How To Choose Fabulous Wedding Favor

How To Choose Fabulous Wedding Favor

A Tradition Of Giving Wedding Gifts

The reason for giving Wedding Gifts to wedding guests is to express your appreciation. A specially chosen out Gift demonstrates that you put thought and kindness into the gift. Including a customized note with the gift or personalizing the gift itself to express your appreciation to the person for whatever role he or she played at the wedding.


It is surely a nice touch that shows very good taste and thoughtfulness. You can buy inexpensive Wedding Gifts in order not to break your wedding budget but should consider the personal taste and preference of the person that receives the gift. Also, the packaging and presentation demonstrate how much you care and appreciate the people in your life.


Members of the wedding party have always topped that list of those who receive the Gift given by the bride and the groom; which includes almost everybody, the best man, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, ring bearers, maid of honor, flower girls, ushers, and groomsmen.


Even though it is not compulsory, but it is a kind gesture for the bride and the groom to give gifts to each other. Nowadays both the bride and the groom incorporate each set of parents on the gift-giving a list.


It is also a kind gesture to give a gift to somebody who did something special during the ceremony, for example, somebody who did a special reading at the event or to step in for the bride’s father and walk the bride down the aisle. It is a good idea to give gifts to acknowledge the participation these people made and include them in gift giving.


You can buy the gifts for about four weeks before the wedding date, which will give you more time to have them engraved and to make personalization messages etc.


To help the gifts make an even greater impression on the receiver, make sure you package the gifts in a special way. Use tasteful wrapping paper and embellishments using colors that harmonize the wedding colors. The best time to offer your gifts is during the rehearsal dinner as it is intimate and the people to whom you’re giving the gifts are all present at the event.


Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. A tradition of giving wedding gifts

3. Ideal wedding gift ideas- that makes weddings all meaningful

3.1. Jewelry

3.2. Bags

3.3. Gifts ideas for the groom

3.4. Artwork

3.5. Personalized items

4. Wedding favor guide- how to choose fabulous wedding favor

5. Elegant silver wedding frame favor

5.1. Wedding frame favors

5.2. Styles

5.3. Traditional silver wedding frame favors

5.4. Non-traditional silver wedding frame favors

5.5. cost


Last but not least need some gift ideas? Make sure you check your wedding budget to see how much you have apportioned to this category. You have more than likely spent quite a bit of your money by this stage, so it is imperative to take a pragmatic look at your remaining budget.


Brides usually give every member of the bridal party a piece of jewelry or a hair accessory that can be worn on the wedding day. Other gifts that can be offered include bud vases, picture frames, bath oils, a collectible item or a gift basket.


The men in the wedding ceremony like to receive pocket watches, engraved pens, business card holders, key chains or clocks for their desk. For the parents, a professional wedding picture in an engraved frame is ideal or a custom-made letter detailing your appreciation. For each other, anything that expresses your love and devotion is good.


The practice of giving wedding gifts makes the wedding ceremony more unique and special for every couple and it will be continued so long as there are weddings in one way or the other.



Ideal wedding gift ideas – That Makes Weddings All meaningful

Examples of common gifts received at weddings are toasters, crockery, towels, bags, hand fans, jewelry, camera, sewing machine, rechargeable lamp etc and you can be certain these gifts and more given at most weddings.

Giving of gifts is a custom that will continue forever and heaven forbid should that stop then there would be no basis why we would want guests at a wedding ceremony.


Special wedding gift contributions will always hold doting memories for the married couple. Gifts are a sign of remembrance so make sure with what donation you give that they get to remember you in a way that you want them to.


Some special gift ideas listed below that will surely make you unforgettable.

Women extremely love and admire ornate trinkets so no exemption for the bride. To be on the receiving end of an exceptional wedding gift in the form of a piece of warm gold or cool silver is enough to make any wedding day unique.


Jewelry like pendants, brooch pins, earrings, hairpins, chains, necklaces makes stylish gifts. His and her matching watches make tremendous gifts also. Depending on your finances and what the joyful couple means to you then diamond studded it is.


Another sure way of satisfying the bride is with a soft leather handbag and a briefcase for the groom. Placing little tokens inside will add more thrill when opened. The beautiful purse for the bride and a gold-coated pen set for the groom. 

Small presents make great gifts and mean as much like perfumes/scents and aftershave for the groom taking the plunge. Just make sure you don’t give deodorant as a gift, this may send out the wrong signals.


Gift ideas for the groom 
The precious gift you may give to the groom is a pocket watch personalized and engraved, tiepins or precious stone studded cufflinks. It is better if you know the groom and his likes and dislikes.

If browsing the internet is his thing then give laptop/Ipad whatever. WARNING, do not give prior to the wedding we need him to present on the day and God forbid if his love of music is stronger than this gift. This must be given after the marriage has been consummated.


Perfect wedding gifts are pieces of art like paintings and/or sculptures. This again will need some personal knowledge on the couple and what their favorites are in this area.


Personalized items 
Personal items given as gifts are certain to remember such as photo albums, pillows, guilt edged photo frames. There are many companies that specialize in personalizing different things.

You can send them on their first holiday or weekend break. Wedding gifts signify remembrance of the donor. If you truly want to leave your mark that is sure-fire an unforgettable gift then it is a gold locket with a photo of you inside. (It’s worth a try)



Wedding favors guide- How to Choose Fabulous Wedding Favours.

