Wedding Colors: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Scheme

Wedding Colors: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Scheme

Planning Colors for Your Wedding

Dreaming about your marriage is one thing; planning it is another thing. From wedding color to dresses, cakes, and tuxedos to flowers – every aspect of your wedding must be carefully planned to “fall on the spot” on the big day!



If you have been to a marriage or multiple marriages, you may realize the importance of the color of marriage. Everything about marriage is planned according to the color chosen by the bride. So here’s a quick guide to help you plan the color of your wedding.



How Your Color Palette Affects the Vibration of Your Marriage

When you choose a color palette for your wedding, chances are there are a number of different factors that influence your decision. The tones that are present in your ceremony and reception room, your sister’s refusal to wear a color she doesn’t like as a waiter and the types of blooms that your florist can get are just a few of the many things you will have.


Remember when you choose color choices for the big day. Although there are many things to consider, it’s worth spending time choosing the right color palette because this decision really sets the tone for the entire event. The meaning of color – even then in the subconscious – can determine whether your day feels calm and romantic, elegant and luxurious, or warm and pleasant.


If this makes you feel more overwhelmed by the color selection process, don’t worry: The possibility is, the emotions you want to convey are related to the colors you already like. “Many people come with what they like,” said event planner Susan Norcross of The Styled Bride. “They like pastels or not, or they like very saturated colors.


If you like orange energy, you might not choose a February wedding date. Similarly, if you want burgundy pleasure, you might veto barefoot beaches in the sand. “People who have quieter personalities or softer approaches sometimes choose things that are calmer,” said Norcross. “They are not striking people, so the idea of ​​all bright colors is extraordinary for them.”


If you have the heart to put your favorite color into your holiday, your planner can often work with you to make it fit the place or mood you are aiming for – even if the relationship is not immediately visible.


Norcross works with brides who initially asked for high-contrast pink, black and gold palettes for their wedding in the backyard; in the end, he swapped a fancy hot pink with a series of more romantic and black swapping pinks – with ties with strength, elegance, and luxury – for golden yellow warmth and orange enthusiasm and creativity. “Warmth, love, and attention, that’s the whole palette,” said Norcross. “He realized, ‘I want this to be fun, I’m not really looking for formalities and statements.'”



Other brides come to Norcross with a preference for more neutral combinations including white, ivory, and cream – which symbolizes unity, purity, and peace – to satisfy their quieter parts of their personality; at other times, more soothing colors are an unintentional way for couples who don’t like wedding planning to make it a little easier.


Whether their chaos comes from well-meaning family members, tight budgets, or demanding careers, they may be attracted to the palette that makes looking at linen, flowers, and fabrics a little more tiring than the popping eyes. “If there is a lot of pressure around the marriage, the couple might land on something that is more visually calming and leaning towards it in a subconscious way,” said Norcross.


Some colors get their meaning from the season closest to them: bright green, pink, and purple in spring that signifies a garden in bloom; crisp and classic seaside blue and white in summer; rich red, purple and the copper that mimic the changing seasons in autumn; or clean white, red holly, and dark green that develops in winter.



A white all-round bouquet accented with bright green leaves in spring will make your wedding feel fresh, natural, vibrate, but the same white flowers in winter, accented with dark and shiny green leaves feel rich and elegant. “You really can create whatever you want, as long as it’s cohesive,” Norcross said. One caveat: Limit the number of colors you use, even if you have chosen a lighter color – a pallet with one or two bright accents


Top Wedding Trends for 2019

Along with the beautiful summer weather, also comes the extraordinary wedding season. This is the year where thousands of marriages take place. While marriage hasn’t changed much over the years, there are always some real trends that come into play.


Everyone wants to do something a little different if it only adds an element of individuality to their wedding ceremony. Some of the biggest trends this year are related to the creative use of colors in clothing and flowers.



While traditional white cannot be surpassed in popularity, there are several attractive and savory color choices that really take off. This year, purple is the color that must be defeated. From lavender to eggplant, purple is one of the richest and most elegant colors. This year, it is used in everything from bridesmaid dresses to cocktail napkins. Lilac is a great color choice for weddings in summer, wherever you decide to use it.



While flowers come in really rainbow colors, more and more people use flower arrangements colored at their wedding. More often than not, this is done to highlight the color choices used in people’s clothing at weddings. Some of the most popular wedding flowers for 2006 include gardenia, lilies, orchids, and daisies. Another popular trend that we have noted is the use of wildflowers that have a fresh look.



Regarding wedding cakes, we began to see many people trying to tie their cake style to the theme of their wedding. For example, a spring wedding cake might end with edible flower petals. We also began to see many couples deviating from traditional wedding cake toppers, and instead opted for monogram letters or sugar statues. The average cake size continues to be in the range of four to five levels.



