Relationship Problem: Shouldn’t Be Difficult To Solve

Relationship Problem: Shouldn’t Be Difficult To Solve

Relationship Problems Should Be Easy To Solve

This is one of the main topics of love advice: relationship problems. In fact, with all the tips and instructions out there, you will think solving problems in a relationship requires a scientific formula that you need to understand. The reality is, when you find a problem early and use a lot of patience and justice, there are only a few steps you need to take to solve the problem.


Identify the cause

Sometimes the cause of a problem in a relationship is clear. Maybe it’s a problem with money, children, or certain habits one of you has that really annoys the other. However, often, there is only a slight feeling that something is wrong. There may be a little romance, less physical affection, and feelings grow apart. In cases like this, you should look a little deeper to find out what the root of your problem really is. Knowing this will make it easier to use love advice: relationship problems don’t all have the same cause.


Choose your battle

Give some serious thought as to whether the problem really deserves discussion. You can decide the fact that your partner routinely leaves a wet towel on the floor or sometimes even pays a bill one or two days late is not something you want to shake. On the other hand, if something your partner does makes you feel hurt or rejected or causes serious financial or social problems, it’s a good idea to raise the issue. That way you will not give an opportunity to grow hatred.


The time is right

If you decide you really need to talk about the problem, choose a good time (or at least not a really bad time). Just remember, when one of you is stressed or tired is not the right time to start a discussion about a serious problem.

Don’t ambush your partner too. Scolding them with serious problems only gives a confrontational edge from the start. Instead of the old one, we need to talk, try something less confrontational like Honey, do you have a few minutes to talk about something?


Be gentle

Winning is not the goal here. The aim is to improve in some cases, save relationships. If one of you is impatient, very critical, insults you both lose.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to talk to your partner like they are three years old. Talk to them with the same level of respect you do. Although it may sound like gentle love advice, relationship problems usually don’t improve when one partner is aggressive.


Accept the part of your error

Overall, it is better to focus on problem-solving than driving who starts a play comedy. That said, you still have to accept that something about your own behavior might need to change too. Listen to your partner’s storyline with an open mind and be willing to negotiate fairly. Of course, you still need to maintain your personal boundaries insofar as you don’t accept physical or emotional abuse.


Although the steps above will help you solve the most common problems, keep reading about how to resolve conflicts in your relationship so that you will know how to deal with serious problems that might arise. When talking about love advice, relationship problems are one of the hottest topics.  So you should have no trouble finding some good tips.


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Relationship Killer

Whether a relationship is alive or dead depends on the individual involved. What is seen as a relationship killer that cannot be overcome by one person will only be a small challenge for others.

Take an affair, for example, some relationships persist and even develop by acknowledging one or even both partners will seek sexual fulfillment, in part, outside of marriage but overall loyalty is the most important for a healthy marriage.


One day I listened to the radio when a girl stated whether her marriage was running or not depending on how accurately her fiance could answer questions about her. I don’t know about you, but if I hope my partner knows all my likes and dislikes before we get married, our relationship will die in the water. Because we won’t be without each other for the past 7 years.


Marriage has even disbanded to one partner who forgets birthdays or anniversaries. I have to admit that I don’t really want to be reminded of how quickly the years passed. I also tend to ignore special dates as my partner. More important to me is how we relate to each other throughout our lives and not just one or two days a year.


As you can see, what really destroys marriage is truly acceptable in another marriage, it only depends on the characteristics of the individual involved and, in some cases, the time of the event.

One of the biggest relationship killers is infidelity. Many people struggle to understand and accept such treason but more importantly, struggle to regain trust.


relationship problem



Harassment is something that is too often tolerated. No one must experience physical, emotional or financial abuse. I only have a little advice to someone who is in a rough, outgoing relationship, even if the abuse is only occasional. Even occasional abuse is unacceptable and it will only get worse. You can always come back if and when they have sorted themselves out, but no matter how much you have been promised that it will not happen again, it will always happen unless you take a stand.


The lack of ability to communicate is a real relationship killer. So many marriages have been discarded due to lack of understanding and total inability to communicate. Often what is needed is only for couples to learn how to listen to each other and many good marriages can be saved.


Trust is very important in any relationship. If that belief does not exist, it is very difficult to keep the relationship alive. Infidelity, gambling, drinks, drugs, and financial expenses are strong and strong reasons for not trusting your partner (among many others). Marriage will save if the reason for lack of trust is eliminated and both parties are ready to forgive. Unless you can let go of the past you cannot see into the future.


Jealousy is often present in cases when one partner is still a friend of someone; who once had a relationship with or when a new baby is born and all the time a partner is removed. Or stepparents may jealous of their partner’s relationship with their children.


Obviously, the source of jealousy cannot always be removed. You can sometimes stop seeing your partner beforehand. However, you can’t throw the baby out the window or drive away from the stepchildren. Settlement of jealousy returns to communication, discusses and understands the reasons for jealousy. You should jointly prepare an action plan to address it.


