Marriage Proposal: How to propose like a Gentleman

Marriage Proposal: How to propose like a Gentleman

Marriage Proposal Will You Marry Me?

So you meet the love of your life and want to make your marriage proposal. This is a pleasant moment in your life. Have you thought of some marriage proposals? OK, so you have made hundreds of marriage proposals and haven’t decided yet. Stop worrying, she’s just waiting for your marriage proposal. She has hinted around now for a while, she is ready to say YES to your marriage proposal. Here are some Marriage proposals that have been tried and true, serious and ridiculous especially for you


Practicing Making a Perfect Marriage Proposal.

Now that you are ready to make your marriage proposal, you need to practice. Select some of your marriage proposals and stick yourself to hear your voice. Practice being perfect, so practice your marriage proposal repeatedly.


Besides practicing in front of a mirror, try applying for your marriage in front of your dog or cat. As if your dog doesn’t follow your marriage proposal and wags its tail, it’s better to make a new marriage proposal. Overall, cats are picky, but a dog will even go for a poor marriage proposal if you throw a dog bone.


Chinese Restaurant – Marriage Proposal

Take your fianceé to a Chinese restaurant and have the waiter give her a fortune cookie for the desert where you asked her to marry you. Prepare your diamond engagement ring when she says yes!


Camping Trip – Marriage Proposal

Do you have a favorite camping site? What’s more romantic than making your marriage proposal where you both have fun. Just you can make a marriage proposal game by playing twenty questions in your sleeping bag together. Another cool wedding proposal is to write on the sand or carve it on a tree.


Beach Party – Marriage Proposal

Throw a beach party and tuck the engagement ring into your swimming trunks. You can hide engagement rings in beach bags. Better yet, make a sand castle, ask questions and tell her to see this sand castle? One day, I will wake you up to a real castle because you are my queen (then look at her with the eyes of a sad or your puppy.


Date of Elegant Theater – Marriage Proposal

There are several versions of proposals for Elegant Date Theater Weddings. The usual plot is that you bring it to his favorite movie, go out to dinner and make your marriage proposal with a dessert. You can also make a marriage proposal at home. You simply ask a question and she says YES! Cool choice, make your marriage proposal in the lobby with a big bag of popcorn in your hand.


Homemade Wedding Proposal Ideas

1. Gather a group of friends and family for a party and have everyone wear a T-shirt or carry a helium balloon (otherwise they won’t float) by bringing one of the writing in the expression, “Will you marry me?” group image to reveal a message.


2. Spell your proposal with stickers that glow in the dark on your ceiling. Enter the bed, turn off the lights and wait a minute.


3. Or, use a letter fridge magnet to write your marriage proposal. They will never be so happy to take a snack.


4. Setback to your childhood with proposals written on the sidewalk on your road or entrance.


5. Create an emergency letter explaining, “Will you marry me?” use anything from colored duct tape (on walls or poster board) to scrapbooking materials. Surprise your partner with your creation at work, at home or in the park. (Not sneaky? Hire a graffiti artist to write an artistic marriage proposal in uppercase letters. When you are there, rent a proposal photographer to take pictures of you two in front of the masterpiece.)


The Idea of Proposed Marriage at Home

6. Fill in your favorite room in your home with memorable photos of your relationship; You can hang it from a balloon or cover the wall with a shocking surprise. Marriage proposal at home is exciting and fun. 


7. To make a marriage proposal at home, turn off all the lights in your apartment and make a trace of the candle that leads to the circle of voters positioned around the ring. (But use extra caution when dealing with fire.)


8. Slip the ring when your prospective fiancé is sleeping and then do a romantic wake-up call with champagne and strawberries. 


9. Tiered velvet ribbons from one place in your house to another place. Attach a little note that remembers perfect moments in your relationship along the way. Wait for your soulmate at the end of the band with the ring in hand.


10. To demonstrate your marriage proposal at home to your prospective partner, cook a five-star meal from all your favorite fiancé’s favorite foods, or rent a personal chef for that night. Propose a dessert.


11. Is a special puzzle made with your picture and the words “Marry me?” On rainy days, suggest this activity. When you are finished enough so that you can clearly see the photos and read the words, it’s time for the marriage proposal at home.


Ideas for Proposing Marriage at Work

12. Sneak (with the right permits, of course) to your office or finance class that will arrive soon before they arrive in the morning. Write your marriage proposal on their desk or chalkboard then stay hidden from view until they appear.


13. Before your partner leaves for work, offer to heat their car and scrape ice and snow from their windows. Then scratch your marriage proposal into the ice.


14. With the help of your prospective fiancé’s co-workers, schedule a last-minute meeting towards the end of the day. Then take them to a romantic place to apply.


Playful Wedding Proposal Ideas

15. Looking for funny marriage proposal ideas? Perform a small scam by asking for the size of your partner’s ring in a clear way (bringing home the ring is one of them). When they accuse you of damaging the surprise that you bought a ring, say, “Okay, try this one.”


16. Cut the bottom of a large refrigerator box, wrap it with pretty paper and ribbons and attach a card that says, “What’s in the box is a gift for natural life.


17. Make the ring surprise in the Cracker Jacks box or on Kinder Egg.


18. Re-show their favorite romantic movie scenes. If it’s Pretty Woman, go to the end of the film: Rent a white limousine and climb a sunroof with flowers in your hand to express your love when you arrive at their place.


