Healthy Marriage: Top Marriage Counselling

Marriage Is Good for Health And Your Wealth

If you are looking for a long and healthy marriage, a good relationship might be part of the answer. Married people tend to live longer and healthier than their single partners, who are divorced or widowed. And while my husband will claim that it feels longer, the statistics show this is true. read more

Wedding Dress-How To Choose The Right One

How To Choose The Right Wedding Dress

You got proposed to, you picked the wedding planner, the venue, the music – all you need is that perfect wedding dress. If you didn’t like the dress you saw, it is time to define what it is that you are looking for. There are different types of wedding dresses. Choose the one that goes best with your style and personality. You should look for a dress that will be suitable for the kind of wedding you are having. A dress perfect for a beach wedding might not be proper for a formal wedding, and vice versa. read more

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