower party is to bathe the bride with good hopes. The bride is the center of attention in the bridal shower. Although it shouldn’t matter who organized the event, traditionally, the family was prevented from hosting the bridal event, because maybe they seemed to be looking for a present.


Anyone can host a bridal event. It can be hosted anywhere you can party. Bridesmaids, friends or family members host bridal parties. Party venues are usually at home, but bridal showers can be held in restaurants. Important! Only invite guests to be invited to the wedding too. Anyone invited to the bathroom will have the right to expect an invitation to a wedding. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, always consult with the bride and key decision makers about the guest list.


Working days are not practical for parties, and shower parties are no exception. Bridal showers, like your wedding, must be on an easy day to attend. Saturday is the best day to have a party. This makes it easy for your guests to attend. The bridal shower must be close to the wedding day but not less than a few weeks before.


Souvenirs for bridal shower parties are an important part of this event. Some of the most popular bridal shower party aids are personalized chocolate, candles, compact mirrors, or private bath gels. If you have a beach themed bridal shower, your help can praise it. For example, dolphin wine plugs or scallop candles are a popular idea for weddings.


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Written invitations are not mandatory but are recommended. Most people have email addresses, so invitations may be the most cost-effective option. Bridal shower parties do not require formal invitations such as wedding invitations.


If the party is at home, usually snacks are served. Pizza is another popular choice of food. A bridal shower is an informal event, and you don’t have to bother with food.



Bridal Shower Game Ideas

So, is your marriage on the card? It’s time for the Bridal Shower Party! At the bridal party, family and friends will give gifts and many blessings for you.

The origin of the bridal shower is quite interesting and can be traced back to the Netherlands. This is an old story that states that a Dutch girl fell in love with a very poor miller. When he told his father, he forbade their marriage. So the young woman decided to marry a miller and live with her, even though she was poor.


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When the neighbors heard about the news about those who were almost starving, they came with help. They showered gifts and money with newly married couples. From the money and prizes given to the couple, they set up a good home and a good life for themselves. Since then, the tradition of bridal showers has been practiced. In fact, today the bridal shower is magnificent and full of joy.


There is no complete bridal shower celebration without bridal shower games. These games will add life to your party and keep the guests entertained.

Bridal shower games really make the party run. You can even be creative when arranging games for your bridal shower party. Even the more bridal shower games you play the better. With today’s tradition of inviting friends, work colleagues and family members to bridal showers, games can be a great way to break the ice for people who don’t know each other.


Who Am I Wedding Game

The Who Am I game adds smile and vitality to the whole party with the added benefit of being the first great conversation opener.

To play this game, all you have to do is set up some index cards. On each card write the name of the famous personality. As soon as the guests arrive, put a card on everyone’s back. Paste it in such a way that guests cannot see it, while others can. Then start the real test. Guests must ask each other for directions so that they can know the names attached to their backs. The first person to identify the correct name is the winner.


The Wedding Alphabet Game

The Wedding Alphabet Game is very fun. This game involves a combination of intelligence and intelligence. This game is simple; the host starts the game by describing wedding items, rituals or traditions starting from letter A. They will include in their sentence items or culture starting from A. The next guest adds another item or whatever after the sentence starts from B. This game continues when the sentence continues to grow. If someone can’t add items from the letter they get, they leave. Guests who stay the longest win the game.


Caught in the Middle Game

Bridal Caught in the Middle shower promises to bring lots of laughter and activities to parties. The game is quite simple. Everyone is forced to sit in a circle, then a bag is provided for one guest. When music is playing, guests must submit it to other guests. This move continues until the music continues. As soon as the music stops, carrying the bag in their hand gets stuck in the middle. As a punishment, they are asked to do dances, imitations, mono acts or whatever. This bridal shower game adds to the joy of the party. This also gives rise to latent talent from every guest trapped in the middle.


Guess it

Numbers are widely known and played throughout the world. This game can be played anywhere and everywhere. This game involves intelligence and the power of recognition. There are two teams made by the guests. One member of each team must take a mono action on behalf of the actor or film given secretly to him. Guests only need to appear and not speak. The name of the character or film must be guessed by the team. In a certain period of time, if there is a team member who guesses the correct name, the team gets points. At the end of the day, the group with the highest points will declare the winner.


These are just a few ideas for bridal shower games to help create a great atmosphere for bridal shower parties. They can add excitement and amusement to the whole party and are a good way to get everyone involves because there is no doubt that guests don’t know each other. So, start your party with lots of bridal shower games.



bridal shower games


Bridal Shower Game

If you host a wedding, there are hundreds of games to choose from. Some are ridiculous, some are serious, but all about having fun with the bride before she gets married. This is an example.


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A fun game really makes the bride in a place due to her knowledge of the life of her future husband. Before the party, ask someone to ask a question to the groom, like where he was born, what his favorite food is, things like that. Then at the bridal shower, put the bride in the place by asking the answer to the question. See how much he can fix (hopefully at least half!). If he’s fine, give the girl a present; he deserves it.


