Catering: How To Find The Best Caterer For Your Party

Catering: How To Find The Best Caterer For Your Party

Should I Hire A Caterer

So you decide to throw a party. Great, now it’s time to put into consideration all of the things you should do to make it a success. You ought to locate a wedding venue, the guest list, plan decorations, arrange for a DJ, choose your wedding planner etc. The list goes on and on but one of the most significant tasks is arranging for the food. Food and drink may create or shatter your party. The question you should decide is to know whether you are going to hire a caterer or you are going to handle the food yourself. There are pluses and minuses to both.


Table of Contents

1. Should I Hire A Caterer

2. Catering Yourself

3. Hiring A Caterer

4. Choosing a Wedding Caterer

5. How to Find Right Caterer for Your Party

6. Quick Guide to Wedding Catering

7. Inexpensive Party Food

8. A Catering Directory Helps You Find Local caterers

9. Detailed Catering Directory Categories

10. Catering Directories Are Not Only for Party Hosts

11. Regional Directories

12. The Catering Career

13. Why Attend Culinary School?


Catering Yourself

If you choose to cater the party yourself, you will certainly save money. Caterers can be costly and they make up a substantial portion of a parties budget. If you are having a moderately small gathering, it is possibly not worth hiring one. You can just buy a few party trays from a grocery store or a favorite eatery. 
Another reason you should not hire a caterer is that you will able to serve precisely what you want, not just what the caterer has to suggest. You can have the accurate foods that you and your guests like in the amounts that you want.


Hiring A Caterer

However, hiring a caterer does have advantages. Even though they can cost you money, their expertise can be useful. You may waste a lot of money if you order the food yourself- you might over order. To worsen the matter, you could end up ordering too little and run out of food or drink. That would be a party nightmare, rapidly putting an end to the celebrations. The end result is to see a crowded room empty quick, just inform your guests that there is no more drink or food.


Another reason you should hire a caterer is that it will allow you to totally enjoy your party. No running back and forth to the kitchen or checking to ensure your appetizer tray is full. You can use your time mingling with your friends or business associates. What is the purpose of throwing a party that you cannot enjoy?


Finally, sincerely answer this question. Do you have the skill and experience to pull it off? Caterers have the skill and experience necessary to ensure that your party goes off easily. The food will be ready promptly. The drinks will flow easily. They have thrown lots of parties and they will make yours run smoothly.

I hope that this article has helped you out in the direction you want to take your party. Decide carefully, it is a vital decision that could make or break your occasion.


Choosing a Wedding Caterer

Food is an essential part of any wedding. The wedding reception is typically the part after the event where the couple can share a meal with their guests.

Different people choose different ways of rejoicing at the reception, but good food is something that should always be present.

Picking a good wedding caterer is therefore essential to have a pleasing and outstanding reception. Here are some guidelines in picking a caterer.


1. If the couple, or at least one of them, have a particular request for the preparation of food (e.g. due to religious beliefs), they should ensure that the caterer can provide exactly what they need.


2. When selecting a caterer, the couple should examine the menu. If they don’t like what’s in there, they could ask the caterer if they can modify a menu only for the wedding. Though, this may cost the couple additional money.


3. Is the bride’s mom allergic to shrimp? The couple should also consider the exact needs of their guests particularly those who are close to them.


4. Basically, a caterer offers packages for a certain set of meals. Couples are supposed to pay more, though, if they demand extras such as champagne, wine or waiters and waitresses.


5. Not sure which caterer to pick? Couples can ask a married friend who may recommend a good one for them. Their friend may even ask for a discount on this one.


How To Find Right Caterer For Your Party

The caterer has a very significant task in your party. Therefore, you must take extra care in hiring the ideal caterer for your party day. Just like hiring any other salesperson, you should make your choice based on facts not feelings. The caterer may be a person or a business. Even if the caterer is a person, she still has to operate as a business. The caterer cannot lawfully cook at home and serve the food at your party. It is against the law for a caterer to use an unlicensed kitchen to prepare food.


The caterer you hire must be trained in catering parties you are planning. Some caterers have skills and experience in smaller events while others with larger events. It is your duty to ensure that they are the right fit. During your interview process, you should ask about the type of events they have catered. Ask about the number of the guests, and how many guests they cater for. Ask if they had to cope with any emergencies or unforeseen situation. To learn about how they handle emergencies may assist you to understand their level of professionalism.