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Often the initial romance of any relationship often blurs people’s judgment when it comes to what both partners want from life. A simple example is children, how many married women know that they do not want children or do not want children in the near future but do not convey this to their partners. It’s important to really be upfront.


Other problems sometimes develop when one partner is far more ambitious than the other or just wants different things from life. Unless your dream of a perfect marriage is on the same field, it is often a ticket to disaster. Couples must truly open and honest with each other both before and after marriage to ensure that they reach their dreams and their goals. 


Financial problems put great emphasis on any relationship. Couples often divorce because of lack of money even though what they really need to do is solve the core problem. And statistics clearly show that finance is far more of a problem after your divorce. I watched a program the other day and this couple had lived for 15 years with their parents while they were saving for a house. It’s enough to burden any marriage.


However, what I later realized was that they had three children, one of whom might have been conceived early, and his wife remained at home to look after them. This made me think, wouldn’t their life be much easier and had the house not arrived early enough at the wedding if they had just delayed their plans for a family and both worked to get savings in the first few years. When that happens, their marriage really lasted for 15 years, but how many will get married?


For many people, this sounds strange, but many married couples feel lonely, especially when their partners work long hours and/or spend time outdoors. Sometimes couples will go to the pub, to the gym or to a partner, after work, or I know many footballers who take their one or two weeks annual vacation to play football without their families. In any relationship, there must be a balance between work, personal time and family/partner time.


Lack of intimacy can often make people feel worthless, unwanted and unloved. Even if sexual intercourse has diminished or stopped, a relationship can still survive through other types of intimacy, kissing, hugging or caressing. Once intimacy stops in any form, couples often feel that they are no longer desirable and inevitable that people who need an element of intimacy will seek affection elsewhere.


Many people often say they think their marriage is over when they no longer feel that they are special people in their partner’s life. This can be a big problem when married couples in married life and romance end. No more flowers, romantic dinners, endless conversations when you learn from each other.


Maybe no more gifts or no more effort to make each other happy. Of course, the answer is far simpler than going to a divorce court; start making efforts and spend more quality time as a couple, return good times. After all, that’s what you have to do if you want to start over and how often people realize it’s too late that the grass isn’t greener.


Long-term breakups may result in children leaving home. Couples often have children early in the marriage from which their lives really revolve around children. After children grow up and leave home, parents are no longer comfortable with each other. So they don’t know what to do as a partner. As children age, it is very important for couples to start spending more time together.  However, difficult and learn to accompany each other without children.


Letting yourself go is one of the relationship killers especially if you are really handsome when you get married. If only one partner feels too comfortable in the relationship and feels they don’t need to try anymore, it can be a major negative for the future of marriage.


This is just a short list of reasons why marriage can fail. Simply because something on the list will destroy one marriage does not mean saying it will destroy another. Like everyone else, all marriages are unique. The real key to saving your marriage is understanding what makes you feel that your marriage is failing; recognizing what you need to take to correct it and having the determination and desire to do so.

For every relationship killer who might learn how to communicate is very important if you want to save your marriage.


Tips for Solving Relationship Problems

It is undeniable that relationships ought to consider as a source of love relationships that are full of support, enthusiasm, and pleasure, whether that relationship is in the family or with someone you love intimately. And we want to experience such relationships to survive to death. Therefore, we put so much effort into maintaining and making it perfect if possible.


Whether we like it or not, it can also be a source of sadness and distress; when failing to overcome the basic elements for a good relationship. This is the reality they call relationship problems. To have a relationship problem does not always mean that the relationship we start will automatically fail. It will not happen. There is still a chance to fix it.


However, we may ask to make extra efforts to keep things intact. There are many couples who take it for granted. They did not disturb their relationship problems, still with great hope that the problem would disappear by itself. They are at peace with one another but never bother to check what has happened. Or why it happened and to find some solutions to the problem.


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Given this indifference, the majority of couples experience a series of problems. There are several problems that are not too difficult to solve compared to others. And there is a need to really ask for the professional help from a counselor. Some people believe that professional guidance helps them restore their relationships; allows them to find ways to solve their problems; and solve them that will not happen again in the future.


Therefore, it is imperative for each couple to immediately deal with their problems; so that they are behind on the right path and continue to improve relationships. Always look for ways to return and rekindle the intimacy of fading love.


What do you think is the cause of such a problem? Being too close to someone can give us moral support, comfort, and joy; but it can also be a source of sadness, disappointment, and misery. Second, we experience ups and downs because we are interesting. Sometimes, we don’t feel like approaching the person. We want to be alone. There are times when we are passive and do not want to see our lover. And this can strain relationships.


Sad to say, we have minimal control along this line of relations. Third, we have the demands of our work and financial stability. We cannot escape from their concrete pressure because it is the source of our lives as humans. They provide the basic needs of life. Finally, differences in our goals to achieve and our expectations from each other to maintain relationships. I think this is a field that we must address immediately to make some changes for relationship satisfaction. That will eventually lead us to grow together.


What is the most common problem in a relationship? We have the following problems, that is, very bad communication, poor problem-solving skills, lack of support from friends with each other, and no quality time for each other.

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