Regarding the actual wedding ceremony, we have witnessed an increasing number of couples exchanging appointments when facing their guests. More and more, couples also write their own vows. We also see more children directly involved in marriage. While each couple wants their special day to be unique and memorable, these are just a few ways in which couples personalize their wedding ceremony in 2006.



wedding color


Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Color Scheme

It may be difficult to decide on the final color scheme for your wedding day. You want to make sure everything looks beautiful the way you imagine it for your big day! Luckily for you, we have collected the most important tips you need to choose the perfect color combination for your wedding.




Consider your skin color

Certain colors look better with certain skin tones, so choose colors that will complement your skin tone. On your special day, you want to look radiant, not fade. You don’t want a color that takes your unpleasant skin color. Honestly, we all know there are certain colors that, when we use them, make us shine and make us look fresh and vibrant.



Instead, there are several colors that can really dry the color of your face. Most likely, your bridesmaid will wear the color of your wedding theme, so even though you may not wear it, the color is important to choose from considering your skin color.




Consider the season

Think of the natural scenery during your wedding season, and you can find some beautiful inspiration for your wedding color scheme. The best spring wedding colors have some charming pastel and neutral colors in them, without something too dark. If you have a wedding in the autumn months, you want to consider including autumn colors from warm oranges, purple and pomegranate into your wedding.



Beautiful colors for winter are emerald green, deep red, and cold blue. Think of winter scenery with sparkling snow – white or silver winters are also very good. In contrast, warm gold looks beautiful during the summer along with bright colors like pink, yellow and bright blue.



Do your research

If you have some colors in mind for your wedding, try to find other wedding photos with the same color combination so you can see how this will look. Pinterest is the right place to see, as well as real wedding photos.



Choose complementary colors

Look at the color wheel to check whether the color you choose will look good together and praise each other. Often, you choose one dominant color and one complementary color (or one warm color and one cool color). The dominant color can be thicker, while the complementary colors are more neutral.


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Choosing two thick colors, such as fuchsia and teal will look too bold and won’t shoot well. If you want to have soft colors like blush, beige or white in your wedding, consider throwing in complementary colors, such as seafoam or maroon to add a burst of color and prevent your decor from looking faded or too plain.




Consider your place

Make sure you wait until after ordering your wedding to officially decide on the color palette of your wedding. The interior may have patterned carpets, wall art, or other decorations that can clash with certain colors.


You don’t need to worry about matching your color exactly to your decor, but you just make sure that it matches the style and overall vibration of the place. For example, if you are getting married at a seaside country club, soft or blue-green will be nice, whereas if your place is a rustic, black and yellow warehouse it may not be, say, rose and creamy dust.




Find the right vibration

Color can definitely emit certain energy, especially when there are more than one. Think about the feelings you get when you imagine red and black, compared to blue and taupe babies. When choosing your wedding color scheme, consider the type of feeling you want everyone to experience it at your wedding.


Also, remember that your marriage is not just any party, but an important party. It has a sense of seriousness towards it. With this in mind, you don’t want to choose colors like purple, pink, and green, which might feel more like children’s birthday parties than weddings.



Don’t forget about texture

Incorporating beautiful texture like burlap or velvet into your decorations is a way to add style to your wedding day. This can complement your wedding color scheme beautifully, and bring glamor to your decorations if you have a more neutral color. Throw it into some jute candles, metallic gold sequins, or velvet ribbons for the napkin.



Find inspiration

Choose colors that inspire you. If lilies are your favorite flower, you can take color inspiration from them and use crisp white and bright yellow in your wedding color palette. Or, choose the color that is always your favorite. Don’t let others dictate your color if it’s not something you like. Your wedding day should be about you and what you like; so make sure you have a color combination that makes you happy.


Another idea is to keep an eye on when you shop at a convenience store at home for decorative pillows. Designers are very talented and paid to know exactly what colors complement each other. The color combination of decorative pillows can be a source of inspiration for your wedding day’s color scheme!



Don’t go crazy

Everything doesn’t have to be really suitable. Doing this can make the day look too much work. You don’t have to put the color of your wedding into each layer of sugar on your cake. Or a ribbon tied to your wedding chair. Color coding is all probably a big mistake in planning a wedding and won’t take a good picture.


You might find great color combinations but still, maintain the color of your wedding day to a total of 3-5. Anything above will be too busy and can be risky to look unorganized or random.


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Coordinate with your vendor

Ask for a sample of the middle bouquet so you can find out the true color of your wedding. A person’s definition of “coral” can be very different from others.  Ensure you get the same page as your flower shop when it comes to flowers that will decorate your wedding day. An amazing tool for ensuring your color is coordinated is to look at Pantone, which allows you to identify certain colors.



You can then share with all your vendors to make sure all your colors are cohesive. Likewise, you should make sure that your wedding cake matches the ribbon of your bouquet. Your wedding day must be everything you dream of, and more! Make sure you choose colors for the wedding that represent you and make you feel good. It’s your special day, so decorate it to suit your wedding color scheme.

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