Parenting Styles: The Top Style of Parenting Your Child

Parenting Styles: The Top Style of Parenting Your Child

Do You Know the Style of Parenting Your Child?

Want to be a better parent? Knowing what parenting style is will help you identify the area you need for improvement. Promoting self-discipline and self-esteem of children in your family often requires emotional juggling by you as a parent.


It’s not easy to be assertive and demanding with a child one minute, then warm and loving in the next minute. This is a continuous process of education for both parents and children. In addition, many adults naturally have personalities or temperaments that make them tend toward parenting styles.


Official Parenting

Parents who tend to emphasize the discipline side of equality are authoritarian. Authoritarian parents demand the worst meaning of the word. They are intimidators, need obedience and respect above all else. They become very angry and pushy when they do not get compliance and obedience. Their love and acceptance seem to be fully conditional on children.


They do not teach or listen to their children or explain the reasons for their expectations, which are often unrealistic. They often see their children’s personality and independence as irrelevant or threatening.

Research has shown that authoritarian parents tend to produce children who are more attractive, anxious, distrustful and dissatisfied. These children will often ignore by their friends. Their self-esteem is often bad.


Permissive Parenting

Parents who overemphasize the self-esteem side of the equation are permissive. They may be warm and supportive, but they are not good disciplines – even in the privacy of their own homes. So they only make weak demands for good behavior. Therefore, they tend to avoid or ignore annoying behavior. Thus, they seem to believe that children must grow up without anger, tears, or frustration.


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They reinforce the demanding and inconsiderate behavior of their children and often find it easier to give up on their child’s demands. Their love and acceptance are unconditional in the worst sense of the word because they set certain rules or limits on what their children do.


Research has shown that permissive parents tend to produce more mature, demanding and dependent children. These children are often rejected by their peers. Their self-esteem is often unrealistic and difficult to interpret because they often blame others for their problems and misfortunes.


Authoritative Parenting Styles

Parents who are able to meet the disciplinary needs and self-esteem of their children are referred to as authoritative people. They clearly communicate high but unrealistic demands on the behavior of their children. Since they expect good things from their children and strengthen those things when that happens.


They also tend to give more positive encouragement in the right place. Conversely, when children act, authoritative parents respond with a firm, but emotionless boundaries. They are warm, reasonable and sensitive to the needs of children. They support the individuality of the child and encourage the growth and development of independence.


Authoritative parents tend to produce competent children. These children are more independent, controlled, satisfied and happy. They are usually accepted and liked by their peers and perform better in school. Their self-esteem is good and they report having a happier overall childhood experience.


Where do you need to work as a parent?

Logic and research, then, support the idea that children need discipline and emotional support to grow psychologically healthy. After reading the description of the parenting style above, if you find that you are too inclined to an authoritarian and demanding style, then you need to work on the side of care that is warm and supportive.


You need to have more fun with your children, listen better and share more praise. If on the other hand, you are too inclined to permissive style, you should try to build clear rules, set limits, and face annoying behavior. Need to change your parenting style? Starting today!


parenting styles


Mommy & Baby: Styles Of Parenting

As a parent, you have the opportunity to set the tone in your home based on the parenting style you choose. You can choose child-centered parenting or family-centered parenting, the difference will be discussed here.


Child-centered parenting

1. Pursuing the happiness of children seriously, trying hard to avoid discomfort or emotional distress for children.

2. The child accepts what he wants when he wants it: without delay, without waiting.


These concepts may not sound too bad, but what happens when you get sick? Or when Mom & Dad want to leave the baby with a caregiver? There is little or no freedom in this parenting plan and the baby will not grow up to be a child who understands delayed satisfaction or how the world works.


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Apart from that, this makes a child for a bad case other people will not mean to him. The goals and needs are very important for the goals and needs of others, and the ability to look out and understand being part of the team will be compromised.


Family-Centered Parenting

1. Keep the baby’s needs met but in the appropriate context of the family unit.

2. Children enter into team settings; he is not the center of the universe, but part of the family team.


These concepts may not seem much different from a child-centered approach to caring for children, but the results of these two methods are very different. Parents should develop the style of meeting the needs of their children and look forward to developing skills and abilities because they do not fulfill any desires or desires that children might express.


