Broken Heart: The Best 7 Steps to Overcome It

Broken Heart: The Best 7 Steps to Overcome It

7 Steps to Cure a Broken Heart

Broken heart happens to most of us at least once during our lives: What is so beautiful at the beginning of a relationship, the extraordinary feeling of falling in love, suddenly ends. Our loved ones leave us, in one way or another, and we are left with those pieces of heart, feeling broken. Humans are bound to one another and when this deep attachment is broken we suffer.


We feel lost, betrayed, depressed, hopeless, angry, very sad, anxious for the future and in pain. Although the following steps are not a panacea, letting them guide you can help you recover faster from a broken heart. The following suggestions will assist you to recover from your broken heart. 


Step 1: Admit It Is Over

Admit it is over is the first step to get over from your broken heart.  You have to admit that for now that everything is over between you. You may not want to give up and still think that your lover will come back someday, but you have to accept that for now, right now, you have to face life without it, day after day.


Acceptance of loss is one of the first steps to grief, every grieving. Although your broken heart may result in- loss, anger, hurt, sadness, or nothingness – but keep your thoughts clear. He has gone and you must live your life, one day at a time, without them. If you still have hope that you can win it again, this still applies to you. Accept what you are now and get back up. Being attached to emotional chaos will not return your lover.


Step 2: Admit Your Emotional Broken Heart

A broken heart hurts. We often experience a series of unpleasant emotions from sadness, betrayal, hurt, disappointment, anger, distrust, guilt, longing, jealousy, despair during emotionally broken heart. Some people become numb and lethargic rather than very emotional and feel dead and dead.


Whatever you feel, let yourself feel it. See if you can say what you feel at different time points and explains to yourself why you feel that way. Psychologists call this skill ‘mentalization’ and it’s about creating meaning from the storm in it. In the end, it will help you process your feelings and continue.


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You can also write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal or find other ways to express what is happening to you. Talk to people about what you are doing, like your friends and family, and if there are no people in your life that you can invite to do, you can find self-help groups on the internet to get involved. Be patient and give yourself time.


Take care of yourself as best you can by eating well, exercising, and being close to others. If you feel a lot of broken heart, make sure you release emotional energy by crying, sobbing, screaming and moving (even walking around can help here). If you tend to feel nothing, provide time and space to grieve and not be afraid of those feelings. In the end, it’s just feeling, only electrochemical energy in your brain.


Step 3: Reflect on Your Broken Heart

Losing a loved one does not only mean the most important person in your life is gone, but you are not the same person anymore. Losing loved ones affects our dreams, our identity, and our hopes for the future. We become people who have been abandoned, or who must go, who are betrayed, abandoned or who feel they cannot stay. The final impact greatly affects our self-image, our identity, how we see others and what we think might be in life for us.


Make sure you are honest and clear in your thinking. Don’t allow the broken heart to disturb your happiness. Yes, this relationship has ended, but that does not mean all relationships will end or you will never find anyone else. That was a big disaster. Listen to your friends, even if you don’t believe what they say, for example, that you are an attractive person and your lover has made a big mistake.


In the end, you need to ensure that you can integrate what has happened to your self-image. Keep your choices open to the future by keeping your own image as a good, interesting and valuable person, others as the most trustworthy and good people to accompany, and the world as an attractive and reasonably predictable place where things on certain occasions it can be wrong.


This puts you in a position where you see yourself, others and the world, in general, are fine, rather than one or more of them intrinsically bad. You might also find that when you adjust your self-image and your hopes for the future, losing your dreams about what you think you have with your lover is as painful, if not more, than losing him.


And when you reflect, forgive yourself. Sometimes we don’t let go of relationships, because we keep thinking it is our fault that it ends. If we only do more, or talk more, or don’t do this or that, then maybe we will still be with loved ones and all will be happy. Not. Guilt is a terrible emotion that keeps people locked in negative thinking. In the end, what you do is what you do. Are there lessons that you need to learn from what happened?


Will you really choose to do different things next time? Is that possible or reasonable? Most people take too much responsibility for what has happened; even if it is quite out of their control. Or truly the responsibility of their lover. If you still have regrets, change it so that the next time you are better prepared to deal with your relationship.


Guilt and regret without actions are useless and enough to spoil yourself. If you have difficulty in a different place then get help through friends, books, or psychotherapy. In the end, let it go, forgive yourself. Whatever you do wrong, you can do better next time. We all make mistakes and slowly grow through learning from them.


broken heart


Step 4: Live your life, day after day

If you struggle to keep going and forget about your broken heart, the old tactics of Alcoholics Anonymous are the best: dealing with everyday life. Don’t get lost in a bigger picture or fear all day and maybe be lonely in the future. Just deal with this one day, today, with your best ability. In the end, we can only live every day here and now. This often helps people to really focus their attention on what’s around them now and what their assignments are now.


If you wish, then concentrate on washing. Realize who and what is there with you, the color, texture, sound. Staying with your sensations will slow down your internal processes. This will be your foundation and hold you at this moment. This will help you survive the difficult times because there is evidence every minute that you are safe: just step on your feet and feel the ground below you if you don’t believe me.


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This is also a good technique to slow down life and be present with yourself and your feelings. There is a good chance that when you really pay attention to what’s around you here, now you are reconnected with a miracle that is alive, no matter how painful it feels at some point.


Step 5: Overcoming Your Broken Heart

Remember to return to your life before your lover. It may seem like a mystery to you how you succeed without your lover before you meet them, but obviously, you do it. You really live your own life without knowing that he is there at some time. You do what you do, have dreams and hopes. Plan for the future, maybe friends, family, work, and many other things in your life that have nothing to do with your lover.


It is important that you find out who you are without your lover so that you feel fine if you are separated from him and become a person with your own rights. Returning to your older self, your dreams, hopes, and desires, can help you separate psychologically.


Step 6: Broken Heart- Try to have a good life.

Building a good life requires effort. The end of a relationship may also mean the end of going to certain places that you enjoy visiting together; releasing friends or activities that you share. Even though this can be a very painful process in itself, you can still rebuild your life to a richer level than before. Of course, new life will not just appear: You must try and devote time to creating it.


You might also, need to take risks and put yourself in a new situation to make new friends. It is important for you to get out of your old habits and your comfort zone. If you move to a new city or a new country, you should try to create a place for yourself. You must be familiar with the new environment, you must find new friends and invest in new activities.


Losing your lover can also create a window of opportunity for you. You can finally start a course or activity that you always want to do. But never have time to, or take the vacation, or visit with friends your beloved doesn’t want. This is your time again, you are single and you do not need to live with compromise anymore.


Step 7: Surviving Your Broken Heart.

One of the surviving human myths is the idea that there is only one person who is right for us; with whom we must be together for the rest of our lives. This idea first came from Greek philosophy and was around 3000 years old. Humanity has moved a little since then. We have more opportunities to meet new partners and fall in love again than people in ancient Greece. Imagine all the extraordinary lovers you might miss if your relationship continues to the end of your life! Most people meet many others at different times in their lives with whom they are potentially very happy.


Of course, each relationship is unique, but while you can be happy with person A, living in city X, having one type of life, you can also be very happy with person B, living in city Y, having a very different life different things. Although your life will not be the same as a different person, it is very possible that you can be very happy in a different way from other people. Who knows, maybe other amazing and beautiful people are just around the next corner!

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