Tips That Will Make You Influential In Wedding Speech

Tips That Will Make You Influential In Wedding Speech

 Best Man Wedding Speech


How can a wedding be lively without wedding speeches? The first person to do honors is the bride’s father, followed by the groom and then by the Best Man. In fact, at some weddings, the maid of honor may ask to deliver a few speeches. The guests wait patiently for the speeches to come to an end before leaving for the wedding reception and joining the celebrations.




A wedding speech is fun. Good speeches can add zeal and enthusiasm to wedding celebrations. But wedding speeches are generally few and far between. Most of the speeches flop, because the speaker fails to make adequate preparations.



Majority of wedding speeches these days are delivered as a ritual. The bride’s father is excessively busy making arrangements and has not spent enough time rehearsing his lines; also the groom is totally weighed down by the event to rise to the occasion and deliver, and the Best Man is fully occupied enjoying the attention to concern about the speech.




Table of Contents

1.       Introduction

2.      Unbelievable Fact about Wedding Speech

3.       7 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Wedding Speech

3.0    Confidence

3.1     Rehearsal

3.2    Good preparation

3.3    Appreciation

3.4    Funny story

3.5    Keep it short

3.6    Useful advice

4.      Summary




So, what is the best thing to do? Should the guests suffer the speeches in silence at the wedding? Or should the speakers recognize the significance of the incident and do justice to the task assigned to them?



The speakers must surely fulfill their responsibilities. They must make the same effort in their words as the families of the groom and bride have done in preparing the wedding arrangements. Likewise, they should bear in mind that they have not been told to deliver an unprepared or an unplanned speech. Since they had adequate time and notice to get their speeches ready. Now that the time has come they must not disappoint the guests.



Naturally, the best wedding speeches are delivered at the spur of the moment. But those who are talented give these speeches. The rest have to work very hard to plan their speeches. They must spend a few days putting their thought on paper, preferably at least a month before the D-day.



When doing so they should not look for the funny joke to liven up their speeches but talk about the bride, the groom, the family, and friends. The speech should include the guests who have taken time off their busy program in attending the wedding. It’s a grand family occasion, and the speeches must enliven the spirits.




It is a good idea to rehearse the wedding speeches. This helps to avoid redundant words or sentences. The speaker does not have to stammer to find a word or a sentence. His feelings flow easily. More important, they are suitable for the incident and add to overall happiness and celebrations.



7 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Wedding Speech.

Have you been invited to deliver a speech at a wedding? Are you being thinking on how to deliver your speech? Or you just decided to make a speech on your own, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if you are the groom, the bride, the father of the bride the best man, or the maid of honor, it’s still a frightening nightmare for anyone to have to undergo.



But with the information I give you in this article, I promise you, you will feel at ease not only writing the great wedding speech but delivering the ideal wedding speech, especially If you’re not much for public speaking, you may find guidelines helpful if you ever have to speak at someone’s wedding. So let’s get started, shall we?



Tips For Delivering Effective Wedding Speech

Wedding toast advice



1. Confidence

You need self-confidence on that day, even you may be thinking within yourself – I wish I weren’t here. Giving a wedding speech should not be daunting at all as it is made out to be. We have a series of questions before planning the wedding speech. If you follow a particular arrangement to accomplish this, you will enjoy it apart from being able to deliver a perfect speech effectively.



2. Rehearsal

Practicing it in front of the mirror will help you build self- confidence. Keep looking at yourself whilst delivering the speech. It is not ideal to read it completely from a piece of paper when you are actually delivering the speech. A better method will be to arrange an index of notes on a small piece of paper and then recite out the speech prepared by you. Your speech should be corresponding with the trigger tips on the index paper being carried by you. You are certain to be ended without an increase in your blood pressure.



3. Good preparation

The first thing to bear in mind about wedding speeches – prepare yourself very well, not just before the wedding, but as soon as you have been selected the Best Man or Maid of Honor. Same applies to parents. Give as much time as possible to prepare thoroughly on this aspect.

Write down all the thoughts you may have about the subject. Even if some wild thoughts come up, don’t reject it. You can always filter it out later. Make up your mind on the possible time you will be spending on speech delivery.



4. Appreciation

The right way to start a wedding speech is to show appreciation to anyone and every one crucial to the bride and groom and everyone who assist set up the wedding. Depending on your responsibility, you can spend a little time thanking everyone, most especially the bride and grooms parents for making the wedding possible.



5. Funny story

Telling a humorous story about the bride or groom is also an excellent way to get the speech going easily. Ensure that the funny story you tell isn’t offensive or awfully rude and don’t go revealing secrets that might spoil the marriage before it even has a possibility to get started. This is not the time to make expensive and dry jokes that may mess up the wedding day. Your wedding speech should focus on the subject of love and roses and good feelings and puppies and you can’t go wrong.



If you make up your mind to make jokes during your wedding speech, try to make them suitable for the event. Jokes about weddings in general or the people in attendance will always work better than jokes of a guy walks into a bar variety.



6. Keep it Short

The most horrible aspect of any wedding festivity is when someone continues to make a long speech. No one will continue to listening after about 30 minutes, regardless of how exciting you may think they are. Wedding guests aim to share in the couple’s joy and have a good time. No one will be able to do either if you continue talking for a length of time. Try to keep your speech less than 10 minutes long if possible.



7. Useful Advice

Giving the groom and the bride a piece of advice that you’ve learned over the years regarding relationships, marriage or general useful advice is a good way to end your speech. If you’ve learned something concerning marriage and relationships over the many years and you feel it would be a great benefit to both bride and groom, then, of course, instruct them and the entire wedding reception.



If after reading these guidelines you still are not sure you can write the perfect wedding speech, I will advise you to borrow someone else speech and modify it into yours. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to relax! It’s all a bit of enjoyment in the end provided that you don’t offend anyone or say anything bad and boorish; everyone will assume your speech was great.




Remember to think about what you want people to know about the groom and the bride, and what you wish them for their future.

You can write it out (it is not compulsory for you to bring the written point to the wedding, but writing is generally acceptable as it will help you to remember and note down the points once more)

Introduce yourself and your relationship with the groom and bride. This is very necessary as everyone will not know who you are.

Speak with confidence, slowly, and loud so that everyone can easily hear what you are saying.

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