Wedding: Best Ways To Choose A Wedding Photographer

Wedding: Best Ways To Choose A Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photograph

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that photographs are a long-time reminder of your wedding day. They will take you back of the atmosphere of your wedding, your dress, family, and guests. They will be displayed in your home, and are evidence of the greatest day of your life for you to look back on.


Table of contents

1.   Introduction

2. Find your photographer

3. Guidelines for taking the best wedding day photos

4. Five Incentive marketing strategies for wedding photographers

5. The best ways to choose a wedding photographer

6. What shall we do if we can’t afford a professional wedding photographer?


Find your photographer

It is very important to find a wedding photographer who is knowledgeable and know the requirements for your big day. You need to make sure that the photographer you select will take photographs viewing the totality of your wedding and be able to make you and your guests look great.


There are many photographers available to you. Photographers are different kinds specializing only in weddings or doing weddings only as a sideline. Some of them do little or no advertising, others advertise in many places. The place to start would be to make an investigation with the particular photographers that show in the local paper in your town. It is a good idea to seek advice from friends and close relations. Or making contact with your local camera club to find out if they have any members who are wedding photographers.


There is a professional union of Wedding Photographers in which some photographers decide to belong that publish a list of its members. Even though it is not a full list of wedding photographers, it can confirm a useful reference point if you are trying to find a suitable one.


Making contact

Immediately a firm date for your wedding is fixed, you can start contacting photographers to know if they are available. It is advisable to start searching for a photographer early, as the better ones are booked up quickly. It is critically important that you sight a photographer’s work prior to booking. Never book over the phone. 


Your best bet is to invite a few people to come with you when you visit a photographer, particularly if they decide to pay for the photographs. The presence of a parent, bridesmaid/best man or friend will assist you to keep a clear head and give you guidance on the appearance of the photographer and his work.

Decide what you want

It is very important to have a clear idea in your minds of what you anticipate your wedding pictures to be like, nevertheless some idea of style or specific shots required.

Would you like the traditional style of photographs?

Do you want completely formal shots?

Will you prefer pictures of particular people taken at home on the morning of the wedding?

Would you like confetti in the air shot, and would you mind if this is staged rather than impulsive?

Do you want black and white, or color, sepia, or a part of them all?



Prepare your questions beforehand.

There are many things to look for when you inspect the work of a photographer.

Ask for complete albums of photographs from two or three weddings.

Are you sure that the album tells the story of the whole wedding?

Do the wedding pictures of the couple different from each other: some close-up, some mid-distance, some full length?

Are the groups shots well organized?

Make sure that the person is the center of focus in the picture rather than the background.

Make sure you can feature in the pictures: of the dress, the cake, and the flowers 
will you feel cheerful having your version of the photos you are shown?



Questions to ask

Remember, it is essential to talk about all of your requirements with your photographer. They will achieve a better job of your photographs if they are aware of your expectation for the final result. Prepare the list of your wants and likes.

You can ask the following questions from the photographer.

Find out if the person you are meeting is the one that will be there on your wedding day.

Ask how long the photographer has been practicing, and how long he will be there on your wedding day.



Make an inquiry from the photographer if he has professional insurance to cover the cost of retaking your photographs in case something goes badly wrong.

Find out how the photographer copes in case the weather is not good. Here it will help provide that the photographer has worked at your wedding and reception venues before and knows the local area.


When making a booking

Now that you have found a photographer that suits your requirements you have to discuss a price for the job. You will notice that you normally get what you pay for and the more qualified photographers are expected to charge more, but this is not always the case.


Remember to ask each photographer to quote for the same job if not you will not be able to compare quotations. There are inconsistent in the cost of a wedding photographer: how long you want the photographer to be in attendance, the estimated number of photographs taken, the number of shots to be incorporated in the package that is offered to you and the sort of album the final photographs will be presented in. 
Finally, ensure the photographer clarify their quote and tells you of any extra that may be included in advance.


Wedding Photography: Guidelines for Taking The Best Wedding Day Photos

wedding photographer

Essentially a wedding is one of the most beautiful days of your life. So how can you make the special occasion last? Capture the important event with great wedding photographs. Read this guide to make certain that you pick the right wedding photography service for your special day.


The initial thing to do is to give the photographer most opportunities when planning activities during the wedding day. When scheduling the time of the wedding ceremony and of the reception, couples should include the time that the photographer needs to capture all of the couples special moments.