Wedding favors are one of the essential things of a successful wedding ceremony. These are usually given to each guest just to say thank you for being a part of the wedding. Wedding favor has become an essential part of wedding preparation, ceremonies, and receptions. It is now as significant as brides dress.

wedding gifts

Wedding favors are of different kinds such as beach wedding favors, garden wedding favors, daisy wedding favors, and Asian wedding favors. At times people prefer seasonal wedding favors such as fall wedding favors, winter wedding favors, holiday wedding favors, spring and summer wedding favors. These favors may comprise customized pens, trinket boxes, goblets, candles, vases, and personalized wedding cameras also.


Both bride and groom should make a list of favors that rely on certain things like wedding theme, wedding venue, wedding colors, number of expected guests, important members of the wedding ceremony and required favor items.

With this practice, you can easily carry out the entire process of giving favors. Budget is the main factor during the wedding party. You can also make wedding favors yourself to express your appreciation to someone special. This will also reduce party favor expenses.


Wedding favors should be nice because these are an impressive souvenir of the occasion. You may give these gifts to everyone as well as a favor per couple. People should always purchase cheap and affordable favors. Remember to give a useful wedding favor to your near and dears. Gifts like key rings, photo frames, and coffee mugs etc are some functional items so give that wedding favor which can be used regularly. You may search for wedding favor merchant online because they generally offer some discount on every purchase.


You may add a number of options such as bubble bands, flower ties, and handwritten tags, to give a special touch to your wedding favor. It is advisable to show special care to the guests by making personalized seating cards that comprise guests name and table number. The wedding gifts can be washing machine, wall clock, makeup, jewelry, laptop, Ipad, pictures and frames, candles and heirlooms for women.


Remember that wedding favors reflect your style, sophistication, personal taste, and likings. Try to select the wedding favors that are proper for all guests. There is a variety of popular and classic wedding favors from which you can pick the best and reasonable.


Here some useful suggestions you can apply if you are on tight budget. You can buy quality but affordable wristwatch, table fan, picture frame, inexpensive mobile phone, bed sheet, personalized key rings, gourmet coffee packs, mini liquors, holy bible, and photograph card CD. A better choice to pick wedding favors is Internet because with a few mouse clicks you can find quite a few wholesale wedding supply companies.


Elegant Silver Wedding Frame Favors

The time you spend preparing your wedding can be very exciting. It can also be wearisome if you are trying to find just the ideal wedding favors. You are perhaps looking for something graceful and simple, yet not too costly. Don’t choose edible favors or something that can easily consume in a month. You want to express your gratitude to those who attend with a favor that will become a souvenir of your wedding.


Wedding Frames Favors

Wedding frames favors have a long history. They usually come in a diversity of styles and colors. The most stylish wedding frames favors are silver in color. They may be silver-colored metal, chrome, silver plate, or authentic silver. The silver resin is a cheap way to have stylish silver wedding frame favors without the cost.


The Best Way To Prepare For Your Wedding


Even pewter has enough of a silver tone to be well-designed. No matter the metal, there are stylish silver wedding frames favors suitable for most brides budgets. Wedding frame favors are a pretty way to welcome your guests and can be used on tables to hold a small picture of the bride and groom or a place card that will guide guests to their seats.



You will find a wedding frame favor to match nearly any wedding theme. Even limiting your options to those available in silver, silver color or pewter leaves a wealth of options. The majority will hold a 2.5 x 2.5 or larger picture or card. Blank place cards are typically included.


Traditional Silver Wedding Frame Favors

You can find wedding frame favors such as the following six- so long your theme is a traditional romantic or nostalgic:

1. Plain square or rectangular wedding frame favors in silver. The simplicity of a basic silver frame is regularly carved with the bride and grooms names and the wedding date.


2. Heart wedding frame favors may have 3 or more hearts in relief, setting off the picture or place card and expressing a silent message of love.


3. Rectangular wedding frames favor sized 3 x 4 hold a 2 x 3 photo or card. These frames come in a diversity of silver designs. On one end of the options are wedding frame favors bounded with nostalgic flowers, hearts, or scrolls. At the other end are silver frames with silky bamboo lines or the appearance of twisted silver ribbon, etc.


4. Cinderella style wedding frame favors attributing a silver pumpkin coach dragged by silky silver horses. Others make a frame of the whole coach, with your picture looking out from the coach.


5. Love and Marriage silver wedding frame favors have a silver love horse dragging the marriage carriage frame.


6. A number of silver wedding frame favors are formed like double wedding bells or twin hearts, stressed by an oval photo opening.


Non-traditional Silver Wedding Frame Favors

Non-traditional silver wedding frame favors suitable for weddings that carry a less traditional theme. Alike in size and shape to the above wedding frame favors, the non-traditional themes are symbolized by these examples.


1. Your western wedding theme may be created with western wedding frame favors. Rectangular frames regularly attribute cowboy boots, cowboy hats, horseshoes, and lariats.


2. For a beach or nautical theme, you might pick silver wedding frame favors with a lighthouse in relief, or seashells at one corner.


3. A garden theme can be made better by wedding frame favors with a twined edge of calla lilies and leaves.


4. If you plan a medieval wedding, you may buy silver wedding frame favors centered in a turreted castle, a knight in shining armor at one corner.


5. An Irish themed wedding may use wedding frame favors carrying an Irish shamrock or Claddagh.



Silver wedding frame favors come in a wide variety of prices, depending on the material used. Pure silver and sterling silver are more expensive than silverplate and chrome. The silver resin is the cheapest. Prices per frame can range from about N500 to N3000 or more.


Majority of well-designed silver wedding frame favors are available in the mid-range. To give each guest a beautiful silverplate frame with glass insert and black velvet backing, you will want to budget about N1000 each. Optional costs include carving and gift wrapping.

Traditional or non-traditional, expensive or cheap, you can improve your wedding theme with elegant silver wedding frame favors.

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