Caregivers are fine for families because parents will take the time to date and be intentional to each other. Because a baby raised in a family-centered plan understands that he is part of a team, he will learn we-ism, not me-ism. He will consider others when he grows up and how his goals and needs can be met within the framework of the team without sacrificing others in the team.


You might know people on both sides of this childhood style that are excessive. That’s not what I recommend here; a balance has to achieve. Remember these things:

Life doesn’t stop because you have a baby.


Date your partner

Continue the loving movement that you enjoyed before your baby was born.

Invite some friends to eat and fellowship.

At the end of each day, spend 15 minutes sitting with your partner, discussing the day’s events.

Valentines Day: Adult Style

At the age of five, you are awakened by the anticipation and the sensation of valentine paper and white napkins adorned with a recorded heart-shaped lollipop. At the age of fifteen, your heart beats fast to give a folded note to your high school crush. Now that you are an adult, Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning.


Alone or attached, pairing or parenthood, Valentines Day is the ideal opportunity to pamper yourself and your loved ones. Chill cheerfully, stock up on delicious chocolates, stop by the local flower shop and plan one of the most spectacular Valentines ever.


Here are some tips for making the year most memorable:

Book a romantic bed and breakfast in a place you always want to visit. Research your choices to find the ideal in beautiful decorations because you want to spend most of your time indoors. Remember, many popular suites are pre-booked and require a minimum three-day stay.


Book a three to five-day cruise to Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt. Day or night, calm sea waters and gentle waves have lulled the hearts of lovers for centuries.

Plan a camping trip in the southwest and remember to schedule a time for a warm and crackling bonfire under the stars, with optional blankets. Bring children? Pack enough ingredients to warm the body.


Book time at the spa for one day or weekend full of luxury and pleasure. Today’s spa offers the best in the skin and body care plus health and fitness. You will return to work and live energetically, glowing and rejuvenated.


Organize a romantic Valentine’s weekend at home. Secretly arrange childcare with friends or family members. Candle supplies, campaigns, and truffles. Then prepare a candlelight dinner for two, complete with delicious chocolate cakes and fresh flower arrangements. Then wake up early to cook a delicious breakfast on the bed.


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Lost time with family? Take this opportunity to show everyone in your life how much you love them. Plan a family vacation to Ikogosi Warm Springs resort, in Ekiti or a historic landmark that children learn at school. Don’t forget to bring red and pink cards and gifts for every person.


Solo? Don’t go back and forth. Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to reconnect you are your friend. Visit your old college friends on the east coast or plan a nice girls night.


Valentines Day is a fun day to treat and pamper yourself. Plan well beforehand and make it a vacation that you will talk about for years to come. To book a trip, search for vacation package deals or check availability of arrivals and departures.

Our Roles Are Always Changed as Parents

We watched our children grow right before our eyes. It looks like yesterday they were babies who learn to crawl, walk and feed themselves, and now they are in school, take part in activities, friends, and learning to become more and more independent. Parents before us say that since they were born, we continue to learn to let go. As a result, our parenting styles must change. When our children grow, develop, learn and become adults, so does our parenting styles.


When your child has grown, you certainly find that they have a unique personality and temperament. You may unconsciously re-develop childcare skills around your child’s individual needs. And no two children are exactly the same, and therefore, your parenting style is also not.


Some kids may need more help and feel uncertain of themselves; so we are usually guided, lead, show and encourage the child consistently through their childhood while still trying to encourage independence and give praise for building themselves – price and level of trust.


But other children may be very intrinsically motivated and very stubborn and don’t need a lot of guidance or leadership from you. While you support their freedom, it is also essential that you also promote their ability to ask for help when needed and continue to praise actions, actions, and kindness.


The most important tool we have for successfully adjusting parenting styles is our eyes and ears. We must see what happens to our children and we must hear what they say to us. It is important that we encourage our children to be their own individuals while still being available to them at whatever level or level they want. Sometimes this is specific to certain situations.


A kid may not need us to involve with their school to make sure their overall academic success, but they may need us in their social life because they may feel a little shaky or afraid when it comes to making new friends or meeting a new person.


So the point is this: when your child grows and changes, so does your parenting skills. Open your eyes and ears and communicate honestly and openly with your child, and you both will grow up gracefully.

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