The Best Way To Prepare For Your Wedding

The Best Way To Prepare For Your Wedding

Wedding Checklist

Wedding checklist- It is necessary to have it? Do you think you can remember everything on your wedding day? Do you know that you can miss something important if there is no prepared list? If you don’t prepare a wedding list you are asking for trouble. Although you may have a good memory, it will be unwise to rely on it for every little detail you have to remember pertaining to your wedding.


It will definitely be crying of shame on that day simply because you fail to plan properly from the beginning- and a properly prepared checklist is the best way you can make sure that all of your wedding plans come to fulfillment.


Preparing a wedding list will make your wedding plan easy and to relieve you from unnecessary stress, especially as the special day gets closer. Having prepared your wedding list as early as possible will ensure that you don’t miss anything and you will have time to relax.

Wedding Checklist should be the first thing to provide when you do your wedding; it must be prepared by a wedding planner so that you will not miss any item in the list.


It is very necessary to ensure you have reminders on your list as the wedding is getting closer to the day. About a month to six months before your D-day, you should make sure you go over your list to make sure that you don’t forget anything on the list. An early plan will help you have a lot of time to complete each task successfully.

A Wedding Day


wedding checklist


The dreams and the aspiration of the young men and women are to get married to their future partners.

Now that you are engaged , you definitely want to enjoy the wonderful and blissful time in your life but you know that the wedding checklist is going to require a lot of your time and more devotion.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The 12-month Countdown
  • 6-12 Months Before Your Wedding Day
  • The Big Picture: Who, What, Where And How
  • The Details
  • 4-6 Months Prior To Wedding Date
  • 2- Months And Counting
  • 1- Month to Go!
  • 1- Week before Your Big Day!


The following wedding checklist might make it a little easier for you to keep it simple, keep it organized and keep you in the proper direction in order to avoid unnecessary stress.


The 12-Month Countdown- here is where your wedding checklist starts:

6-12 Months Before Your Wedding day

The wedding date has been fixed and, like any large project, it’s advisable to step back and take a look at the big picture first, then break it down to the finer details later.


The Big Picture: Who, What, Where and How:

You should know who is responsible for one cost or the other; that is who will pay for what, where you’ll get married and how expenses will be shared. You also discuss your wedding plan with your friends, family, and bridal wedding planners to get the direction you need for starting an organization system.

A wedding event day can be a blur for most couples; therefore, it is better to decide early on the best way to capture your special day’s cherished memories.



The Details

Once you have your organization system in place, start going down your wedding checklist.

Here are a few of the critical ones:

  1. Call your church or synagogue for an appointment with the Officiate
  2. Attending pre-marriage counseling
  3. Decide on what size wedding you want
  4. Consider and decide on the number of wedding attendants
  5. Prepare a guest list for the wedding
  6. Make preparation for your wedding theme, color schemes for the reception.
  7. Select a reception in a good location and a professional caterer if need be
  8. Consider reception entertainment
  9. Select a florist
  10. You and your spouse can shop for wedding rings together.
  11. Select a wedding dress, headpiece, and schedule fittings
  12. Decide on the bridesmaid’s dresses




wedding ring


4 -6 Months Prior To Wedding Date

The wedding checklist will consist of finer and finer details as the wedding date gets closer. Since you have already put an organization system in place months ago, you won’t miss a one!

  1. Check for information and requirements for a marriage license
  2. Coordinate theme and color schemes with florist and decorator
  3. Decide on a gift registry and register your gift selections
  4. Order your invitations and other wedding stationery
  5. Shop for the groom’s attire and select what the men at the wedding will wear
  6. Select wedding ceremony readings
  7. Select wedding ceremony music
  8. Decide and order wedding favors
  9. Select a bakery for the cake
  10. Arrange and plan a honeymoon
  11. Review your agreements with all your vendors and service providers to ensure you haven’t forgotten any details.


2-Months and Counting

  1. Mail out invitations
  2. Arrange and plan your rehearsal dinner
  3. Select and purchase your wedding day accessories
  4. Arrange attendant’s parties
  5. Coordinate and prepare accommodations for out-of-town guests
  6. Select a hairdresser and makeup artist and schedule those appointments
  7. Finalize those honeymoon plans


 How to Choose The Best Wedding Invitation Designs


1-Month to Go!

  1. Last wedding dress fitting
  2. Final fitting for bridesmaids dresses
  3. Final fitting for men attendants
  4. Get marriage license
  5. Have your wedding attendants’ parties
  6. Shop and purchase your outfit to wear when you leave the reception
  7. Organize the final checklist of wedding day events
  8. Confirm all the wedding day “accessories” are in order, i.e. rings, pillows, garter, etc.


2-Weeks Remaining! It’s finalizing the time.

  1. Finalize entertainment arrangements

It is necessary to go over and finalize music lists, and special music events, i.e. first dance, dance with parents, etc.


1-Week before Your Big Day!

  1. Make sure your marriage license is in order
  2. Prepare seating arrangements for the ceremony
  3. Prepare payment envelopes for Officiate, entertainment, and vendors and give to the person who will handle that
  4. Confirm honeymoon reservations
  5. Make necessary honeymoon preparations, i.e. bank, traveler’s checks, etc.
  6. Prepare and pack for the honeymoon
  7. Confirm out-of-town guest accommodations and transportation
  8. Check in with the florist to confirm arrival time set up
  9. Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal letting everyone know what they will do on the wedding day
  10. Have and ENJOY your rehearsal dinner!


Your Wedding Day!

  1. Allow plenty of time for your scheduled hair and makeup appointments
  2. Allow at least 2 hours for dressing
  3. Bring the rings and marriage license:


In summary

There is a lot of arrangement one needs to consider when one goes into any large event; therefore, a wedding takes a lot of planning and organizing. You have to make sure that the wedding venue is booked, the dress fits, the bridesmaids have their dresses, the flowers are going to be there, the minister as well, the music is still on, the reception hall is ready, the guest are coming, your bride or groom is coming and the rings are there, wedding cake should not be left out! In fact, a lot of planning is required.


A wedding checklist needs to be carried out with most organizing as possible, so everything should run smoothly without any hitches and that requires a lot of planning. Usually, families and friends get together to sort out the wedding but sometimes people hire a wedding planner! They are quite expensive but have a lot of expertise in the field of weddings; I think that they have a great job!


Wedding planning requires skill, a talent to know how things work and how things will go, you need to be confident enough to ensure that the day runs as smooth as a lake and not like a waterfall, in fact, water features are great at a wedding to keep that in mind!





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