Wedding: Best Ways To Choose A Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photograph

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that photographs are a long-time reminder of your wedding day. They will take you back of the atmosphere of your wedding, your dress, family, and guests. They will be displayed in your home, and are evidence of the greatest day of your life for you to look back on. read more

Wedding Songs For Reception: How To Select The Best

Christian Wedding Songs

Weddings are a festive celebration of the love two people who have decided to come together as one. They are generally performed in front of a minister, so as to commemorate the solemnity of the occasion and to make it more binding in the eyes of God and man. And no other to celebrate that union other than with music with Christian wedding songs, to be precise. read more

Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love with Wedding Vows

Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love with Wedding Vows. 

Wedding vows have been a long time practice in wedding ceremonies. The oath of a lifetime loyalty to each other regardless of difficulties and differences guarantee that true love really exists. Isn’t that a nice thought?


Both the bridegroom and bride exchange wedding vows. Usually, the vows would include a promise of unselfishness, faithfulness, and unconditional love. If you are not sure on what to write in your wedding vows, don’t be! You can find one of a kind wedding vow just by making a research. Surfing the internet for wedding vows generally believe to be a good source of information and guidelines that you can eagerly use on your wedding day. You may, however, pay for the service on some sites, but you can search for free ones as well.



Free wedding vows to blow away the long-established and scripted pledge one hears over and over again in prevalent wedding ceremonies. The blessing about free wedding vows on the net, apart from the fact that they are free, they give you the free will and supplement to writing what you want to say from your heart. You can alter the free sample vows or if you find the writing extremely emotional, you can go ahead and use it without alterations.


There are several vows you can pick from. Akin to everything, vows can be modified according to the situations you find yourself. There can be vows particularly drifted for second marriage couples, couples with children, religious variations or wedding anniversaries. Using poetry as an element of a pledge is a universal practice too. You can surf the internet sites that can proffer a free worksheet design and questionnaires that you require to fill out for you to just modify your chosen wedding vow. These will provide as your instruction so that you can go over what you want to say.



Preparing your wedding vows before that big day is very important. Writing your vows together is a very exceptional activity that is greatly suggested. It is highly important to set a specific time and place where both of you can have some privacy together. You can write down your vows on a separate sheet of paper and be of the same mind to compare what you’ve written after an hour or so.


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First, write a letter acknowledging your affection for your spouse. Do not hesitate to detail what you are feeling. Be imaginative and be confident to focus on your favorite and memorable times together, either good or bad. Some suggestion is the first time that you met, the minute when finally said yes or when trying circumstances happen but still, your love for each other’s continued.



Quote sweet lines from songs, books or scriptures that translate your love for your partner. As soon as you have written down your letter, you should come together and study each other’s writings. Reading the letters can be truly emotional. Get ready to share a laugh or even occasional crying. Share your feeling and ideas through the letter and from there initiate your outline for your promise.



The secret of a good wedding vow is making it a personal commitment to your other half and make sure that the message you convey is made clear and simple. Something that really comes from the heart is greater than anything else.

wedding vows

Wedding Vows: Make Your Wedding Vows Special And Unique

It is your wedding, so make it special and unique. Maybe you have been searching for every book, articles, and information you can find to make your wedding as special and unique as possible. The best and more impressive method to do is to make your own wedding vows.


By tradition, the bride and groom don’t have much to say in what goes into the words spoken throughout the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, wedding officiants even support couples to proclaim their own wedding vows at some point in the ceremony. This eases the technicalities and strays away from the “wedding ceremonial formula” we have been too familiar with. Hence, if you have already attended ten wedding, there is a possibility that you will able to recite the “standard vows” the bride and the bridegroom say to each other.


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Accordingly, if you plan to make your wedding vows exceptional and special, you can integrate your feelings and personal messages into your wedding vows. It makes an additional effect on making your wedding more impressive. Here are five guidelines to help you create a wedding vow that could make your wedding unforgettable for you and your guests.


1. Converse with the Wedding Officiant
If you are planning to make your wedding vows unique and special, you need to inform your Wedding Officiant first. You will need to find out the legalities, procedures, and policies in drafting your wedding vows. In reality, by discussing with your Wedding Officiant beforehand, you can get extra pointers, counsel, an example to help you in preparing your wedding vows. The Officiant will also update you of the necessary information that needs to be included in your vows.


