Sexuality: The Important of Sex In Marriage

How Sexuality Can Result In Healthy Marriages

A lot of couples limit themselves from talking about sexuality and their intercourse lives. Some are shy at the same time as others are reluctant to open up with their respective partners. This method of sexuality can result in ruined marriages. Sexuality is one of the key reasons for having a strong marriage. Sex isn’t pretty much enjoyed every deferent’s libido or sexual desires. read more

Christian Courtship: Basic Rules For Christian Singles

Think before you do

Attraction, love, marriage, sex, family. Ideally, this is the order how the stages of a Christian courtship should be arranged chronologically based on a Christian point of view. A couple should first have the mutual feelings of attracting to each other, fall in love and decides to make their vows in marriage. Only then shall the two can express their love for one another in a more intimate manner as love-making or having sex. Such a union between a man and a woman will bless, hopefully, with a child and then they become a family. read more

Happy Married Life: The Basic Secrets

Happy Married Life: The Best Time to Get Married

The first thing to do when planning for a happy marriage is to set your wedding date. It is an exciting project, but be ready to be challenged. Deciding the best feasible wedding date sounds easier than it is. Before making your decision, there are many actions and important dates to take into consideration. The day you get married will be determined by certain factors such as availability of the venue, school schedules, holidays, who can be there, and many more. read more

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