Important Things To Do After You Are Engaged

Important Things To Do After You Are Engaged


You have been praying and searching for your soul-mate you always hoping for, now that you finally in engagement mood and have the assurance of the commitment and you have also gotten your engagement ring, what next? It is right time to gear yourself up with loads of bridal magazines and some wedding stuff that will inspire you into the world of wedding planning. This is going to be a lot of joy, happiness and the blissful moments you are being waited for.

The following are the 14 tips and the guidelines you need to take into consideration before proclaiming your engagement announcement. In other words, you need to overlook the small mix-ups and adore these happy moments.



Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Enjoy the Blissful Engagement Ring
  • Tell the People That Matter To You
  • Get Your Engagement Ring
  • Get a Manicure
  • Decide Your Wedding Day
  • Have a Budget for Your Wedding
  • Wedding Planner
  • Creative Ideas
  • Prepare A Guest List
  • Prepare All Details
  • Choose the Bridesmaid/Groomsman
  • Shopping & Shopping
  • Relax Yourself
  • Spend Time with Your Partner



Now that you finally declare a strong commitment to each other and you are ready to for engagement party, you are now getting to a stage where a lot of couples dream of being. Basically, it is at this stage in which a couple spends time with each other in order to know themselves better. You should not let the stress of engagement activities outshine your happiness. It is good to know that you should do something special for your fiancé/fiancée before start planning your wedding. For instance, demonstrate your love to your partner, make he or she feel special and enjoy the blissful moment to the fullest.



The first and the most important people to tell about your commitment to each other are your parents; follow by your close friends and your relatives either through visitation or through phone calls. It is a wrong idea and bad attitude to inform your people through text, email, Whatsapp, or simply updating your status on Facebook so as to announce your engagement invitations to the people that matter to you. Although you might feel that it is more convenient to do so, in the long run, it is too casual to announce something so important in this manner. Even though you may not be able to visit everyone, you can call them on phone to share your happiness.



engagement ring


One thing to consider before getting the ring of your dreams and start flaunting it is to make sure that you get the appropriate size and the quality should not be overlooked. You do not want to lose your engagement ring. In fact, some couple (in some countries) go to the extent of insured their rings. They make contact with their brokers in order to guide them what policies are available and what necessary paperwork they need to complete at the earliest



It is a good idea to get a manicure so as to get the impeccable nails to match your ring. It is inappropriate to show off your ring with chipped nails and dry hands. Since you want your hands to be getting a lot of attention in the next few days, therefore unkempt hands are not acceptable. If you are not fond of bright colors, a simple French manicure will give you a stylish look without taking the attention from the ring.



It is better to plan beforehand an approximate wedding day as soon as you tell people that you are engaged to be married. The reason is that people will ask you when you are getting married. Therefore, you need to sit with your partner and decide when you would like to get married, and how much time you will need to plan the wedding. If you cannot decide on a date, just decide a rough date to tell people.




It is advisable to decide on a budget and keep to it; you may even speak to your parents and family if you need any help. Although it is your special day and you want the best of everything, it is more appropriate to plan for the wedding you can afford. Normally, you must save money for your wedding since there is a time lag between the engagement and the wedding; In addition, there is a tendency that you will get a lot of stress later. It is highly important to know that a small and simple wedding can be beautiful. Shop around and get the best deals.

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You can employ the service of a wedding planner to organize and plan your wedding for you, or you can manage it on your own; this choice is yours. If your budget allows for one, it is better to go for it; otherwise, take help of family and friends to plan your wedding for you.




Buy and make use of wedding magazines to get an idea for your wedding. Another thing to do is to make use of an appropriate theme for the entire wedding and organize everything according to your plan. It will give you the idea of how to decorate the venue, varieties of wedding cakes and other necessary things. This is necessary, especially, if you do not have a wedding planner. Many people make use of the internet in order to get a lot of ideas on how to plan and organize their weddings.




Having decided on your budget and prepared the guest list, it is also important to decide with your partner the kind of wedding you want. Do you want a traditional wedding, a church wedding and/or court wedding? It is for both of you to decide and agree on the kind of wedding you want. Check with your parents who are the people they want to invite to the wedding. Remember to stick to your budget at all times.


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With the budget prepared and the guest list prepared, you can go further with the other details. Below is an example of a wedding preparation checklist:

Finalize the venue

Hire a caterer and decide the menu

Decide where to order your wedding cake

Hire a professional photographer and/or video camera-man

Call the florist

Decide the music

Plan for invitation cards

Make transportation facilities for guests

Decide the honeymoon destination


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It is also important to decide beforehand who you want as your maid of honor or your best man. If you have not decided, this is the right time to do so. Decide this one as your wedding day is getting close as possible to avoid alienating friends. You may find it a little bit difficult to decide on this especially if you have a lot of close friends. Some of them might take offense in case you do not pick them. To avoid this ugly situation, do appeal to them that their attending your wedding will mean a lot to you.




It is not uncommon for a couple to go shopping for their perfect wedding attire. This is also the perfect time for you to spend time with each other having taken care of all the necessary things. You need to decide on the type of color for the wedding gown and the color for the suit you are going to use for your special occasion. Basically, a wedding gown should be in white color, while the suit for the bridegroom can be in any of these colors- black, navy blue, silver etc. it depends on your taste.


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More often than not, wife-to-be may experience a lot of stress due to wedding preparation. It is better you take help from friends and family so as to avoid overwhelming yourself. Do not try to do everything on your own. A good way to relax is to get a manicure and/ or spend an entire day at a spa. It is also advisable to pamper yourself at the salon.



engagement ring


You should not neglect your relationship with your fiancé/fiancée due to wedding planning and organizing. You should treat each other with tender love. Go for romantic dates, schedule a spa session together, watch movies together, have dinner and demonstrate your love to your partner that you care and that you are looking forward to the special occasion- that is, getting married soon.

The above tips are some of the things need to be done after you are finally gotten your engagement ring; although it can be too stressful and overwhelming at times. Special care needs to be taken by spending time with family and friends and organized parties to celebrate.

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