The Idea of Proposed Marriage with Surprise Parties

19. On your partner’s birthday, plan a “surprise party” and then pretend to spoil the surprise by asking them to arrive early. The real surprise is when you apply and all your friends and family appear to celebrate.


20. Plan a party filled with friends and family at a bar near where you will apply, then suggest a celebration drink after your partner says “yes.”


21. Bring your proposal in the park with friends and family within a safe distance. After you apply, have everyone present for an impromptu celebration.


Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas

22. On New Year’s Eve, tiptoe into a tender place just prior to midnight and suggest as the perfect start for the new year. Then celebrate with kisses and lots of champagne.


23. Surprise your fiance with the pet you always want to collect (rabbits, kittens, puppies) under the Christmas tree and tie a ring around his neck. Or replace stuffed animals – still funny, but lacking in care.


24. In the days leading up to February 14, plant Valentine’s Day cards (such as the cards you usually give to classmates in third grade) with sweet messages written in the house. Then on Valentine’s Day, give them a box of chocolates, you guessed, the ring.


25. Propose during your local fireworks show on July 4th. Work with a professional to organize private messages at sparklers that describe “Marry me?”


26. Throw a contest carving a jack-o’-lantern Halloween for friends and family where everyone reveals their designs. Open your pumpkin with the last marriage proposal carved.


27. Build anticipation for the last day of Hanukkah by dropping the eight instructions that you will propose.


28. Hide Easter eggs (somewhere they will not be lost or taken by children) with a note that explains why you love your partner. Then, bring them golden eggs with applications and wedding rings in them.


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We hope that now that you have read our marriage proposal ideas, you have a better feeling about how you will apply. Know it will be the best proposal ever? Don’t forget to share your happy story about How They Ask after your partner says “yes”.


How to propose to her like a Gentleman

It comes in life when we all, men, have to make big steps and ask questions; proposal in marriage. This must be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience so you have to make it perfect. If you decide to ask a big question to your partner, you must know from the beginning how to make this perfect and create unforgettable moments for both of you.

marriage proposal


This is an important moment in our lives and includes a lot of preparation. Before making a proposal, either marriage proposal at home or any other place, make sure this is something you both want; so talk to him about the possibility of getting married but don’t show your plan. The proposal itself still has to be a surprise, so find a moment and a way that she will not suspect.


You have to choose the right engagement ring, the right style for her and for this you can ask for help from her mother or friend, but if the bride wants to be part of the process of buying or designing her engagement ring, you should ask her opinion first. Also, you have to know the right time to do it, she must be relaxed, because if she passes the bad time of her life, everything is messed up.


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A brilliant proposal depends on knowing what makes it happy. If she is a romantic type, your proposal must take this account; likewise, if she prefers intimacy, for instance, marriage proposal at home, you must choose a place only for you two; if she likes the spotlight, more general proposals will be perfect and if she has a certain passion for life, you can try something unusual and wasteful. Women like originality.


Knowing your partner’s type, you can choose the right way and place to make a proposal. The following useful guidelines will help you:


– everyone knows traditional proposals that are still functioning; the man knelt down and took out a box with a ring before asking him to spend the rest of his life by his side.


-If she likes to be the center of attention, plan a surprise party with all her friends and family; decorate the place with white balloons and wedding bell paper; when she enters the door on her knees and do your work.


– If she is romantic without hope, try saying it in rose petals, or do it in one of her favorite locations.


-If she’s the type of sport you can ask from the height of the mountain after a day of rock climbing; also during parachute jumps or scuba-diving sessions.


-If she likes basketball and goes to all matches, a big surprise will be seen on the big screen of your stadium in the wedding proposal; it is a sign of great love that you convey to her in front of so many people.


-Also Valentine’s Day, this is a good opportunity to ask her; on this special day, she expects to receive flowers and chocolate so she will definitely be surprised if you go there with rings and applications in marriage.


-If you’re a shy guy and don’t want to ask her directly, make her a video; try making a personal video about yourself proposing to her and watching the tape together.


-If you know that she listens to the radio at certain times every day, making devotion will make her charm, but it’s better to call her when big questions are being asked.


– by writing it in the sky it is an extraordinary statement of love; ask the plane to fly banners; do it on a sunny day and plan a romantic date and she will be surprised.


– Perfect beach for proposals; barely dressed on the beach, kissed by the sun, that’s the arrangement for a marriage proposal that will be a sexy and stuffy experience; arrive at the beach first and build a sand castle that symbolizes your intention.


– Behind the limousine is also a good choice; rent a limousine for several hours and direct the driver to bring you both meaningful past locations in your relationship; have a bottle of champagne too.


These are just a few suggestions that you can choose from but there are many more. Take unforgettable places, songs, or events like where you first met or kissed. Be creative, combine your personality and make it a special moment. Focus on now and on her; think of what you will say to her and express your proposal with love and sincerity.


The focus must be on her and the special moments that you will share. Tell her why you want to marry her, tell her why she is the right person for you, what marriage means to you and what hope is for the future. If the answer is “yes”, announce and celebrate your engagement, but if she needs time to think about it, be a respectable man and respect her.

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