Wedding Rings: How To Pick The Right Ones

Wedding Rings: How To Pick The Right Ones

Wedding Rings: Picking The Right One

Wedding rings are part of the institution of marriage. The underscores of every wedding ceremony, wedding rings represent a couple’s vow of remaining trustworthy and faithful to each other all the time of their lives. Wedding rings were used as far back as the time of ancient time, when Egyptians make rings from reeds (and other plants that grow on the Nile River) for couples to exchange, representing their everlasting love for each other.



Today, traditional types of wedding rings are those that made of precious metals that are normally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This custom stemmed out from the conviction that the blood from the ring finger of the left-hand goes directly to the heart. Nevertheless, medical science has already rebutted this statement with their finding of how the circulatory system works, and even if the practice of wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand still reigns, some people now choose to wear their wedding rings on their right hand.

For the fact that wedding rings are the crucial sign of lifetime love and loyalty, it is essential that you select rings of a high class- one that will last for a lifetime.


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1.0    Tips to follow when buying wedding rings

1.1    Plan according to your budget

1.2    Select the material 

1.3   Choose the style

1.4   Browse stores

1.5   Consult the expert

2.0  Wedding ring-the one that will last forever

3.0  Tradition wedding rings

4.0  Are titanium and tungsten wedding rings for life?

4.1   Will they scratch?

4.2  Will they bend out of shape?

4.3  Will the color changed?

4.4   Can they resize?



Tips to follow when buying wedding rings:wedding rings

1. Plan according to your budget. Going into a jewelry shop with the aim of how much you can really pay out for your wedding rings will save you a lot of time.


2. Select the material. There are various wedding ring materials for you to pick from. These are one of them:


Gold – has been generally believed as the most usual wedding ring material, gold appears in a diversity of color (such as yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, green gold) and quality (14k, 18k, and 24k).


Platinum – regarded as one of the best, cleanest, and exceptional valuable metals. They are one of the sturdiest, heaviest and the most durable of all metals. Platinum wedding rings are ideal to wear on a daily basis because it resists stain, and it shows little wear. It is, nonetheless, more costly than gold.


Diamonds –  diamonds are one of the most luxurious and sought-after gem and wedding ring substance, with its prettiness, spotlessness, and sturdiness representing eternal love. Bear in mind that the worth of a diamond is determined by the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight.


 Substances such as titanium, tungsten carbide, and nickel silver are also used for wedding rings. Likewise, a precious gem such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and topaz are also used for making promise rings.



3. Choose the style. Wedding rings also come in diverse fashions and designs, such as the following:

Celtic/Irish design wedding rings 
traditional and vintage rings 
fashionable wedding rings 
conventional wedding bands 
Traditional plain bands 
Beaded edges 
Engraved rings 
Matching rings 
Tattooed wedding rings


Depending on your individual preference, your wedding ring should be in a design and manner that is easy to wear and one that will show your qualities.


4. Browse stores. You should look around the various jewelry shops and compare the various fashions and prices that offer in order to find the best deals.


5. Consult an expert. It is advisable to get counsel from a jeweler with a good reputation that can help you find the perfect wedding ring.

Wedding rings are not just pieces of jewelry. They are significant symbols of a couple’s commitment and love for each other. Therefore, make sure you find a wedding ring which you can treasure forever.


Wedding Ring: The One That Will Last Forever

The wedding ring is probably the only most essential piece of jewelry that you will give to your partner in your lifetime. It is highly essential that you select an everlasting ring that will not become useless or unfashionable after a period of time. Men and women have different choices available to them when choosing a wedding ring.


It is not compulsory that they pick similar rings. The couple usually decides on their rings mutually so there is no need for either the bride or groom to unreasonably worry about picking the right wedding ring. Selecting the rings collectively takes a great deal of anxiety off of the couple since they do not have to bother that their partner may dislike the ring that is expected to last forever.


The material of the ring is highly significant for both men and women rings. The most important materials include gold, silver, and platinum.  There are three types of gold; there is 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold and 24 karat gold. Out of these types of gold, 14 karat gold is the most recommended for wedding rings because 14 karat gold is long-lasting.


Just like 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold can also be used for wedding rings but is usually prone to scratches due to its softer metal. 24 karat gold is softer than 18 karat gold and a lot of people do not suggest creating rings out of 24 karat gold since it is so vulnerable to scratches.


Silver is another substance that can also be used in making a wedding ring. Since silver is a soft white metal, it is, therefore, prone to scratching; tarnishing and discolorations. Nevertheless, it is still a popular option since it is very cheap.


Platinum is a valuable metal that is generally popular as wedding ring material. Despite that platinum is regarded too soft to be used in making rings, a small quantity of ruthenium and iridium need to be added to platinum in order to increase its hardness and result in a wedding ring that is exceedingly durable.