You must not hire the first caterer you meet or the first caterer recommended by someone else. It may be tempted to hire the first caterer, particularly, if you hit it off really well. It is in your best interest to meet with a number of caterers before making your final decision.


You should check references before making your decision. If a caterer cannot provide any references, you ought to look for someone else. You have nothing to do with a caterer that offers no references. References are very vital, but they do not provide total protection. You may visit the caterers’ kitchen in order to see their operation in action. A visit can help you inspect their organization and cleanliness.


It is better to book for caterers as early as possible. You should have a caterer lined up no less than 5 months before your party. If you can find one 10 months prior to your occasion is even better. The more time you leave yourself to hire a caterer the more possibility you give yourself to hire the right caterer.


Once you have made a decision, it is time to write them down. You must insist on a written contract. The contract should comprise the details, of the menu, the date of the event, what is and is not included.


Quick Guide To Wedding Catering

Much like choosing the menu options, you will need to factor in what sort of drinks everybody would like to drink. The simplest way to take care of this is to proffer a full-service bar. Hence, guests can have mixed drinks of all diversity or they can stick to wine and beer.


You want to decide on this choice, you may end up spending more than you would like. Check with the caterer as to how many drinks everyone can have, or can expect from the supply that will be brought. In most cases, there is no limit.


The best advice is to choose four to five different kinds of beer with everyone having enough to fill everybody’s glass. This may surprise you, but at times all of your guests may like the same thing and you will want to make sure that they can have it.


As for wine, you might want to have no less than red varietal and a white varietal. This ensures a milder and more acidic selection. The better way to ensure that everyone is happy is to find blends of each of these wines. By blends, this means to find a red that comprises a merlot, syrah, and pinot noir, whilst the white might include a Chardonnay, Riesling, and Zinfandel.


These can be difficult to find, but they are crowd pleasers.

Champagne for toasts

Toasts are just useless with no glass of champagne. It is common sense to ensure that the newlywed and their wedding party have the very finest in champagne (as determined by the budget), while the rest of the guests have another variety. In most reception halls or catering services, the champagne for the wedding party is supplied.


Naturally, there will also be designated drivers at the wedding, so you will also want to have table water, soft drink, and juices available as well. When you’ve planned it carefully, everyone will be well-watered throughout the evening.


Inexpensive Party Food

Parties are enjoyable but they can be costly. You have many choices to keep the expenses down, but the simplest thing you can do is to observe how much you are spending on food. If you have hosted parties previously, you know that food can be one of the most costly aspects of the occasion. You are not supposed to hire an expensive caterer to have a good time. A little imagination and effort can make a low budget party an excellent occasion.

Finger food such as small sandwiches, dips, fruit, potato chips, and vegetable trays are not expensive. This is a great alternative for casual parties.


A great choice to a professional caterer is to make sure that every member of your guests does the catering for you. A potluck makes your guests become amateur caterers. It also ensures that every guest has something they like since it is improbable that someone would bring something they don’t like. To assist your guest and to avoid redundancy incorporate a suggestion as to what sort of food you would like your guests to bring such as a salad, dessert, and soft drinks.


Pizza is a portion of all-time party food. Young and old love pizza, and there is a broad variety of toppings that should suit all your guests.

Don’t serve alcohol if you don’t want to waste money. Parties without alcohol are safer and can be put under control. Moreover, you don’t have to be concerned about people staying overnight.

You can have an excellent party without spending a lot of money. Always give yourself much time to shop, so you can bargain.


A Catering Directory Helps You Find Local Caterers

Catering is one service where you probably choose a local supplier. Only a few individuals would want to bring a caterer from some other country and risk a party catastrophe. Corporate parties might go for dedicated and reputed catering institutes headquartered elsewhere. Even they might usually find it essential to go for local caterers when the time is short.


Catering directories normally focus on the final consumers, listing vendors by food categories such as beverages, chocolate fountain, fruit, juice, etc; and by supplier categories like food vendors, caterers, mobile vendors, party organizers, restaurants, party shops, etc.


Another catering directory may organize suppliers by such categories as caterers, event venues, entertainment, photography, transportation, wedding, event planners, florists, etc.

They are likely to provide the alternative to narrow down the lists to locations you choose, such as a city or area.


Some might collect information such as event type, number of guests, services required (for instance chocolate fountain, food, servers, liquor, decorations, tables/chairs, tents, etc), date and time, location and so on, and give you a quote according to your budget.


Caterers may even help you choose a menu depending on your budget per person or an event venue or other related matters. They provide certain services such as sit-in, food station and buffet type serving options, clean-ups, drop-offs, beverages and so on.


