Marriage Certificate: The Best Way To Get It

Marriage Certificate: The Best Way To Get It

How to get a Marriage Certificate

The laws for marriage certificates differ from one country to another. This means that you will depend on the country where you live and follow the rules. One cannot just ask for a marriage certificate without the right conditions. The law requires that the marriage certificate be given severely and you must fulfill all requirements first.


Requirements For Getting Marriage Certificate

Here are some of the requirements you need to get a marriage certificate: State officials must issue a marriage certificate. Court officials can also release them but require payment of certain fees. Couples can only be issued with a marriage certificate if they are 18 years or older. If not, they need parental or court approval if they are younger.


Requirements For Marriage Certificate Depend On Each State

Some states require proof of immunization because many states have completed the required compulsory and blood tests. Some states require test venereal disease, and rubella, also known as German measles. This disease is very dangerous for the fetus. In addition, they have conducted tests to check whether they are free from sickle cell anemia and tuberculosis.


Termination of Previous Marriage

A person who submits a marriage certificate must have proof of termination of a previous marriage with death or with a decision to dissolve, also known as a cancellation or divorce. If the person already has a legal marriage, he or she must terminate his marital status before he can get another. He can get it through divorce or dissolution. This will result in a decision, which will return men and women to the status of unmarried people.


Mutual Agreement

A person must have sufficient mental capacity. This will determine as the ability of people to enter into contracts. Marriage will require two people who agree. If one of them does not understand the purpose of marriage, then the person does not have the capacity to approve, they will never be issued with a marriage certificate.


Couples should not be close relatives. However, in some countries, the first cousin can get married and that is legal. Even though they allow it, some require that one cousin may not have children.


HIV Test

Because of widespread sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS and HIV, some countries require couples who submit a marriage certificate to have to undergo an HIV test or they must be given sufficient information about AIDS.


Getting Your Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificates can be issued after the wedding ceremony is held. This will also allow the satisfaction of the waiting period after the ceremony. This waiting period is the time for couples to calm down before the date of the wedding. The purpose of the waiting period is for them to make decisions. Marriage ceremonies can only be done until they really decide to get married and hope to stay together for the rest of their lives.


If not, at least they will have time to think if they are ready not to. Before marriage, it is important that both parties really make the right decision because having a divorce is as difficult as getting married. Some divorce and cancellation applications are not given easily. Therefore, it does not make it available for other marriage contracts with other partners.


Marriage License & Certificate: What You Need to Know

While ceremonies and celebrations are the most memorable part of marriage, if you want it to be legitimate, the most important part is the signing of the marriage certificate. This document legally binds you both together – and plays a big role if you plan to change your name! Obtaining a marriage permit and, furthermore, a marriage certificate is a multi-process process.


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What is the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate? Marriage licenses are what you get first, and basically the application for marriage. When you have filled everything, there is a ceremony, signed, and your official has changed it back to the area, then you receive a marriage certificate that proves, in fact, you are married.


This is all you need to do, step by step, to get (and complete) your marriage license and marriage certificate.


marriage certificate



Step 1: Set the Date and Place for Your Marriage

Before you can apply for a marriage permit, you must know where and when you will get married. Why? Because usually, you have to apply for a marriage permit in the county where you are getting married.


Furthermore, the marriage license ends. Some, for example, expire after 90 days. If you plan your wedding one year before that date, then you have to wait to apply for a marriage license until you are within the deadline or you finally have to apply again.


On the other hand, you also can’t wait until the last minute, because many states require that you undergo a waiting period before marriage.

Once you know when you will get married, you can plan your visit to the appropriate county clerk.


Step 2: Visit the District Officer

The easiest place to get your wedding license is the district clerk’s office. Make sure you carve a few hours for this because there might be a wait. You can even try to make an appointment before you appear so you don’t have to wait too long. You and the important person both of you must be present at the time of the marriage certificate application.


Here are all the things you need to prepare during your visit to the county clerk:

• Some countries even need witnesses for marriage certificate applications, so ready to ask friends (who knows you for at least six months) to join.


• You also need to know some information about your parents. You will need your full parent’s full name, date of birth, birth status, and date of parent’s passing if applicable.


• If it is not your first marriage, you must also bring your divorce certificate or your respective death certificate, as proof that you can legally remarry.


•  You should bring your parents to give consent if you are under 18.


• In some states and districts (other costs to increase your wedding budget).There is a fee for applying for a marriage license, usually between N1000 and N2000 or more. 


