How To Have A Good Celebrity-Style Wedding Reception

How To Have A Good Celebrity-Style Wedding Reception

A Good Celebrity-Style Wedding Reception

Have you always dreamed of the highly structured wedding reception, but have become content with a simple reception to save money and time? Well, you shouldn’t quit your dreams. Your wedding is a unique day and you don’t want a situation where you start thinking in future that you had done things differently. It is not out of your control to create a wedding that will be the most memorable and happy for you. Despite general beliefs, having a celebrity-style wedding reception doesn’t mean you must clean out your bank account. By using some alternative resources you can have the wedding reception to rival those of celebrities, but with low cost.


Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. How to have a good celebrity-style wedding reception

3. Pre-wedding reception activities

4. What happens during your wedding reception

5. Your wedding reception food

6. Ending wedding reception events.



How To Have Good Celebrity Style Wedding Reception

Get Organized
You need to get yourself prepared before start putting your celebrity-style wedding reception together. Reflect on what you want. At this stage, don’t be anxious about how much things will cost. When it is time for shopping you will be able to find out what is feasible or not. The most important items you should incorporate on your list are a wedding venue, decorations, food and drink, place cards, centerpieces, and music.



Enlist the Group 
it is highly important to skip hiring a professional if you plan to save money on your wedding reception. These people are naturally well skilled in what they do and their fees demonstrated it!


The ideal thing is to find people who are ready to help you for free. Your best bet is to have the assistance of your relatives and friends. Solicit the services of as many people as you can. Children are not left out.


Children can be especially useful with repetitive skills, so involve them in your wedding reception plans. Don’t wait until the last hour to ask for assistance. Let people know beforehand that you will need them to assist you with your wedding reception.



Time to Shop 
You should start shopping as soon as you have the list of wedding reception ideas in hand. The venue for your wedding reception will perhaps be the most costly part of the reception. Cheap options that don’t look cheap include eateries and church halls.


If you decide to have your wedding reception at the eatery, ensure that you can use your own flatware, plates, and glasses. Simplify food at your wedding reception by having three options from which your guests can decide on when they RSVP to your invitation. Caters charge at a lower price when you order by the plate.


As an extra touch, you can place a tasty variety of divinity on each table. You can find design ideas that you can produce you and your group can make for very small. Placecards are not compulsory, but if you have assigned guest at tables, place cards will help guest to find their table.


You can make your own wedding reception place cards by buying cheap greeting card software program and classy paper. One of the best printers to print the cards is an inkjet printer. You can skip the DJ and the live band provided that you know someone that can offer you a cheap price for wedding reception music. Creating a few CDs of a variety of well-liked love songs is a less expensive choice.



Reward the group
wedding dinner with the wedding party (bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents) just before the wedding ceremony is traditional. It is a wise decision to either invite your wedding reception partners to this dinner or to another fun event. At this event, you should show your gratitude for helping make your wedding reception the finest ever!


wedding reception


Pre Wedding Reception Activities

There are some little details to be anxious when planning a wedding even some might get forgotten. One small detail that always gets overlooked is how to keep guests entertained before the wedding reception “formally” begins. There is no obligation that brides entertain their guests by any means.


Anyway, they have already attended your wedding ceremony (which was definitely appealing and enjoyable, right?) and they will soon get food, drink, and music. What another thing could they want? It turns out, a lot. While the bride and groom are busy taking pictures, the guests are left to their own devices, talking with other guests and contemplating when the buffet will open.


In that light, it is highly important at least taking into consideration some pre-reception alternatives for keeping wedding guests entertained until the reception commenced. Here are a few choices, some tradition, and some not so, but still entertaining.


First, you can do the conservative thing and supply guests with drinks and possibly some light snacks. You can also serve the guests with Eva juice and iced tea. Providing a light snack is a good idea. It can be some appetizer-type food or just nuts, particularly if the meal will be heavy.


Now, if you want to go astray from conservative, there are many choices. Some brides choose to entertain the guests in the truest sense of the word. How about live music?


If you want to entertain your children at their birthday parties, discuss with the party planner close to you. They will entertain your children at their birthday parties. Although the majority of them will happily take on wedding jobs.


Other un- conservative choices for entertaining your guests comprise hiring a band to play music in advance. If you want to have a traditional song at your wedding, you can have a band come and play covers of current pop music, or you can just have your hired band arrive beforehand to entertain guests waiting for the real reception to begin.