Having selected a metal for the wedding ring, it is time to decide on the style of the ring. When it comes to fashion, there are even more choices available than they are for metals. Some of the vital wedding ring modes include flat bands, half-round bands, and comfit bands. These kinds of bands are also tinted with engravings. Half-round bands are the most customary method available.


These bands are flat on the underneath have an arched structure on the top. Comfort-fit bands attribute an oval cross-section is more costly than the other types of rings. If a bride decides to wear her wedding band with her engagement ring, she should think about picking a wedding band style that equivalent to her engagement ring.


As soon as you have decided on material and style, it is time to decide whether or not to engrave your wedding ring. A good jeweler should be competent in engraving whatever you want onto your rings such as letters, numbers, and symbols. Some couples decide either to have their names, initial together with the wedding date engraved on the inside of the ring. If the couple does decide on engraving, they must appreciate that they can decide to engrave anything they wish on the rings.


The material of the wedding ring, the style of the ring are factors to consider when choosing the ring material. The couple can make their shopping for a wedding ring a wonderful experience if they make every effort to enjoy the shopping.


 Traditional Wedding: The Origin of Marriage


Tradition Wedding Rings

Wedding ring represents the love and fondness for each other. The major sign that the ring holds makes its paramount importance to choose nothing but the best, after all, it is a lifespan investment. Wedding rings are available in different shapes, colors, and mode. You can select the one that goes right with your personality as well as inclination.


wedding ring Lagos















It is generally believed in most countries, that gifting a ring to the beloved symbolizes an everlasting commitment. At present, diamonds wedding rings are more in with an entire range of fine and exclusive rings available. For instance, In India, rings are exchanged during a pre-wedding ceremony. In Spain and many other countries, women receive diamond engagement rings when they accept the proposal of their dearly loved.


A lot of factors need to put into consideration when buying a wedding ring. We need to consider the availability of various styles of the ring, quality, and price. There is no limit to the number of choices available so you may always choose the style, which you can easily afford as well as individuality. This day, a lot of choices are available where you can get the style and shape of your ring as per your wish. 


Try making it as personalized as you can. Remember to save enough money if you don’t want to regret later. Don’t buy too expensive rings, but you can customize the ring as per your general style. Your choosing ring shouldn’t look out of place.


Since some of you are very tight on budget. It will be a wrong decision to buy the costliest wedding ring. A little bit of planning and investigation can help you to buy excellent tradition wedding rings within your resources that look perfect. Although you plan to marry a person of your dream, make sure to buy a wedding ring of your budget too.


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The wedding ring makes a public announcement “I am unavailable and committed”. Hence, make it as special as the wedding day itself. Nowadays, you may find a little complexity in finding ideal wedding rings that will match with the rest of your accessories. But to solve this problem, lots of online accessories portal which makes available to your entire requirement.


This method is very important because it gives you the opportunity to compare the different choices that are available. Make contact with your jeweler as early as possible so that your wedding ring is ready on time and you have enough time for trial and changes could be made if required.


Getting a suitable perfect ring is very important. You are spending a lot of money to get your dream ring, so make sure to get a right-sized ring without being too tight to wear or too loose to slip it off. Besides, pick the ring with a long-lasting metal.

Women normally show off their old traditional jewelry during the wedding day.  Those jewelry are not your own personal preference, it is the sentiment attachment which binds you to put on those.


Are Titanium and Tungsten wedding rings for life?

Everyone should make inquiries in order to make sure he or she gets the piece that can represent the eternity of marriage. If you are seriously considering buying the modern metals (either titanium or tungsten) as wedding rings, here are the guidelines to following


Will they scratch? 
Despite that titanium wedding bands are well-made and durable; the exterior of the rings can actually scratch. It takes another exceptionally hard object like a diamond to cut into the metal.

We can re-furbish a titanium ring so as to bring back to its original appearance. Conversely, tungsten rings are a guard against scratch. Since tungsten carbide, the most regular category of tungsten alloy available in the market, it is mainly durable, it will by no means get dented.


Will they bend out of shape? 
Both titanium and tungsten have exceedingly high flexible strength. Nevertheless, under normal circumstances, titanium rings could bend out of round but a tungsten ring could not.  Alternatively, a tungsten ring stands a better possibility of remaining unbroken, because tungsten is basically harder than titanium.  This feature is akin to that of diamonds.


Will the color change? 
Titanium and tungsten alloy are natural static and do not change color with ordinary usages such as being exposed to the sun, in contact with seawater or cosmetic products.


Can they resize? 
The prospect of getting resized might be significant as we add or lose weight in the future. For this reason, resizing is more complicated, if not possible. Titanium wedding rings are fix up to one size; if there is no inlay on the rings, with the help of special equipment.  

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