One of the all-time favorite games is a wedding dress, toilet paper. This game involves splitting guests into teams of at least two people and no more than five. Give each team a roll or toilet paper (or two) and have them make a wedding dress from toilet paper. One team member will volunteer as a model. Give them a “dress up suitcase” full of jewelry and shoes. They have to make the dress from toilet paper, but they can wear jewelry, shoes, gloves, and has provided. Place a deadline for this (five minutes is sufficient) and ask the bride to choose the best dress. Be sure to give a prize for the winning team!


Another fun game that is always popular is getting the bride to dress when blindfolded. Tell the bride that she will pretend to be on a honeymoon and the electricity goes out. He must prepare his wedding night in total darkness. Give him a suitcase full of things and then close his eyes. He must be dressed for a certain period of time (two minutes is sufficient) while completely blindfolded and without help from guests. Include some silly items like big sunglasses, garden gloves or flannel nightgowns just to make it fun. This is a photo opportunity, so make sure someone is waiting to record the end result!


Another fun game makes guests take a bath more in sports than the bride. In this game, everyone puts their wallet in the middle of the room. Make a list of items commonly found in the wallet and give points and listless common items and give higher points. So you can give lipstick 2 points, tampons 3 points, and sunglasses 5 points. But a granola bar can be 10 points and a principal remover, 15 points. Then check the wallet that gives points and gives the person the highest number of points (and therefore, most items and possibly the highest number of unusual items) prizes.


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Before taking a shower, make a bingo card for this bingo shower game. In the box, place a picture of the item that you think the bride will receive when taking a shower. So, boxes might include things like underwear, towels and the like. When the bride opens the gift, have people mark the item on their bingo card. If no one gets “bingo” give a gift to the person who marks the highest number of items.


The next game is the derivation of a popular game that often plays at single parties and involves strippers. This is a clean version. About 30 minutes to the party, ask the bride to leave the room and distribute the paper. Does everyone write on paper everything they can remember about bridal clothes, hair, etc? How many rings does he wear? What color is the blouse? Is he wearing open or closed-ends shoes? After everyone finished recording their observations, the bride returns to the room and presents are given to people with the best observation skills.


Guide to the Success of the Bridal Show

It’s another bridal shower game season … with the time and money you spend to be in a bridal show, you want to get the most from your presence there, right?! Here are some tips…


1. Be sure to advertise that you will be present at the Exhibition! Post on your website, send leaflets, etc .: “Don’t forget to come to see us at the Bridal Show on this date, this location, this time, etc.”. Placing a sticker behind a business card and sharing it on. The show is a good advertisement, also be sure to let them know that you have a bridal program and do a private consultation for FREE and have them give the bride they know your card!


2. Once you are there, make sure you are ready before the bride starts entering! Bring lots of literature (brochures and such) better to have too much than run out! Keep your booth clean and attractive, not messy.


3. Come up with something creative to separate yourself from your competition and bring attention to your booth: eg Interesting themes, special offers, demonstrations, prizes, samples, etc … I used a small white Xmas tree with Lia Sophia boxes and silver ribbons tied to each of them hanging over a tree with a treetop Bride (This treetop porcelain doll with a pretty white gown on)! Bring Your Calendar! Order the show right away!


4. Prepare an infomercial for 3 minutes to train it and find out! You have about 3 minutes to convince passersby that you offer the services they need!


5. Don’t forget to dress the part! Think of it like a business meeting, because that is what happens. Brides looking for people to do business with. You will not come to a wedding with everyday clothes, right?


6. Never leave your booth unattended! And don’t eat at your booth. You always want to describe a professional image. Even if it seems slow, you never know who is watching.


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7. When the bride comes to your booth, start a conversation with them! Ask, Are you planning your special day? Be friendly and excited about their day and be excited about your service and don’t forget for SMILE. Remember that ALL ABOUT THE BROTHER! Ask if he has a photo of his dress or chooses one to tell you that you are doing a personal consultation! If he has a photo, praise him! Beautiful women make it feel special!


8. Even if Show has a list of brides when they enter, try asking them to register too. Special gifts and pictures at your booth can help here too. Offer incentives to order the show that day or to schedule their consultation! FREE shipping is a great incentive!


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9. After the event is complete, contact your lead as soon as possible (1-3 days) to remind them of your service. Send a letter or postcard to thank you for stopping at your booth and congratulating them again on their engagement. Offer a price discount or incentive to get them to arrange a consultation with you.


10. Follow-up About a week after your first contact, contact them and/or send an email to keep you fresh in their memories. Offer a kind of incentive with a deadline … eg Get your free wedding website just to meet us! Hurry up, the offer ends September 1! (Maybe about a month after the date of the Bridal Show). Then you might consider offering another bonus for booking events with you.

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