The Basic Secrets of A Successful Marriage

The Basic Secrets of A Successful Marriage

Happy Marriage


A happy marriage is one of the most important relationships two human beings can make with each other. Generally, marriage is the union of a man and a woman, who promise to be faithful, loyal, support and love each other for the rest of their lives. This promise is normally taken within a spiritual context. Good marriages are neither difficult nor hard work; it actually flows quite smoothly. In reality, it is bad marriages that are a lot of hard work. Good marriages develop into bad marriages when faults are made that mess up the tender love spouses once had for each other.



Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Guidelines for creating a successful marriage

3. The basic principles to make you relate to your partner’s goals

4. The Basic Secrets of a Successful Marriage

5.  Tips To  Strengthen Your   Marriage!

6. Prenuptial agreement when getting married 


Marriages become bad when one or both partners fail to meet each other’s emotional needs or fail to make the other partner happy. Either one or both partners can cause dissatisfaction in a marriage because needs are not being met. Happy marriage becomes much harder when you stop caring and loving the other person. Nonetheless, working on old fault and trying hard to meet the needs of your partner, can heal wounds in a marriage and make it good again, so that marriage again becomes simple and great.


Basically, a person will prefer to marry someone who does a good job of meeting their basic needs. Every time you have an appointment with that person before your marriage will confirm his or her effectiveness since he or she will make you feel good whenever you are in their company. Once you have had a few of those incidents, you will find yourself in love. In actual fact, falling in love – which is generally know as romantic love, is the evidence that the person you are dating is meeting some of your important emotional needs.


Some of the most key standards women in universal have placed in potential life partners are caring, conversation, sincerity, honesty, fairness, financial freedom, support, and loyalty. Likewise, some of the most important needs men have expressed are recreation, physical appearance, appreciation, domestic support, and sexual performance.



The most common causes of a quarrel within a partner are the result of behavior choices on the part of one or both spouse. For instance, a partner that is demanding and controlling make an unhealthy dynamic and environment. Contempt, hostility, resentment, and domestic violence are all sign of pain and torment into a relationship, resulting in worsening and eventual death of love in a marriage, and generating a total Pandora’s Box of other evils. Other causes of conflict include neglecting, rejection, aloofness, emotional withdrawal, deceitfulness, and continuation of the attitude that is irritating to one of the partners and the other partner decline to change or their behavior.



Many books have been written concerning choice for a marriage partner. One of the simplest and most helpful ways is to listen to your inner voice. How does the other person treat you? Do you feel appreciated, cared for, secured, important, protected, and loved? When you begin to reflect on what you wish for and how you desire to be treated, you can create a relationship that symbolizes that for yourself.



In simple terms, there are four major things to reflect on before marriage to a potential life-partner: caring, protection, time, and sincerity. Caring means that you meet each other’s most crucial emotional needs. Protection means you avoid anything that will make the other person unhappy. Time means you give each other time every week for full attention. By honesty, you promise to be totally faithful to each other.



Guidelines For creating a Successful Marriage

The fundamental factor of being one in marriage is companionship. Like friends, couples need to be open with each other about their interests, dreams, and aspiration.

Married couples will find it more difficult to deal with certain problems whenever there are no common goals recognized. The common goal will make it possible for the couple to appreciate that they are not contending against each other, and enable them to work together and support each other.



It is highly ideal for married couples to collaborate and work towards these dreams and goals with all commitment and dedication. Do not quit if you and your partner’s goals seem to be too different. Communicate and realize that you both have needs, and make an effort to set goals that will make it possible for both sets of needs to be satisfied. If you repeatedly share your dreams, you will later discover that both have similar dreams and aspiration; it was just the path that you each wanted to take that was different. This disparity of direction can then be dealt with as you discuss.



