Important Facts You Should Know About Romance In Marriage

    Important Facts You Should Know About Romance In Marriage

    Marriage Advice For Newlyweds- Facts You Should Know

    The most important thing about marriage is sharing. This is the common answer most successful couple gives whenever they ask about the secret of their romance in marriage. They can still enjoy the romance even if only one that instigates the sharing. However, romance in marriage cannot work without the contribution of both. Therefore, sharing is really very vital in a relationship.


    If you make up your mind that romance will keep your marriage alive, and you want to develop the romance on your marriage, both of you need to work out on this part. You will have to prepare your romance in advance on both of your minds.


    If you decide to give gifts to your partner, make sure that the gift you are giving will affect your partner. The impact on your partner must be good. Avoid a gift that will be an insult to your partner. Tell your spouse how relevant this gift means to you. Your choosing gift does not have to be expensive. Select a gift that your spouse will remember. Hence, both of you will enjoy the romance and will continue to become romantic if you are able to handle it well.



    It is advisable to give gifts to your spouse, but the gifts need not be expensive. You do not have to spend a lot of money to be romantic. If you decide to plan before your partner break at work, that is okay. Then you can dedicate enough time on that day with your partner. You can give your spouse a comforting massage, foot rub, backstroke, and do the shores together and many more meaningful activities that will make the union stronger.


    Table of Content

    1. Introduction

    2. Important facts you should know about romance in marriage

    3. Marriage-The ups and downs of marriage

    4. Blissful marriage

    5. Unhappy marriage

    6. Mandatory marriage

    7. Marriage advice-time to seek counseling to improve your marriage.



    You can let your partner choose the possible thing to do to boost the romance between both of you. Think about something unique. It is not out of your power to treat your partner in a local honeymoon trip. Just as I said earlier, It does not need to be expensive; you just have to make sure to include sparkling wine, strawberries and whipped ointment in your honeymoon package.


    In addition to this, you can play romantic, mood-setting music in your honeymoon suite. Make sure that the day is a very rare occasion. Pack your spouse’s bag and tell her what are your plans in this activity. Cover your partner eyes with a handkerchief and lead her to the honeymoon suite. This can add thrill to your romantic relationship.


    Remember to go to the nearby store and look for a card that you can give your partner before you start up your local honeymoon. Get a different type of cards as you can, do not limit your chance to be romantic. Select a card to where you can write how you feel about your spouse’s great romantic influence in your life. It is not bad if you decide to send it before this special moment starts- every month, every week or every waking hour.


    If you choose to cook for your love, that is good. During the weekend, try to give your partner a set of choices that includes all the lovely food. Add some charming by baking sweet cakes and cookies. This will make your partner love your more.

    No matter the idea is going to work for your partner, make sure that you put your mind in every activity you do.


    Marriage: The Ups And Downs 

    Marriage is a very significant experience in human life. It is a custom of civilization as well as a healthy perception for the basic needs of the opposite sex in life. It bounds two people to be life companions and is the basis of the family method of development. Basically, it divides life into parts. Relationships between before and after marriage derive the three kinds of marriages.


    Blissful marriage: – Blissful marriage is a happy marriage in all projection. Clear understanding, profound love, mutual respect of thoughts, trust, loyalty, ignorance of silly mistakes, forgiveness and peaceful settlement of quarrels are the qualities. It doesn’t matter if the marriage is love-marriage or an arranged one.

    marriage advice

    Unhappy marriage: – This kind of marriage produces mental depressions and tension. There are many reasons for the marriage to be unhappy, but the basic thing is the lack of reasons for a happy marriage. This kind of marriage is the opposite of a happy marriage. An unhappy marriage is full of quarrels, arguments, nagging, violence etc. Often, these kinds of marriages are not long-lasting, if even they last, they are always irritating.


    Mandatory marriage: – These are manifesto marriages. These marriages survive for communal pretense. These are found commonly in countries like India, where customs are very relevant and solid. Both or one of the couple is completely unbiased about warmness of nuptial relation. This marriage goes very peacefully, without anticipation or romanticism of any kind. Responsibilities matter a lot instead of relations. Marriage becomes an agreement in this kind of marriages.


    If marriage is a happy marriage, it is a great source of positive energy. At the present time, the effect of professionalism is transiting marriages towards agreements. Majority of our youth are no longer interested in marriage. Live in relationships and short-term agreements of normal need are now common. They regard marriage as more of social responsibilities than a love based lifelong relationship.


    Arrange marriages are now becoming the thing of the past or being changed into net or planner arranged. Even in such planned marriages, there is a relevant issue of swearing an oath before marriage. At present, occupations are gaining a lot of attention than marriages; accordingly, marriages are being less important and late in life. After getting late, marriages become a responsibility, because everyone needs a companion in the latter part of life.


    It is the desire of every common human to have a happy marriage and a good family. In some cases, people prefer to live alone or to avoid marriage in order to avoid the responsibility or burden the marriage may cause them. Some people who had an infuriating family history with parents or in past relation experiences may decide not to marry. Also, if they think living freely is what they want in life, they will not bother to attach themselves in expectations.


    Some people like their married life and some not. After all, marriage is one of the strongest concepts of human culture and a very conventional institution. At present time, there may be some rare difference of thoughts, but most of the world, believe marriages to be very important for a happy life. In the religious view, man and woman are incomplete without each other. Structure of marriage supports the completion very much. It put a stop to societal crimes and helps in building a healthy social system.



    Marriage Advice: Time To Seek Counseling 

    The first step in improving your marriage is to seek marriage advice from a marriage counselor. This demonstrates your seriousness in keeping the relationship together and to make it stronger. But this also indicates that your marriage is on the rocks. Why should we seek marriage advice if the marriage is doing great?


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    Despite that we made a vow together with your husband or wife in front of the church altar, many marriages are still involved in one crisis or the other. This could be due to some unconscionable situations; failure to tackle this problem amicably is the reason why many married couples are now seeking marriage advice as a last resort. And if it doesn’t work, a divorce may be the last recourse.

    Some people feel that seeking counseling is not the option. They feel that a third person could not solve what the two of them couldn’t. But getting the point of view from a knowledgeable person may just be the answer.


    The Right Time

    It would be wise to initiate your marriage counseling as early as possible, preferably before you get married or early in the marriage, particularly if you notice that the both of you are having a communication breakdown with each other.


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    Do not see counseling as a waste of time. Some people have a false impression that it should only be considered if the situation will lead to divorce. As an alternative to divorce, it will be better if you will take counseling to enlighten you and your wife develop clear and honest communication. Proper managing of your problems once you and your partner get involved in a marriage.


    It will be a foolish decision to take if you just get a marriage counselor just because you and your spouse are planning to divorce each other. Instead, seek marriage advice as early as possible. Let your marriage counselor guide and advise you before your relationship gets out of control. Your counselor is not the best solution to your problem if both of you decide to fix it. It is your vow and your commitment to marriage.

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