Wedding Programs: Top Ideas For The Marriage Program

Wedding Programs: Top Ideas For The Marriage Program

Top Ideas for the Marriage Program

Marriage programs are an integral part of your wedding ceremony. Through the wedding program, your guests can feel more involved with your marriage. In addition, knowledge of what’s to come will help guests to have a better time at your reception; and gives you ways to get your guests informed about the meaning behind certain aspects of your ceremony. The program will also serve as a special memento for your guests.


What Must Include in Your Marriage Program

The wedding program is an addition that is flexible enough for your wedding ceremony and reception. The basic program must include information about rituals, customs, or traditions included in your wedding ceremony and at your reception. With this program, you can explain any aspects that might be unfamiliar to your guests. Of course, it must also include time for certain events, especially if your program will include your reception too.


The wedding program should include lots of extras to help make it more personal. For example, you can include a brief biography of the members of your bridal party. Poems, quotes, and favorite photos are also great additions to your program. You can even honor dead relatives or friends by entering meaningful photos, quotes, or poems behind your program.


Program Design

When it comes to marriage programs, anything that can be written can be used. You can print your program on a paper fan or booklet. You can even create and put your program on parchment rolls or make Playbills that contain the names of actors in your ceremony to help set the tone for your ceremony.


Winter Ideas for the Marriage Program

The time of year in which you are married can play a big role in determining the design and layout of your wedding program. If you are going to have a wedding program, you can make a program booklet tied with white faux fur. Or, use a traditional single sheet program and install silver studded snowflakes on it. Another winter ideas for the wedding program is to make an ice blue program and cover the top sheet with a blurry piece of vellum that says Welcome to a Warm Winter Wedding.


Spring Ideas for the Marriage Program

Spring is a fun and colorful time filled with blooming flowers. Therefore, the spring wedding program must reflect the same spirit. You might consider making a two-fold program with a cover that is the same color as your wedding color. Then, carve or emboss a bouquet of white flowers on the cover. Or, make a booklet and wrap it with a chiffon ribbon and snap it to secure it. If you want to stay simple but romantic, make a vertical program and place it in each of your guest chairs. Place the stone carved in Love, Forever, or Joy on top of the program to keep it in place.


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Summer Ideas for the Marriage Program

Summer brings thoughts of sunshine and splashes on the beach. To play this natural theme, you can create a wedding program tied to the seashell. Or, create a fan-shaped program that covers all the colors of the sunset when opens. If you are going to put your program in your guest chair, hold them with a sparkler package. It can be wonderful if you have an outdoor wedding and all your guests turn on the sprinklers at the end of the ceremony.


Autumn Ideas for the Marriage Program

In the fall, your wedding program can include leaf design. Or, make a small booklet with a mocha cover or chocolate and tie it with yarn. Complete the appearance with the seeds attached with gold glitter. An ancient or yellow program with a vellum layer topped with velvet brown-brown ribbons is another wonderful choice.



wedding programs



Wedding Programs -Our Favorite Wedding Program Ideas (1)

The wedding program is the perfect way to remember your day, thanking people who make it possible and make out-of-town guests. We also like programs that provide space for couples to write notes that touch the hearts of guests or memorials for loved ones who have passed away. 


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If you have a large wedding, a traditional ceremony, or a long wedding ceremony in front, a wedding program can be a polite way to tell guests what to expect. Here are the important things to make your wedding program an extraordinary souvenir for your guests and a personal memento for you. After you decide the details to include, our pick shopping is below.


Part One: Cover of the Marriage Program

The cover of your program can be complicated or as simple as you want. The most important details on this page are the date and name of the partner. Including ceremonial venues and partner, photos are additional information that can personalize your program. If you have a theme in your wedding, this is a great place to add details of vintage shells or pictures of cowboy boots.


