Wedding Ideas: 10 Gift Ideas You Must Have

Wedding Ideas: 10 Gift Ideas You Must Have

Wedding Ideas: Answers to Planning for Your Wedding

* How far should I start carrying out my wedding ideas?

It is recommended that you start planning your wedding at least one year before your wedding day. Not all couples do this, but this is the best way if you want to make your wedding beautiful and almost perfect.


* How far do I have to send wedding announcements?

Usually, wedding announcements must be sent eight weeks before the wedding date. In this way, you give your guests enough time to plan your big day, and you also get a better wedding idea of ​​how many guests will attend.


* Who has to pay for marriage?

Because this is your marriage, talk to your fiancé about who should pay for what. Lately, the traditional rules about who pays for something are more relaxed.


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However, traditionally the groom or his family pays for:

The bride rings


Marriage license

Groomsman prize

Accommodation for male groomsmen out of town

Bridal bouquet

Corsage for special mothers and women

Boutonnieres for men at weddings

Gloves, ties, and accessories for men at weddings

Fees for pastors or judges conducting ceremonies

Clothes for men at weddings

Workout dinner

The bride or her family pays for:

Reception fee

Bride/trousseau clothes

Invitation, announcement, thank you note

Seating chart, napkins and shipping costs



The cost of the ceremony, except for the priest’s fees

Bridesmaids, flower girls, flower ring bearers and accessories

Transportation for bridal parties on the wedding day from the ceremony to the reception

Gratification for all services

Bridesmaids lunch


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* Wedding ideas: How can I reduce the cost of my wedding?

When it comes to paying for a wedding, some people really experience headaches because of it. But you can avoid this if you follow some of these suggestions:

– Think about the most important features of your marriage.

– Get services from wedding coordinators and registrants if they can reduce your wedding expenses in the slightest.

– You can use a simple white car – you may even use a borrowed car – instead of using a limousine on your wedding day.

– Shopping during the honeymoon.

– Find a cheaper but elegant restaurant for your reception.

– If you have a friend who knows how to take pictures and videos, assign him the job instead of hiring professional services.

– Shop wisely for wedding rings.

– Decorate for your own wedding.


Wedding Ideas for Brides: 5 Ways to Catch Your Marriage


1. Wish Bowl

This is an idea, which won’t even cost you a penny. The purpose of the Wish Bowl wedding is to provide an opportunity for guests to pray for good fortune to follow the Bride wherever they go. The idea is to get your guests to write down their wishes for love and life on a small piece of paper and place it in a crystal or decorative glass bowl or vase. You don’t even need to buy it if you have a good vase or bowl at home. For more formal presentations, paper slips ought to place into matching wedding stationary envelopes. Stationary paper and envelopes must match the Brides color theme and/or wedding stationery. After the wedding is finished, the notes can be read and entered into the wedding album or scrapbook while the bowl or vase can be used for home or decoration.


2. Tree of Hope

The Wish Tree theme, similar to the Wish Bowl, is for guests at weddings to write down their wishes for love and life for the Bride – except instead of bowls, trees are used to gather desires. There are many types of Hope Trees – you can buy metal ones, or make your own using blooming branches from a garden or florist, or even use live potted plants like the ficus tree. Gift boxes can be hung on the tree of your choice and your guests can take a box from the tree in return for their wishes. After the wedding is over, the wish can be taken from the tree and placed in a memento box, scrapbook, or album.


wedding ideas


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3. Signature plate

Wedding plates or signature plates make a unique alternative to traditional wedding guestbooks. Plates can be plain, decorative or even specially designed and ordered online or from wedding stationery stores. Guests simply sign the plate during the wedding with a special ceramic marker and after the wedding finish, the plate is fired in the oven of your home. Special plates can be used to serve favorite dishes at future dinner parties as husband and wife or just as decorative mementos from special gatherings.


4. Framed Signature Mat

Similar to the Signature Platter, Signature Mat is another alternative to traditional wedding guestbooks. Bride and Groom photos – often pre-wedding photos (such as engagement photos) – are placed in acid-free matte and are installed either on horses or tables in the wedding reception entrance area. The guests signed their names and thanked Bride and Groom on the mat around the picture. Signature Mat will then frame for a new bride’s new home. Photos before the wedding will replace with the couple’s wedding photo before being framed.


5. Typewriter Guest Book

The Typewriter Guest Book is Martha Stewarts’ latest discovery for an alternative guestbook. Look for old-fashioned and inexpensive typewriters both online, from thrift stores but for sure it works – and put it on the table in the wedding reception area. Load typewriters with long paper for guests to type in good wishes for the Bride and their names and every sentiment that comes to mind. After the wedding, the page will tie into a scroll with a ribbon or framed along with photos taken at the wedding.

The 5 unique ways above to capture your wedding moments will help you and your loved ones relive your wedding memories repeatedly.