When you repeatedly take time to discuss with each other concerning your wants and desires, you will be shocked to discover that you both have the same aspirations and goals. This is possible to be what drew you together in the first place. So what sort of goals should you set? Goals can center on your children, the family as a whole, your individual careers, your belongings, and your pastimes.


happy marriage


The basic principles to make you relate to your partner’s goals


1. Know your partner. Pay close attention to his or her behavior and morals.


2. Bond and respond. Whatsoever that goes on within your partner’s life, in his/her vocation, you know that there are dreams and aspiration in each aspect. Therefore be sensitive and play a part in; worry and rejoice in his/her achievements.


3. Let your partner influence you. Take part in his/her decisions. Appreciate his/her dream and when you disagree at some point, at least support him or her.


4. Compromise. When your goals do not closely match, know when to stop argument especially if you feel that the conversation is becoming confrontational. Be peaceful and tolerant.


When you both have strong appreciation and understanding of all your goals and dreams you become closer together as a married couple. It makes married life a lot more pleasing and easier to handle. After all, you are partners in life.



The Basic Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Most marriages are taken for granted once the honeymoon period is over, couples co-exist. Nothing is exciting. All becomes a routine and dull- conversation, eating, sleeping in fact, everything becomes well predictable without any excitement. As soon as children arrive in the life of a married couple, which they always do, the attention shifts more to the upbringing of the kids.


One will start asking a series of questions such as what happened to the early romance? What makes a perfect romance kill by a marriage? Why do people usually break-up and divorce each other immediately after the marriage? Another question that is begging for an answer is what happens in the time of their wedded life that brings it to either a dull existence or an end?


The very first sign that can be noticed is the uncaring attitude. Yes, before marriage, a partner is more concerned about how to take care of the other partner. After marriage, things become change. Why are you not caring for my needs? What makes you forget about me? Why are you acting so selfishly? Are you not paying more attention to your work more than me? What makes you fail to join me in washing the dishes? Although you need a holiday badly, where is the money? Finger pointing of different types fly around and make early good marriage turn sour.


Keeping one’s married life blissful is very crucial. Blaming your partner for everything will not help, but accepting each other’s needs and trying to realize them will. Partners need to go back to their early love and find a way to rekindle the love in the first place. What did you find attractive in your partner before marriage? Do you still admire that or not? What did you like before, that you are no longer like now? Think about it. Go and bring back the charm. Expressing appreciation for each other smallest act, expressing cheerfulness of living together, letting the partner know how much you cherish her/him; and some of the things that make the other partner cheerful must be done day after day.



Why do you take your husband or your wife for granted and feel jealous of other couples? Why not make a blissful life that other people envious of? You should make the other partner feel needed and good at all times. Why not forgive even a small mistake? Why not put yourself in your partner’s situation and consider the life he/she is living? You can bring the romance back by going to the eatery, or watching the romantic movie together? Make your marriage happy again.


Have you ever thought of sending romantic text messages to each other every day? These messages neither require much money from you nor require more of your time, but for a minute. But imagine the joy of the recipient. Why not make your partner cheerful and happy with such messages every day? Give it a thought.



8 Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage!

Can you still remember when you usually dreamed about how wonderful it would be to get married? Surely, marriage is great and beautiful…but not all of the time. There will be times when marriage will seem frightening and intimidating, and there may even be times when leaving will look like the best option. Marriages usually have their ups and downs and happy marriage can only possible if both partners are ready to work at it. Love must be fostered if they want to keep it from going stale.



happy couple


Has your marriage gone sour? Have you stopped spending the time that is needed to nurture a relationship that is fulfilling? If this is the case – read on. Here are 8 tips that could help make your marriage go from tedious to infinitely appealing.


1. Forgive.

Argument and quarrel are only normal in any relationship. Where there are two people living together, there are bound to be times when they disagree. Forgiving each other and not keeping malice is very important if they are to prevent hostility from seeping in and souring things. People make mistakes and do stupid things. We need to be good at saying sorry, and quick to forgive. Married couples must never give room for rancor and bitterness. Besides, harboring grudges make thing worse.



