Wedding Magician: Important In Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Magician: Important In Wedding Entertainment

The Important of wedding magician to wedding entertainment


It is very popular in many countries around the world to hire a wedding magician during wedding receptions. Since the performer offers a special type of entertainment during the reception.


Hiring the right magician to entertain the guests at a wedding will bring laughter and excitement. This will turn the occasion into a fantastic day to remember.


It is very possible for the magician to provide special and magical experiences to each and every guest during his performances at the wedding.


The entertainment provided by the magician/comedian is typically Close Up Magic, a very popular type of magic performance.


This is the type of entertainment that is witnessed from great close quarters, actually as close as one can get. In fact, most of this type of magic happens in the guests’ hands, as the comedian mix up with guests, leaving an outstanding special experience.


This, in turn, will mark your event as a very outstanding one for all those who are invited. But knowing when and how to hire a magician for your special day does need a little planning. Basically one must get the best alternative available.


The following are the guidelines you may use.

The magician needs to be an expert and have some years of firsthand experience performing. He should also be in a position to offer a wide choice of close up magic and should be able to show you on how to make your day special, outstanding and memorable for many years after.


It will be good advice to finding out whether or not the entertainer is a member of any kind of famous entertainer’s association, such as The International Brotherhood of Magicians. This is very significant because world popular organizations such as that mention above require that every member interviews before a panel of judges so as to be admitted as full members.


This guarantees you that the magician is of standard and of good moral conduct. There are many entertainers to choose from and each presents their price and choice of services from which to pick from. As in most cases, quantity does not equivalent to quality and one should take care in trying to getting the best according to the available budget.


The two most accepted forms of wedding magician offered are stand up comedy or strolling close up comedian or table retailer, while quite a few other choices may be offered. In either case, the magician generally provides a special effect solely for the Bride and groom and the top table if the wedding reception is a seated banquet.


Now that this article focuses mostly on the two styles of entertainment mentioned above, I will now explain in detail for the reader to understand clearly. During stand up receptions, the magician walks and blend with guests while providing close up excitement that is interactive and that will keep the guests involved at all moments.


But if the reception is a seated type of occasions, such as a lunch or dinner, the magician entertain the guests at their table (moving from table to table) or may even give his audience with a short close up interesting show or a long series of entertainment effects if the table is arranged as a one long table.


The magician may also be asked to provide fun during photo shoots for those present and awaiting their turn to have a photo taken with the newlyweds. At times, wedding magician is usually hired to entertain the kids present for the wedding.


It is common for an entertainer to book for between one to two hours during wedding receptions, however, there are times where the magician is asked to remain for long or short periods.


So when you are planning a wedding, do consider a magician as a top priority during the reception. His attendance turns boring moments into moments of laughter, happiness, delight, joy and entertaining fun.


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Your wedding will be wonderful in the minds of all your guests and those who were directly involved with any of the entertainment. Those who witnessed the entertainment provided by the magician will pass down the story to others who were not in attendance.


Why is Wedding Entertainment Important?

A wedding or civil partnership is one of the most unique days in two people’s lives. It is also a day of joy shared with family and friends.

The wedding magician you pick helps to make and keep up the air of celebration, turning the day into a really memorable occasion. Entertainer at civil partnership or wedding has many useful uses as well, such as adding structure to the day and breaking the ice between guests.


A magician as a Wedding Entertainer

Magic is the best form of entertainment for a wedding. It is flexible, adaptable and fit for a mixed family audience. Most people, young and old, enjoy the magic; and a professional wedding entertainer will be able to perform for all ages.



wedding magician


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Although being more common than ever, many people have only ever seen a magician on television. Seeing magician performed ‘life’ is quite a newness for many people and will make your wedding day even more outstanding.


Close-Up magic for Weddings

Magic and illusion is the most pliable and flexible form of entertainment. Moreover, Close-Up magic doesn’t need any particular equipment or facility. Or a public address system and will typically carry all his or her support in their pockets. In addition, it only takes some minutes for a professional magician to get prepared before they start entertaining.


Compared to a lot of things that require organizing for a wedding, the close-up entertainer is easy. Tell him the time and date, and leave him to it!


A close-up wedding magician will blend with guests, either seated at tables or standing in small groups, and spend two or three minutes with each group entertaining them with stand-up magic. It is the best way to break the ice among people who have never met prior to the time they come together while enjoying the entertainment.


It also presents a great talking point, especially for those not really involved in the magic at a particular time. Whilst the magician is entertaining one group, everybody is wondering about the sounds of amazement and laughter coming from across the room. And those who have already seen the entertainer are talking about what they have just seen, and trying to work out ‘just how did he do that?!’


A close-up magician can fit into any part of the special occasion. Sometimes at weddings and civil partnership celebrations when not much is happening, particularly for the guests. Close-up magic can fill these quiet periods and turn them into a highlight. For example:


-> As soon as guests are present at the reception or staying in the reception queue.
-> Whilst the wedding gathering are being photographed.
-> When the guests are waiting expectedly for the meal to start.
-> During the courses of the meal (particularly if there are many guests to cater for).
-> Whilst guests are waiting for the bang.
-> Between the daytime and evening functions.


A professional close-up magician will not be too forward and will boost your bid day without detracting from it.


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Booking a Wedding Entertainer

Cabaret Magic for Weddings

If you really want some special and uncommon entertainment, a cabaret magic show is a great choice. A cabaret magic show typically fits in best after the wedding breakfast; and is a really effective way to start the evening party.


A cabaret show is a structured magic act lasting anything from 10 minutes to an hour. It can include everything from visual magic (objects appearing, disappearing and changing) to psychological and mental magic. That is mind reading and mind control- depending on the wedding entertainer you pick.


Majority of modern performers include a lot of humor and audience contribution into their magic; which is what really makes a cabaret show enjoyable and makes magic be accepted from other forms of entertainment.


A professional wedding entertainer will usually want to get the newly-wed couple to participate during the show. But will check that this is OK in advance. A certified magician will be sensitive to your desires and will not want to disgrace you.


Unlike close-up magic, a cabaret magician generally needs some extra equipment and time to get ready for their act. For larger audiences, a cabaret show needs a public address system, which should be made available by most venues. Some magicians can do a particular act for a smaller number of guests-possibly up to 20; which doesn’t require a stage or sound equipment. This kind of act can perform in one room with the audience sat around the magician.


Finding the Right Wedding Magician

There are a lot of challenges when organizing an infrequency event like a wedding; particularly if you did not have experience in organizing large events. Booking a qualified professional magician will make it much easier.

Here are a few pointers

-> Ensure that the magician has many years of experience as a wedding magician by checking their previous clients and engagements. Majority of these clients should be able to provide Testimonial or reference letters.


-> It is very necessary that the magician has public liability insurance because they will be personally relating with your guests.


-> Check that the fee you negotiate is completely inclusive and that there are no hidden charges such as VAT or traveling expenses.


-> Ensure that you get a verification letter. A contract protects you and ensures that both of you and the wedding comedians are clear about the event.


Most importantly, ensure that you are comfortable with the magician by talking to him or her in advance. An experienced professional should be able to offer wide-ranging advice as they are probably visited many more weddings than you!


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The style and traits of the entertainer you opt should fit in with your goal for your wedding – after all, you are planning for one of the most special and magical days of your life.

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