2. Choosing Your Topic

You need to create a theme before you start drafting, just as in any other writing or speeches you make. Some may not agree with me, nevertheless by picking a topic in advance will help you stay focused on your vows. One thing you must never overlook to incorporate in your wedding vows is your promise to your spouse to be. Then you can include some personal messages, expectations, and dreams that both of you may have talked about by the time you decided you wanted to get married to each other.


Bear in mind that your wedding vow should be short and sweet when writing it. You are liable to get so emotional that it is difficult to cut it short when pouring your heart out. Try as much as possible to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Keep your wedding vows short, brief, and important. Keep in mind that a very long-winded speech will lead to a situation in which the attendee will start to wander off.


3. Make your Wedding Vows Official

Arrange a meeting with your Wedding Officiant again as soon as you completed the first draft of your wedding vows. You need to show your vows for review and additional advice. Your Officiant’s practice will help you to a great extent in getting the best out of drafting your own wedding vows. Naturally, you will get the last word on what goes into your wedding vows. However, it is not a bad idea to ask for an opinion.


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4. Practice makes perfect

It is generally said that “practice makes perfect”, this principle applies here. You practice, practice, and practice just as when you prepare for the speech you wrote for a meeting. As we know, practice makes your delivery great.

Even though you prepare to read your wedding vows during the ceremony, I greatly advise you practice. You need to get at ease saying your wedding vows aloud so that you would not feel embarrassed when you read it in your wedding ceremony. Always remember to make your wedding vows short, brief, and meaningful. Long speeches may make an impact and as a result, they will be less remembered. Hence, keep timing yourself as you practice. If reading your vows will take longer than five minutes, make it short and focus on the more essential part of your wedding vow.


5. Delivering Your Wedding Vows
I know that this is difficult to do, but it is essential to compose yourself when you are performing your wedding vows during the wedding. If you are nervous, you are liable to speak too fast that your vow will not have a positive impact on the wedding attendants. You can read your vow if you must, but it is better if the wedding vow is delivered easily. Always remember to do what you are comfortable the most. For instance, you can memorize a speech provided that you are comfortable to make your vow.

I believe that this article will help you plan a memorable and unique wedding. May Almighty God you good luck with your wedding. I pray that your wedding vows will be your guide to a happy and fruitful relationship.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Date Kiss.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Date Kiss.

Most guys may not know or do not have the slightest idea if a girl is ready to be kissed. These guys often sit beside their girls and continue talking to the extent that they suddenly realize how the lips of their date are so kissable.

They later realize that they need to take control, but this would mean disaster if done wrong. This may result in a situation where the man may not have a second chance for another date with the woman.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Kissing tips, advice
  3. Advice for guys
  4. A Piece of Advice for girls
  5. First Kiss- Advice for both guys and girls
  6. Six steps on how to French kiss
  7. conclusion


If a guy has the opportunity of finding himself talking to a girl and wondering if she ready to be kissed, he may gently touch her hair and give a compliment about it.  

If the girl shows a positive response, this may be a sign of getting closer to a first kiss. Hence, you have the opportunity to get closer and try to reach for her hair again.

first kiss date kiss

Lay a hand on her hair tips and simply gaze on her lips and eyes. For the fact that she does not resist you from getting close to her is a sign that she is comfortable. This is a positive sign for you to go ahead and have a date kiss. 


Some guys try to summon courage by going out on an adventurous date in order to make the date kiss more polite and natural. One typical illustration is a man who regularly takes a girl to a small boat ride on a river.


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Having sailing along the river, he went on to direct the boat to a place covered with trees and fireflies – really a romantic place to make a date kiss.

A man can also take her blind date to some ancient ruins in a local spot and manage to spend time walking until dark. These ruins usually light up at night.

The guy can take his blind date to the top of the mountain where they can see the city all beautifully lit up. This is when the guy has the chance to make a move in order to date kiss with her.



Kissing tips, advice

We have all had those situations where we were with someone we really liked, and we always ask a series of questions on the back of our mind how do we kiss that person? Do we ask them? Can we just take the risk and kiss her?  Shall we wait for more time? If so, how long do we wait?


