Catering: How To Find The Best Caterer For Your Party

Should I Hire A Caterer

So you decide to throw a party. Great, now it’s time to put into consideration all of the things you should do to make it a success. You ought to locate a wedding venue, the guest list, plan decorations, arrange for a DJ, choose your wedding planner etc. The list goes on and on but one of the most significant tasks is arranging for the food. Food and drink may create or shatter your party. The question you should decide is to know whether you are going to hire a caterer or you are going to handle the food yourself. There are pluses and minuses to both. read more

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Finding Beautiful Flower Girl Dresses For Your Wedding

Wedding Flowers: Helpful Tips For Doing It Yourself

Flowers play an important part in any wedding ceremonies. They have been a representation of new hope and a good future ahead.

The bride and the groom would definitely feel like heaven with flowers blossoming all over the place on their reception. Apart from decoration, wedding flowers have now been a tradition. A wedding will be relatively incomplete without these scented gifts of mother earth.

Hiring a wedding planner or a florist so that your bouquet will be efficiently done can be considered as a choice. But if you are on a tight budget, and have some creativeness hidden deep inside you, there is no harm in making them on your own. read more

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How To Have A Good Celebrity-Style Wedding Reception

A Good Celebrity-Style Wedding Reception

Have you always dreamed of the highly structured wedding reception, but have become content with a simple reception to save money and time? Well, you shouldn’t quit your dreams. Your wedding is a unique day and you don’t want a situation where you start thinking in future that you had done things differently. It is not out of your control to create a wedding that will be the most memorable and happy for you. Despite general beliefs, having a celebrity-style wedding reception doesn’t mean you must clean out your bank account. By using some alternative resources you can have the wedding reception to rival those of celebrities, but with low cost. read more

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