2. Be respectful and faithful to each other.

Don’t take each other for granted. Cultivate the habit of saying thank you. Express your gratitude and appreciation for the things your spouse does for you. Tell the truth. If there is trouble talk about it, don’t bottle it up. Couples who tackle their problems and prepare to make things right are the ones that are most liable to make a strong, loving relationship.


3. Remember to laugh often.

Apart from the fact that laughing acts like an antidote to soften tension and make one look attractive, a married couple should take time to share a funny story and other crazy antics to reduce nervousness. Bear in mind, laughter is healing.


4. Communicate.

It may seem understandable, but good communication is the key to a pleasant relationship. Don’t let things fester. If the wife is feeling disturbed by something her husband has said or done she should tell him as soon as possible, she shouldn’t think that he will guess what is wrong. What may be noticeable to her may not be noticeable to him! Husbands too need to be more approaching in sharing what is on their minds. Good communication is necessary.


5. Plan together.

It is imperative that couples make decisions together on things such as savings, children’s upbringing, and education, a delegation of household chores, etc. One must not feel important than the other. If you can’t reach an agreement immediately, leave it for a while and come back to it again later. If there is still a deadlock, it is advisable to give in to your spouse. Take turns in giving in to one another. Remember, marriage isn’t a competition


6. Compliment

Husbands need to remember to compliment their wives. Always praise her and appreciate a job well done. Buy a gift for her. Take her out for a romantic meal. Tell her how beautiful she is. Make her feel like she is your princess. Wives should also be considerate to their husband’s requests. Enjoy each other’s company. Showing affection one for another is essential.


7. Stay in love

Nurture your love for each other. Enjoy every new innovation and every new day with your spouse. Demonstrate your love for each other. By sympathetic- share your joy and your bitterness.


8. Stay intimate.

Intimacy can only possible and grow in a marriage where there is a strong commitment to each other. Learn to be faithful and sincere with each other about what turns you on and what turns you off. The sexual aspect of marriage should not be taken for granted. Greater understanding of your partner and deeper fondness should make love making a celebration of your life together. Create time to be intimate.


Although marriage is wonderful, being married is not always easy. Especially where so many marriages fail in our society. However as long as both spouses recognize that they have each other to hold on to, it should be a pleasant relationship. Be there for each other, for poorer or richer, in health and sickness, and till death do us part.


Prenuptial Agreement When Getting Marry

I hope you have heard the word called prenuptial agreement; where couples think about the divorce when they are getting married. Even though many people don’t like this agreement, it is a real fact.


While a prenuptial is recommend, particularly if you are well-to-do or make a lot of money without the aid of your fiancée, talking about prenuptial might lead to the end of the relationship too. Hence, what could you do to shun a predetermined chance of your divorce?


I think the best thing to do before getting married is to list all your belongings, such as cash in the bank, stocks, bonds, cars, houses, lands and other assets. Your admirable future wife or husband should be able to understand this. Otherwise, you have to look a better way to handle it.


You can explain to your fiancée that you are well-to-do and you are convinced that the best is yet to come, but you need to make sure that the marriage is not based on the money alone. Though, future possessions you and your fiancé will be making are for both of you anyway. Just to secure your financial status for the future.


It is advisable to convince your fiancée to do the same, at the same time, so as to make him or she appear to be a very valuable partner. So, prenuptial agreements should decide by both partners that each will still own their prior properties. This will make your fiancée feel much better.



Typically, a prenuptial agreement might make the other partner feeling shameful or seem to have a financial constraint to the other partner. This is when problems arise to be simmering, although there is no basis to hurt your fiancée with humiliation a prenuptial is discussed.


Even though nobody wants to discuss an issue regarding prenuptial, or threatening financial contracts prior to the wedding, except the prenuptial is highly important if you are well-off and well-to-do. It is advisable to take the action to guard your properties when regarding that the circumstance could be more complicated if you lose all of your possessions after the breakup and realizing later that your fiancée sought after your money from the marriage.


This is the best method if you prepare beforehand to keep your financial status and belongings whilst you are also providing your loving one good life. As soon as everything above is completed, things should go well all the way to the wedding.

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