Wedding Rings: How To Pick The Right Ones

Wedding Rings: Picking The Right One

Wedding rings are part of the institution of marriage. The underscores of every wedding ceremony, wedding rings represent a couple’s vow of remaining trustworthy and faithful to each other all the time of their lives. Wedding rings were used as far back as the time of ancient time, when Egyptians make rings from reeds (and other plants that grow on the Nile River) for couples to exchange, representing their everlasting love for each other.

Today, traditional types of wedding rings are those that made of precious metals that are normally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This custom stemmed out from the conviction that the blood from the ring finger of the left-hand goes directly to the heart. Nevertheless, medical science has already rebutted this statement with their finding of how the circulatory system works, and even if the practice of wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand still reigns, some people now choose to wear their wedding rings on their right hand. read more

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    Important Facts You Should Know About Romance In Marriage

    Marriage Advice For Newlyweds- Facts You Should Know

    The most important thing about marriage is sharing. This is the common answer most successful couple gives whenever they ask about the secret of their romance in marriage. They can still enjoy the romance even if only one that instigates the sharing. However, romance in marriage cannot work without the contribution of both. Therefore, sharing is really very vital in a relationship.

    If you make up your mind that romance will keep your marriage alive, and you want to develop the romance on your marriage, both of you need to work out on this part. You will have to prepare your romance in advance on both of your minds. read more

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    Wedding Cakes: How To Pick The Best One

    Wedding Cake

    Cakes are the representation of good luck; it was generally believed that wedding cakes gave good luck to the newlywed couple. Besides, passing out pieces of cake was a way of sharing that luck with friends and neighbors. Also, the wedding cake is the first thing your guests notice when they walk into the reception hall.

    The usual wedding cake of three or more round pile layers is what comes to mind when most people think wedding cake. Nevertheless, your wedding cake can be any shape or style you desire. There are many kinds of cakes used for wedding cakes; from multi-tiered heart-shaped cakes with numerous smaller hearts on the base attached to the main tower by cascading ribbons, and plastic bridges. read more

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    What I Wish Everyone Knew About Date Kiss.

    What I Wish Everyone Knew About Date Kiss.

    Most guys may not know or do not have the slightest idea if a girl is ready to be kissed. These guys often sit beside their girls and continue talking to the extent that they suddenly realize how the lips of their date are so kissable.

    They later realize that they need to take control, but this would mean disaster if done wrong. This may result in a situation where the man may not have a second chance for another date with the woman.

    Table of Contents read more

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    How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

    Wedding Venue- Selecting The Perfect Venue

    Now that you have found your perfect groom. You have also bought the wedding attire. What is uppermost in your mind is how to have a perfect wedding. What you need next is a perfect wedding venue. Having a perfect wedding is solely dependent on having a perfect venue. Therefore, you should treat finding a perfect wedding venue as if you are buying a new car. Since it is where you will receive and take care of your friends and relatives on the most memorable night of your life.

    Wedding venue cost

    Wedding venue costs attract almost half the budget for the wedding, which means you can expect to lay out a lot of money including food. The venue you choose can also limit the choice of your caterers or bakers; this will definitely affect how much you spend to weak spots or accent its highlights. To worsen the situation, the popular venues book far in advance, forcing brides to make the big decision almost as soon as they set the date. read more

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    How To Become A Professional Wedding Consultant

    Wedding Consultant: How They Can Make Your Wedding Easy

    Wedding Consultant- some people who can afford to splash their money hire a wedding consultant; whereas many people who cannot afford the service of wedding consultant plan their weddings with their friends and family. The duty of the wedding planner is to help you take the weight of the wedding off your shoulders. They are responsible for all the wedding planning. They are there to help make your day more special and organize all the events in a special way.

    However, does a wedding planner really make your wedding plan special? Do they make it more organized? Do they really add that missing touch? The answer is yes and no. Yes in the sense that some event planners help you with organizing and plan your wedding well; you get on well. While other ones are like the devil let loose and rain on your parade! Your best bet is to hire a professional wedding planner, not just anyone that comes on your way. read more

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    Important Things To Do After You Are Engaged


    You have been praying and searching for your soul-mate you always hoping for, now that you finally in engagement mood and have the assurance of the commitment and you have also gotten your engagement ring, what next? It is right time to gear yourself up with loads of bridal magazines and some wedding stuff that will inspire you into the world of wedding planning. This is going to be a lot of joy, happiness and the blissful moments you are being waited for. read more

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