There should be a time lag between the end of the ceremony and beginning of the reception, in order to allow for more photographs for the bride, groom and wedding entourage, particularly if they are in different locations. The photographers and subjects will have a more relaxed shoot and will enjoy every part of the wedding provided that the events are well spaced out.


Next, consider the important factors when choosing a wedding photographer. The photographer must able to present more than one complete set of wedding photos. Couples should avoid someone who shows just a selected print of their best photographs from different weddings. If possible, all photographs from 3 to 4 complete wedding sets that are at least acceptable should be a standard of a professional wedding photographer.


Also, it is good to have a photographer who gives a package with limitless coverage for the whole day. Again, this way, photography doesn’t need to be rushed.


Next, be aware of photography institutions or individuals that outsource jobs to a pool of wedding photographers or even freelancers. Salespersons normally act as real photographers and try to entice customers. Ensure companies deal openly, and ask them to let you see 3 to 4 complete weddings from each of the photographers they recommended you, so you can select. Make sure the one pick is the one that will cover your wedding. If not, it is better to look for a photographer that personally shoots weddings. A two-person team is a usually better package since two points of view of the wedding can be taken.


Some photographers recommend only the traditional wedding photography style, or sternly a photojournalistic style. It is best to find a flexible photographer that can do both.

Finally, take note of some relevant questions to ask a potential wedding photographer :

Are hand and digital coloring or digital color separation incorporated in the package or will you charge extra for these? Photographers develop better pictures whenever the photograph colors are separated first, improved, and then printed.

What types of cameras does he use? Does he use medium format equipment and have a backup? Does he has a “leaf” shutter or “focal plane”?

What kind of lenses does he use? Does he use a single one, or will he change lenses? Ask him to show you photo effects that he is able to make with different lenses and select the ones which you like to appear with your photographs.


Is he ready to customize a package that is not beyond your budget?

Asking many important questions will make photographers deal honestly with customers. Keep in mind, it’s your big day, and you should ensure that the wedding photography is something that will assist you and your loved ones remember those wonderful memories.


5 Incentive Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers

While specialized photographers shoot a lot of events, most of them are coming up with unique ideas and incentives to proffer their wedding clients, which are giving the upper hand over their competitors.

Photographers who are looking for facts that compliment their present wedding offerings are turning to other wedding vendor’s expert photographer programs to market themselves in a whole new and very special way.

In new survey conduct by Adesso Albums, the following five incentives were known as the most winning incentive-based marketing plan for attracting wedding customers and referrals:


Engagement Photo Sessions

Majority of photographers normally add an engagement photography session of the couple to their wedding package. This is a great motivation for couples wanting to publish professional engagement photograph in their local newspaper or presently use their engagement photos in a showcase album at the wedding.


Engagement Photos Showcased At Wedding

Engagement pictures are showcased in a photo album that will soon be used at the wedding reception as a guest book. The photographers’ engagement pictures of the couple are showcased in the photo album and guests then add their handwritten feelings and warm wishes on the photo album pages a souvenir that is a lasting reminder of the day (and the photographer).


Wedding Photo Website

A website that hosts the engagement and wedding photos is a great way for the couple’s out-of-town guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding feel as if they were a part of it. The couple also has the opportunity to stay in touch with their guests with entertaining pictures of the wedding and wedding reception.



Custom Parent Albums

Making a custom album for each set of parents can boost up the currency of the new son or daughter in law besides making a very unique and personal gift. The albums feature photographs that are significant to each set of parents in a wonderfully bound and personally created coffee table album for them to benefit from for years to come.


Hi-Resolution CD

Having a high-resolution CD of all their snap gives the couple the capability to have prints made long after their wedding day is over for family gifts, to frame and send to friends as a reminder of that special day or even to get shots printed and framed for their new home.


Reduced Rates for Enlargements

This incentive is particularly important for couples with big families. With a reduced rate for print enlargements, the couple can offer their close relations with more than a few 4 x 6 wedding prints.



The best ways to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Why must you trust your memories to a wedding photographer?

It’s very important to hire a good, professional wedding photographer for the special day if you want wonderful wedding photographs. Wedding pictures usually last than the flowers, food, and drink. You will always remember your wedding day whenever you look at your photographs. You need a good photographer who understands what you want and can be banked on to capture every moment of your big day. The right wedding photographer can make you feel like a celebrity!


Look for the following when you hire a professional photographer:

1. Specialized and good professional equipment (includes a medium format camera apart from a professional 35mm camera).

2. A valid and legal sales tax license.

3. Request for recent proof of business insurance.

4. A permanent studio.

5. Membership in a professional photographic organization.

6. Examples of recent work

Important points to consider:

Photographer’s level of experience and references – remember to check the photographer’s background and demand for references. Make contact with the referees face-to-face so as to look at the photographers work and ask them if they were pleased with the outcome of the work. Personally, I would hire a photographer who readies to give references.