If there are many kids at the wedding, it’s not too costly to hire a children’s band to sing and entertain the children for a little. Then if the children are a bit bored at the reception, they’ll still have the memory of the previous entertainment with them. Besides, while the kids are being entertained, the adults can have a chance to discuss and they will, of course, thank the bride for thinking of them in that way.


Some other alternatives for entertaining your restive crowd before the celebrations begin are to incorporate them in the reception before it starts. This is a proper time to ask people to sign the guestbook and write something important because they will have more time than they would normally have as they file into the reception hall.


If the reception and the wedding ceremony take place in the same place, but the groom and the bride are off taking pictures, it may not look as if there’s this problem of how to keep the guests entertained, but there, in fact, is.

In this case, you can order the servers to circulate with appetizer trays or you can do something more important, such as some of the suggestions above.



What Happens During Your Wedding Reception

Wedding reception normally lasts between two to three hours. To make the most of it, it is better to proper arrangement of it. It is good to know in beforehand what you be expecting to happen and when you expect it to happen


The First Hour

Wedding pictures are taken. Although pictures may be taken before the wedding ceremony, it is very important to assign some time for taking pictures at the commencement of the wedding reception. Music should be present during the reception, and it should be ongoing once the first guests arrive. The receiving line should be ready to welcome the arriving guests


The Second Hour

By this hour, there must be mood setting song, the bride and groom and all the guests supposed to have arrived. In this second hour, the guests supposed to view the bride and grooms first dance. Next, the father and daughters and mother and grooms dance ought to follow.


The Third Hour

At this moment your hungry guests will receive the announcement of the serving of the dinner. As a rule, the wedding party is seated and served first. Follow by serving the food to the rest of the guests. During the dinner, the best man offers the first toast.


The Fourth or Final Hours

The throwing of the bride’s bouquet is a major activity for the later part of the wedding reception which is followed by the groom tossing the garter. The final dance is followed by the bride and grooms getaway. By the end of the successful reception, you should have a lot of happy and full wedding guests.




Your Wedding Reception Food

The major thing people always remember when they go to a wedding reception is the food, whether it’s good or bad. One thing to put into consideration when you are choosing your wedding menu is your guests.


Even though it’s your wedding but you are spending a lot of money since you want people to like what is being served. Here are some guidelines so that people enjoy your reception food.


Give them a choice

It’s always advisable to offer your guests an option on what they would like to eat for your wedding reception. Thus some people have food allergies; therefore they can choose what they would like to eat. Two choices are enough.


Keep it simple

Although it’s not something fancy, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be good. If they noticed something that they aren’t sure what it is, they may not willing to eat it so go for things people can identify.


Keep it clean

Remember that everyone at your wedding reception is going to put on their best clothes. So stay away from food that is very chaotic or could cause stains that will be hard to remove.

Reflect on what you have had in the past at wedding receptions, and what you liked or not like about them. This experience will help you plan your own wedding reception menu.


Last Wedding Reception Events

The wedding ceremony finally comes to an end and the last photo at the event site has been taken. It is time to rejoice! The reception is usually the part of the wedding that gets the most planning. It’s also the part that receives most of the funds!


The guests normally head over to the reception venue while the wedding party is taking pictures. If the budget allows for a sit-down dinner, it is very good and a beautiful idea to have some drinks waiting for your guests to enjoy. It depends on the photographer; this waiting period can be 30 minutes or up to an hour. Apart from enjoying some refreshments, guests can also leave gifts on a designated place for the couple.


wedding drinks

If the reception is a buffet in style, most brides and groom choose to permit guests to eat before the couple arrives at the reception. The only problem I have with this practice is that people usually leave before the arrival of the bride and groom. If you decide not to open the buffet before your arrival, the beverages are a good idea.


When the bridal party turns up, the DJ or other speaker proclaim the grand entrance. The wedding party comes before the newlyweds finally come. Some couples prefer having a receiving line so in order to see all of those who came to help them celebrate. If you want to have a receiving line, do so as soon as you arrive. Once more, if you don’t have the receiving line as soon as you arrive, people will leave.


Toasts are made immediately everyone is at the reception. The usual toasters are the best man and parents of the bride and groom. This is a suitable time for the parents to officially express his gratitude to all of their guests for coming.


The first dances are the practice that continues to this day. Basically, the husband and wife start off the dancing and no one else dances before them. Besides the newlyweds, the bride and her father in addition to the groom and his mother normally share a dance.


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Two other practice at receptions is cutting the wedding cake and throwing the bouquet and garter. The final event of the reception is the final dance. Immediately after the final dance, the bride and groom leave the reception. The guests soon follow and then the parents all collapse in a big heap! It has been a long day, but didn’t we all have fun?

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