• Finally, If you plan to change your name – during your visit to a regional officer to apply for your marriage license – now is the best time to do that. Even though you will still retain your maiden name until you are truly married, this will make the court officially know what your new name will be.


Not only do you need to know what you want from your official last name, but also your middle name. You have many options, of course: You can keep your name the same. After you prove your identity, submit your documents, and pay your fees, you will be given a marriage license. Some states will give you a marriage license right away, but others will send it to you within a few days.


Step 3: Get a signature from your official and marriage license witnesses

Now that you have a marriage certificate, it is time to collect some signatures. While the requirements for signing a marriage certificate differ from one country to another, most require signatures from the following people:



Naturally, the couple must be present when the time comes to sign a post-ceremony marriage certificate. It’s better to take care of this early before the party starts and drinks start flowing.


Two Witnesses

This could be your parents, honor servants and your companion, or other friends you appoint to get that honor. They must be physically present and, well, watch you two sign the marriage certificate. In most states, witnesses to marriage licenses must also be over the age of 18. Usually, you will need two witnesses, but in some states, you only need one.




There are currently two Federal Marriage Registrations in Nigeria. The Abuja Federal Marriage Registry and Lagos Federal Marriage Registry are both under the Ministry of Interior.


We enlarge our lens in The Federal Marriage Registry Ikoyi Lagos. We aim to provide you with a detailed guide/overview of the prerequisites and expectations when preparing to marry in the registry.


This registry is the center of activities throughout the working day because it has become the registry of choice by most couples because of its reputation. Activities such as swearing an oath, getting a marriage certificate, counseling, and an actual marriage ceremony.


Tuesday is to swear an oath, while Wednesday to Friday is for contract marriages. However, if you decide to marry on Monday or Saturday, it will charge. This list not only serves the residents of Lagos but also the South-South, Southeast and all Southwest geo-politics. Various activities will carry out in the registry.


There are two types of marriages that are contracted at registration in addition to the typical Christian and Muslim marriages. There is a marriage between Nigeria and Nigeria and Nigeria with non-Nigerian or Non-Nigerian marriages to Non-Nigerians.


Here, a step-by-step guide to expect when you want to marry in the registry (Nigeria to Nigeria)


Step 1 (FORM)

1. Obtain and fill in the form called “MARRIAGE NOTIFICATION”. When filling out this form, all birth names must be boldly written with both underlined surnames. One (1) passport of each pair must also be attached. (please note that the fees set are charged when submitting this form)


2. Return to the registry after 21 days with the completed form. You will give another set of forms “AFFIDAVIT ON APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE”. This form must be submitted with both parties’ birth certificates (if there is no birth certificate, the Age Declaration can be presented).


3. The next form that must be filled is CERTIFICATE BACHELORHOOD / SPINSTERHOOD. If the couple previously married, AFFIDAVIT OF MARRIAGE must be submitted and not a BACHELORHOOD / SPINSTERHOOD CERTIFICATE.


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If one or both partners have children before this marriage, Affidavit must also be presented stating the number of children. In the question of why this happened, I was told that this was for the purpose of justice and transparency. (please note that the fees set will be charged for this form)


4. The date for an interview for the pair set


1. You must notify registration on the date of your choice of marriage.

2. You must provide two witnesses from both parties. (please note this is not gendered specific)

3. You ought to present 2 rings (male and female) or the Bible / Quran as the case



1. Dress and Wedding Suits

2. Original clothing

3. Company ensemble

4. (Please note that short sleeves, shorts, and jeans will not allow)


Nigeria to non-Nigerians / non-Nigerians to non-Nigerians

Step 1 (FORM)

1. Get a form- “specifically for special marriage licenses”. This form aims to obtain sufficient information and data about the couple.


2. A written application for a special marriage license by one partner


3. Birth certificate or certificate of the age of partner from national population commission (only for Nigerians)


4. Scanned copy of the partner’s international passport data page and stamped entry page (if any)


5. One recent passport from the pair (each)


6. Certificate or identification letter from the country of origin (only Nigeria)


7. Bachelorhood swearing statement or spinsterhood from a legal court or recognized institution with proof of payment of a specified fee or If the couple previously married to AFFIDAVIT OF MARRIAGE or;


8. Single oath/proof of letters with children/children from a court or institution that recognize with proof of payment of a specified fee.


9. While foreign nationals must provide A-D (as applicable) above from the equivalent/institution in their country.


10. Payment of the specified fee.




Steps 2 and 3 as seen above are still valid

Now you have it peeking! Get ready for your marriage … … no obstacles

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