Photographic style – do the images look attractive? Or do you like the photographer’s style?


Personality – Are your ideas and that of the photographer’s the same?

Communication -can you easily get in touch with him/her?

Understanding -Does he/she understand what you want concerning the style of photography?


Packages – discuss with him/her about the package presented to you and the cost. If you’re not satisfied with the packages, can the photographer make one to suit your needs?


Accomplished work – ask him how many days it will take to finish your album, your bridal portrait and all the pictures taken during the wedding.


Price – can you afford this photographer? Make sure you ask all that you need to know and be sure you understand all the services and pictures included in the cost.


Payments and deposits – if you cancel, can you get a refund? If the photographer, in any situation, does not turn up, what happens? Can a colleague take his place? Ensure you make everything clear with the photographer as well as discussing all your concerns. If the photographer’s answer doesn’t please you, look somewhere else.


Contract – it is very important to read the contract carefully before signing. If there’s something that you don’t understand, ask for an explanation or tell the photographer to leave you the contract the next day so you can examine it. Ensure that the contract comprises everything you agreed on.


Look for the following when looking at the photographer’s work:

1. Every sample album must include only one wedding. Are there several sample albums?

2. Is there a current real wedding that you could look at? Look through the photographer’s most current wedding album.

3. While study each album carefully, ensuring that the album tells the story of the wedding not only similar photos filling up the album.

4. Are the portraits good and did the photographer capture the subjects’ mood?

5. Does he/she do all the photos artistically? Is there a play of light and shadow?

6. Are candid shots taken? Are they natural and well composed?

Bear in mind that your wedding photographs will remind you of your big day and can last forever. Having chosen the right photographer, enjoy being the center of attention on your special day. It doesn’t mean you should act like Bridezilla, but you can certainly enjoy feeling like a celebrity on your wedding day.


wedding photography

What Shall We Do If We Can’t Afford A Professional Wedding Photographer?

If, as a couple, you discover that your wedding budget has no space for the services of a professional photographer, there is the solution to this. Although you cannot take benefit of the creativity and experience of a professional, you can still create a beautiful wedding photo album that is exceptional and tremendous.


You perhaps know someone in your circle of friends or relatives who is a talented photographer or in any case has a keen interest in photography. Don’t feel guilty to put discuss with him you need some help in documenting your big day. The individuals you approach will possibly be thrilled that you have asked for their help. Some might be a little nervous about taking up this task, therefore, it will be up to you to make them relaxed and make it clear that there is no pressure.


It is very important as soon as you have agreed to work with your photographer that you meet and discuss your vision and expectations of the wedding photos. Please remember though, that this individual is truly offering a kind gesture, therefore treat them with respect and sensitivity and not as an employed professional. Ask your photographer for their facts and contribution and work together on the method of preparing the wedding day’s photo documentation.


Here are the guides that you can share with your photographer to get him or her started on the planning process.

1. If your wedding is being held indoors, select a beautiful outdoor location beforehand where you can stop after the ceremony and before the reception to get some photos in natural light, if possible with a flower garden background.


2. While taking photos at the reception make sure you get candid photos at the tables also on the dance floor. Most amateur photographers alert the subjects and the outcome look far too stiff and sham. More interesting shots are typical photos of people having enjoyment and interacting naturally.


3. Not every wedding pictures need a full view of a person included as most of the story can be told by small vignette sort photos such as a close-up shot of a guest’s hand signing the guestbook or just the bride and groom’s hands entwined displaying the rings. Photographs such as these add great interest while mixing together in the album with the people photos.


4. Stand on a chair or kneel down when taking some shots to get differing interest standpoint.

5. Load a different camera with black and white film as most of these shots have a good artistic appeal.

6. If possible, when photographing the wedding cake, shift it to a position free of background distractions.

7. If you are taking a sequence of group shots, ensure that you change the location. Since photos with the same background will get boring when viewed concurrently in an album.


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My experience has been that having a mate or relative shots the photos usually make a more intimate result. Because he or she knows the people involved and often captures more meaningful shots.

Remember that in all likelihood many people will be taking photos of their own of which some will be keepers. Therefore, let your guests be aware that you would be interested in getting copies of their best shots.

Finally, as it’s a nice luxury to use a pro you can get great results using a colleague as your wedding photographer.

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