Detailed Catering Directory Categories

A brief look at some detailed catering directory categories will help you know what you can expect. A selection is listed below:

-> Corporate catering 
-> Personal Chefs 
-> Banquet Halls 
-> Yachts/Boats 
-> DJs 
-> Live Music/Bands 
-> Videographers 
-> Limousines 
-> Wedding Planners 
-> Wedding Financing 
-> Equipment Hire


Catering Directories Are Not Only for Party Hosts

Another type of catering directory concentrates on the prerequisites of caterers by itemizes suppliers of catering requirements. The following sample catalog provides a look at the type of requirements caterers typically have:

-> Refrigeration: Chilled display cabinets, Ice makers,… 
-> Beverages: Coffee Equipment, Beverage Jugs,… 
-> Bar supplies: Spirit measures, Bottle openers, Blenders,… 
-> Tableware: Cutlery, Napkins, Tablemats,… 
-> Furniture: Bar stools, Tables, Outdoor furniture,… 
-> Kitchen planning: Assessing requirements, design, advice,…


Regional Directories

You may find catering services providers near you either through regional directories, such as Lagos Caterer Directories or through national directories that listing caterers by cities and areas. Local catering can be arranged quickly and is perfect when you have limited time. For domestic parties, local catering would be the better choice in most cases.

A local catering directory like a Lagos Catering Directory may list such local resources as banquet halls, buffet services, corporate party organizers, and so on.



Catering directories normally focus on the consumers of catering services, list different types of caterers by their services or locations. Therefore, you could find a wedding planner in or near your town, or a restaurant that offers Chinese dishes in the city you plan to visit.


Most catering directories concentrate on the caterers, helping them find tableware, cookware, furniture, refrigeration equipment etc. Others may suggest kitchen planning and design services and another type of consultancy services.


The Catering Career

If you are fascinated in putting your cooking talents into a career that meaningful, then catering may be a career option for you.

Cooking can be exciting, but, catering can be a total excitement filled experience.


Catering not only involves cooking, but it also involves an ability to make a rightful display of food for many, many people.

Caterers work long and hard hours, often on weekends, but, the ideal candidate for this profession will love it.


How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue


As the head caterer, you will meet with your client; help him/her choose a menu. This menu may comprise appetizers, drinks, entrees, and buffets or sit down meals, and deserts.


You can be asked to put on a beautiful display of tables with stunning china, silverware, crystal and more.

The artistic possibilities are massive.

You have the challenge and joy of knowing that putting on a well-catered event will be remembered by all of the guests that present.


You will be remembered for the good or the bad presentation you serve. Though it is stressful, the challenge to make it an occasion to remember can be a great and wonderful experience.


If catering is on your mind, then culinary training should be a good place to start. Get familiar with what is expected of a caterer and what can make a catered event one to remember.

A great career option for the individual who loves to cook and who loves to amuse; with a career in catering, you get to have the best of both worlds.


Why Attend Culinary School?

Attending a culinary school is important if you are pursuing a vocation in culinary arts. Although you are a great cook, it takes specialized training in culinary arts to become a professional. If you plan to get a job in a good restaurant, you will need professional training that comes from attending a regular culinary school. Many people think that culinary school is very costly. Any education is expensive and culinary programs are no exception.


Many people believe that culinary arts are talent and cannot be learned. In culinary schooling, you will be educated about ingredients and how they are used in the foods that you cook. The times you spend to learn about ingredients and additives in your culinary course will help you to be an educated chef.


Chef, caterer, pastry arts and restaurant cook are the most recognizable four choices in culinary school. There are, nonetheless, lots of jobs in the food industry. Students may want to direct their culinary vacation in the direction of management as executive chef, or in sales as a director of catering. Majority of people who hold Culinary Degrees strive to build up food products for the wholesale or retail market. Apprentices can take their culinary education and become a counselor for restaurateurs, chef school teachers, or even food writers.


For any of these culinary careers, you will have to find an accredited culinary school program to get your certificate or degree. This type of specialized culinary training will give you the knowledge and understanding of quality ingredients and making enjoyable and balanced dishes for the diner. Your culinary tutoring will be an ongoing one during your career. The basic knowledge you acquire in Culinary School gives you the knowledge to test your own creativity in the kitchen.


If you love cooking, you can pursue your dream of culinary school. It is never too early for you to think about the opportunities that will come along after culinary education.

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