Wedding Favors- Let Your Imagination Become Wild!

Presenting ideas for marriage can be a difficult task, especially when your brain power is drawn in a hundred different organizational directions! From delicious wedding cakes to carefully crafted sterling silver items, wedding marriage ideas appear endlessly. Here are some classic suggestions to help you find one for you from various ideas for wedding assistance available today.


The wedding cake souvenir, as mentioned above, is a simple idea for a wedding souvenir that won’t break the bank. Available in a variety of designs, from general wedding themes to something more personal, delicious wedding cakes add a carefree touch to your table settings. A delicious wedding cake is a versatile idea for weddings as well as eating it now, or maybe varnish as a memento, the choice is up to your guests!


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On the slightly more expensive side, sterling silver has proven to be a timeless idea for wedding aid. Whether you choose special mementos, such as charms or keepsake shapes to fit the wedding theme, such as wedding cakes, or bridal statues, or something useful, such as small mirrors or other accessories, sterling silver items are the right wedding ideas – eternal right.


Possible ideas for marriage assistance are as diverse as your imagination. Although traditional ideas for wedding assistance include items such as a piece of wedding cake, or chocolate boxes, your ideas for wedding assistance can be as inventive as you want. From cookie cutters to personal care items, the list of ideas for marriage is endless.


Maybe you want to remind guests of your special day with your wedding music CD. Another idea for marriage assistance is the seed package. This amazing help gives your guests something real and beautiful to remind them of the special day they share with you.


Regardless of your taste or budget, there are plenty of ideas for marriage assistance waiting for you to find it. So let your imagination become chaotic, there is no limit to a large number of ideas for wedding help that will impress your wedding guests.

Ideas for marriage are everywhere, just use your imagination and find them.


10 Gift Ideas You Must Have For Wedding Parties

It is traditional for the bride to give gifts to the groom on the wedding day. Although wedding rings that will exchange by couples are prizes, many brides choose to respect their groom with additional gifts that match his personality.


The bride’s gift that exchanges gifts start to fade away because many couples spend a lot of money on their wedding or honeymoon may decide that there is no need to exchange gifts other than weddings and honeymoon. If you decide to respect your groom with a gift on your wedding day, it is more important to choose items that he is sure to enjoy rather than spending a lot of money on the gift.


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Photo albums complete with your photos and bridesmaids or all weddings can be a unique gift idea for bridesmaids. You can buy a photo album with your wedding date engraved on the front cover and start a photo album with your photos and bridesmaids. This is a great gift idea because bridesmaids can place their photos from the wedding day on the album and will always have valuable souvenirs from your wedding day.


Gift coupons for spas or salons also make unique gift ideas for your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaid is likely to spend a lot of time and energy helping you plan your wedding. The week before your wedding may also busy with many last minute details that may consider and the task to carry out. Even though you will have a honeymoon to relax and renew your energy, your bridesmaids don’t have this luxury, so by respecting them by giving them a gift certificate to a spa or salon, you give them gifts or pampered and relaxation gifts.


Some of the more unique gift ideas for your bridesmaid gifts include handmade or homemade gifts. For example, you can compile a CD of some of your bridesmaid’s favorite songs. You can make different CDs for each bridesmaid and include photos of you both on the cover and include heart-touching poems on the CD cover.


Likewise, you can make a scrapbook for each of your bridesmaids. You can make the scrapbook as a memory of all your friends together. You can include photos and other items from your various adventures over the years. Or if you plan to take photographs that document your wedding preparations, you can make scrapbooks as wedding reminder. 


Any item related to a particular hobby that the groom enjoys is a great idea for a wedding gift for the bride to give to the groom. This is a popular choice because giving gifts related to one of his hobbies shows that you understand his likes; that you want him to continue to be involved in activities he likes.


Another gift that can be given by the bride to her bridesmaid is a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Helping in your wedding preparation may be very stressful and time-consuming for bridesmaids; they are certainly worth the night in the city and the opportunity not to have to cook for the night. This simple gift makes your bridesmaid know that you value their efforts. You want to thank them for everything they have done to support you.


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Unique gift ideas for bridesmaids can also come from the theme of the wedding. If you are holding a beach-themed wedding, you can give your bridesmaid a present of a tote bag; beach towel and novel to enjoy on the beach. This unique gift idea ensures that your bridesmaid will remember your wedding dear when they are next on the beach.


Although the tradition of brides exchanging gifts on their wedding day is fading, many couples still respect this tradition. Many couples spend so much money on their weddings and receptions; that they feel as if they cannot afford the additional costs of buying each other’s gifts. Some couples cannot afford to buy a luxury gift, it is thoughtful for the groom not buy a cheap gift. If the couple takes part in this tradition, it is recommended that they exchange gifts that truly reflect their partner’s personality.

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