These questions can be somewhat discouraging due to not knowing exactly what to do next to bring yourself closer to that special someone.

There are, on the other hand, a few key steps and signs that we can watch out for and do to increase the probability of bringing ourselves closer to that special someone.


Advice for guys:

When you have an appointment with a girl and you are walking around or just talking, you have to understand that it is your responsibility to make a move! In our society, it is generally believed that Girls have to be passive and receptive. Therefore, she is expecting you take charge in escalating the touching that will finally lead to date kiss.


You should be the first one to take the hand of a girl when you are out with her. Holding her hand is the first step towards bringing yourself closer to her.  You should observe her if she is comfortable by touching her shoulders or hugging her.  As you progress doing this, watch her grow more and more comfortable with your touch. Hence, you have a chance of kissing successfully instead of just going for the kiss out of the blue.


When you built this kind of touching comfort, get her and yourself into some sort of location where two of you could either sit or stand and talk comfortably. As both of you talk, start fondling her hair tenderly and look into her eyes. If you feel that she’s calm with that, move in closer and closer. but if she doesn’t withdraw, go for the kiss, since she relaxed with you touching her hair and standing so close, most likely at that point she already wants to kiss you anyway. If she withdraws or behaves somehow, relax for a bit and continue building comfort with her. Resume normal conversation and try again later.


A Piece of Advice for girls:

Generally, girls are viewed as the ones who are kissed, rather than the ones that kiss. It’s just a matter of personal choice and a personal set of beliefs as to how you want to go about this.

Most guys find it difficult kissing a girl for the first time, so you ought to make him feel relaxed by accepting his touch or even initiating non-intrusive touching yourself, like holding his hand or embracing him and being close to him. If he experiences like you’re accepting him and enjoy his friendship and being close to him, he’ll most likely go for the date kiss.


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If you want to kiss him, it is going to be rather risky since some guys might feel you’re too desperate to hang out with. But you can tell him you want to kiss him if you feel he is too shy, and let him kiss you. This way you preserve his male self-esteem and still get kissed 

date kiss


First Kiss-Advice For both guy and girl:

The first Kiss should be light and bring pleasure to both partners. Don’t be in a hurry and start thrusting your tongue down his or her throat. Just lighten up your tongue and softly touch your partner’s lips and tongue. The kiss should be in a gentle manner, yet passionate. As two of you get comfortable kissing, you can progress to a more aggressive and deep kind of kissing, such as French kissing. French kissing is essentially the kind of kiss where there are lots of tongues and sucking action.

Conclusion: Just let it flow and let it come to you naturally. Make touch comfort over time and when the time is right, try to move closer to your partner so that the kiss can naturally happen.


Six steps on how to have your first kiss

  • Set the scene. Make sure that the atmosphere and time are right. Slow down, take a deep gasp and let go off any anxiety you might have. This will help a lot when you are French-kissing.


  • Dampen your lips. Dry lips do not move well together, make sure you do not want them to be soaking wet either. Just a gentle brush of your tongue over your lips will be enough to moisten them. It is always useful to have lip moisturizing when you are French-kissing.


  • Head Position. If your mouths meet at close range, you will not be able to French-kiss easily. To avoid this, lean your head slightly to one side, typically to the left. Make sure that both of you do not tilt your heads to the same side.


  • Close your eyes. Although this generally happens by nature it is always best to keep it in mind. As you move toward for the kiss, look into your partner’s eyes; once you are close to your lovers face, close your eyes. It can be a bit of discomfited and not to mention a turnoff to be French-kissing with your eyes opened. In any case, ask your lover.


  • Start with a gentle and soft closed-mouth kiss. The French kiss is an open-mouth kiss, but do not dive in open-mouthed like you’re going to eat them; instead, open your lips very slowly as you kiss your lover. Bear in mind, it is better to start a kiss with closed lips, not to mention stylish.


  •  Practice. First-kiss takes a lot of practice, but hey I would not mind practicing French-kissing all day.


The above are the tips and the guidelines for the boys and the girls to make a right kiss when they are dating each other. The first kiss result in fear for a shy guy.  A guy needs patient and more wisdom when dealing with the girl of his dream. 

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