Healthy Marriage: Top Marriage Counselling

Healthy Marriage: Top Marriage Counselling

Marriage Is Good for Health And Your Wealth

If you are looking for a long and healthy marriage, a good relationship might be part of the answer. Married people tend to live longer and healthier than their single partners, who are divorced or widowed. And while my husband will claim that it feels longer, the statistics show this is true.


* Unmarried people have a significantly higher mortality rate; 50% higher among women and 250% higher among men.

* For men, marriage still increases the chance to survive until the age of 65 from about 2 out of three to almost 9 out of 10.


* Unmarried people are far more likely to die from all causes, including coronary heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, cancer, cirrhosis, car accidents, murder, and suicide.

* Marry improves mental health for men and women there is someone to talk to. Couples discuss their concerns, dreams, and disappointments with their partners, which helps relieve stress and anxiety.


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* Researchers also find that there are positive effects of nagging factors. This is; routine nagging by couples to encourage a positive lifestyle and reduce destructive habits such as smoking or excessive drinking.

A healthy marriage can also be a starting point for growing net worth. Not only is divorce very expensive in the short term, the long-term effects of not getting married dramatically affect how secure you are financial.



* The longer people get married, the greater the accumulation of their wealth.

* In retirement, a typical married couple will raise around N10,000,000 compared to around N2,000,000 for never getting married, around N 1,000,000 for divorce and just under N 500,000 for being separated.

* Couples have better health and life insurance.

* Those who are married have increased access to pensions and social security.


* Marry provides insurance. In the case of death, couples almost always leave their worldly goods. Social Security and pension benefits for their wives or husbands. By getting married, the couple creates an annuity value equal to increasing one’s wealth by 12-14 percent at the age of thirty and 30 percent at the age of seventy-five compared to staying single.


* Married people behave more responsibly about money because they have more responsibility. By collecting money, energy and time, married people create more opportunities to build wealth.


* There are also values ​​in the law that tend to help the family when needed. In-laws also provide potential access to the inheritance. Almost 29 percent of married couples get financial support from in-laws and about a quarter of families with kid receive financial transfers in the past six years.


Apart from jokes and comedy routines, married people also tend to happy than their single partners. Married men and women report less depression, less anxiety, and other types of psychological pressure that are lower than those who are single, divorced, or widowed.


* Widows and divorced people are about three times more likely to commit suicide.

* Marital status is one of the most important predictors of happiness. 40% of married people say they are very happy with their lives in general, compare to just under a quarter of those who are single or living together.


The commitment to making marriage a priority will have a tremendous impact on your life. Success recipes for health, wealth, and happiness: Try as hard as your marriage as you do in your career.


healthy marriage


What Destroys Marriage

Many marriages and dating relationships fail years before couples who love each other meet. Exposures to value systems that promote the acquisition of material ownership have a direct effect on our development as children. We learn early in life to control our possessions.


This activity evokes our selfish nature and strengthens it as we mature. We learn to believe that we can do what we want with that property, my wife, my husband, my money, my toys, my bicycle, my car, my woman, my man, and mine, mine, mine!


We unconsciously believe that these items are our slaves and must be in front of us and call or do certain functions that we want. Whenever, when our property is not in accordance with our wishes or expectations, we become angry. The reality is this is not ours, especially humans.


We want our partners to take a position to submit to our wishes. This is the commencement of the end of a healthy marriage or date relationship. The essence of problems in marriage and current dating relationships is that we rely on false traditions and promises by other people and institutions that manipulate our hopes and dreams to make a profit.


We are led to believe that institutions are held to a higher standard and do not fall into the same category as others motivated by selfish desires, but they are! There are more than 400,000 marriage counselors, workshops and therapy sessions posted on the Internet.


Marriage counselors claim to have a solution for costs. Do you believe they concern about your marriage or dating relationship? The government judicial branch refers to the legislative branch. Legislative branches point fingers at the judicial branch, and church organizations partner with social scientists to qualify for federal funding to rebuild marriages. Where is the solution?


Dating relationships that lead to marriage are fundamental social institutions that are deep root in all societies. To uphold and defend the institution of marriage, we must emphasize the truth. The institution of marriage does not have to be built on the traditional foundation of the past. Marriage institutions must build on a strong foundation that represents truth, sincerity, sacrifice, and cooperation, putting our wishes and opinions together.


Individuals who enter dating or marriage relationships with opposite goals, who are to fulfill their own desires, will have a relationship or a failed marriage. Both contributors should understand that personal needs and beliefs are the furthest from the truth.


The truth is what is now, or what happened in the past. The truth is not what someone thinks will happen in the future, nor what should be believed or can happen. Lies, trying to fulfill individual desires, and imposing one’s opinion on others are destructive ingredients for all relationships and marriage.


It is time for us to face the truth and to take a different position when looking for a date or a mate. We must change our perspective and evaluate why living together in harmony is a very important task. We then have to apply the true meaning of love and togetherness and then we can start living happily ever after!


Healthy Marriage: Refreshing Your Relationship

The general expression is “I’ll meet you halfway,” and we often take that attitude in our marriage. I often hear complaints from couples who have a problem that their partners do not attract their fair weight, that one gives more than the other.


Whoever decides that life is a 50-50 proposition?

Some give more than others. Some take more than others. At every level of society from politics to business to social interaction, there are differences in effort, economy, and emotions.


Establishing healthy marriages with the hope that contributions will distribute equitably to the disaster court. In a certain period of time, a certain amount of evenness will develop through the process of giving and receiving and falling up. But at some point, someone might give while others only need to take it for a while.


We all have to enter the most important relationships in our lives with prior knowledge and a strong commitment to giving 100%. After we internalize the concept, we can avoid the painful feelings we get when we think we are cheated by fair rewards.


If the marriage is healthy, and both partners commit to a 100% investment, in the end, the relationship will succeed somewhere in the middle – maybe it’s never 50-50 but somewhere in the broad bell average curve: 30% to 70%. At different times, similarities adjust when careers, children, and other responsibilities change.


If you are an individual who gives 70% and the other half falls a little, remember that you swear to give 100% so that you are far better than you expect.

Can you see how such thoughts change the framework of your marriage? You are not cheating, you get more support than previously request!


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You can use this new attitude in all aspects of your partnership. Many couples develop hatred for their relative money contribution. If you have the initial anticipation of becoming a single breadwinner, then each contribution by others. However small is a big bonus. If you enter the union in the hope that you will handle all the necessary cleaning and parenting tasks, whatever your partner does is a plus.


If one of you handles your reciprocal social obligations, then your partner’s participation; even if limited only appears and is there, more than you expected. You might feel, like many patients I do, that you don’t get good support and blows you deserve. Refresh the flaws in the 100% concept and you find that even occasional support and positive feedback are unexpecting gifts.


We all need to feel loved, valued and valued. We also need to give love and appreciation to others. If we give more than we get, we can harbor anger because we are cheated or we can love and respect ourselves because we have the greater giving ability.


A single change in your view of this relationship can change hidden hatred; that results in scolding, negativity, and verbal rejection into deep satisfaction. This will lead to open affection, positive support, mutual respect, and healthy marriage.

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