Part Two: The Wedding Program Inside Cover

For brides who want to keep their program cover neat and minimal, it is best to choose a simple monogram or initial details. You can then book a cover on the program for all the details of the wedding day. If you choose not to enter the date, time, name and location of the ceremony on the front cover, this information must be visible above the order of the event. When it comes to mapping the order of your events, be sure to enter the following details:


Procession Music & Recession

Your music list not only gives guests an insight into your choices but also helps them identify the songs they like (because other marriages are the best place to steal ideas).


Greetings from Official

This does not need to be included in every program but it is a good idea when officers have a special relationship with a partner.


Special reading

Be sure to quote your reading (your guests may want to read more from the author later) and also include the name of the reader.



Not all prayers need to be included, but if someone means a lot to you, this is the right place to share it.


Exchange of Oath & Ring Ceremony

You can include this in the schedule without a statement of clarification. Some couples choose to print their oaths in their marriage program, but it really isn’t necessary (and can also add a significant amount to your design and printing costs).



Communion, Unity Candle Lights, or Special Songs

If your ceremony has certain religious or spiritual elements that some guests might not be familiar with, write one or two lines of explanations about the importance of the ritual.


Marriage Statement

We will be honest. You put this line in your program to notify guests that the party is near.


Part Three: Wedding Party Page

When you bring together two families, there will be many guests who don’t know each other. Including a list of bridal parties and their relationship with prospective brides will make the reception an easier transition for all guests. This is also a way to thank self-selected people personally for choosing to be a part of your special day. Here is an example of how your wedding party should be seen:


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Official: Pastor Babalola 

Parents of the Bride: Babafemi and Omolayo

Parents of the Groom: Segun and Dupe

Honorary Assistant: Esther Ibikunle

Best Man: Akeem Ishola

Bridesmaids: Shola, Olayinka

Groomsmen: Damilare, Akinwale, Babatope


If you want to include grandparents or stepparents, this is a place to respect them too. In addition, after a registered wedding, it is not uncommon for a bride to include a few sentences as a thank you to all the family and guests who participated in their marriage. You can make your program full of personal details or very slim and traditional. The choice is entirely up to you. Look at many interesting options below!


Wedding Programs – Our Favorite Wedding Program Ideas (2)

Marriage programs (also called church programs, ceremonial programs, or “Order of Worship”) are personalized guidebooks for guests at weddings. Basically similar to programs in theater, wedding programs serve the following purposes:


They function as records of wedding ceremonies, providing orders and details of events that will occur at the wedding ceremony.

Furthermore, they help guests understand what is happening, make them feel included.

Therefore, they introduced and respected the bridal party, sponsors, and other people who participated in the ceremony.


Finally, they serve as a beautiful and sentimental memento for everyone, which can incorporate in the couple’s scrapbook.

Although the wedding program is not a strict requirement to have, it certainly adds a unique and personal touch to any wedding ceremony. The marriage program is also important in the following cases:


Marriage is cross-cultural and no one understands the ceremony.

Marriage with a number of guests from other religions or cultures.

A very large wedding so guests may not know about a wedding.

A long and time-consuming marriage.

A marriage which may involve so many people that the couple wants to say thank you and pay tribute.


They are three marriage programs with additional details information listed below:


1. Introduction

Name of partner

Date of marriage

Time and place of service.


2. Ceremony or Order Ceremony




Oath Exchange

Explanation of special religious rituals (such as ring ceremonies, unity candle ceremonies, and wedding announcements)

Ceremony titles for music to be played (including names of musicians, solo singers or readers)


3. Recognition or Wedding Party

The names of the bridal party members

Name of priest or official who will perform the ceremony

Warning, appreciation or respect for someone who has died

Thank you notes and dedication to parents and people who give support to your partner (and for marriage)

Couple’s special message to their wedding guests

Directions to reception


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Marriage programs are usually ordered from the same printer who made the wedding invitation. However, other couples may choose to carry out their own wedding programs. It gives couples the opportunity to be more flexible and creative while saving money.


The wedding program is one small detail that makes this special day special. Ordering ready to use or done privately, the wedding program can be made unique by the feelings of love and expressive joy that it conveyed.

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