Wedding Shoes: Tips For Choosing Top Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes: Tips For Choosing Top Wedding Shoes

Themed Wedding Shoes

Tradition tells us that wedding shoes must be white, feminine, and quite beautiful. But times change, and with that, the trend of bridal shoes. The bride’s shoes include stilettos, mules, pumps, and heels of cats with ivory and satin colors. Today, the added flexibility of themed weddings allows brides to express themselves with their chosen footwear.


The fairy tale theme is probably the most popular for brides who want to be different but still safe. Because most brides are treated like royalty on their wedding day, the fairy tale theme is very appropriate. Fairytale brides can play with their clothes and shoes more than traditional and classic brides. Common choices from fairytale brides include party dresses and princess dresses with matching tiaras.


Wedding shoes, so far, are more complicated. Stiletto is not appropriate because it looks too modern for the princess, and also with sandals. Suggestions for shoes for this theme are tiny strappy shoes with complementary colors for wedding dresses. It will look amazing with a full skirt and sleeveless dress.


Weddings in open parks are also popular. Parks with summer themes allow dresses with spacious fabrics and materials. To complete the “airiness” of a wedding dress, shoes must be roomy and light as sandals. Because heels that are too pointed can seep into the ground, flat sandals or platforms are the best.


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Jeweled sandals with beads and ornaments are also a good choice. In this way, the bride does not need to worry about being drowned or balanced in uneven reasons. Wedding shoes for outdoor weddings must be comfortable and relaxed to complement the relaxed and summer atmosphere.


More adventurous women prefer beach weddings. Beaches are usually chosen as a place if there are sentimental moments between couples that occur on the beach as the first kiss or engagement. This is a moment of surprise and the entire bridal dress must echo the joy of the moment.


Because regular dresses for beach weddings show a lot of skin (thought tubes, short, short dresses), wedding shoes must follow. The heels are tied out due to sand and this makes it an opportunity to use flip flops and funky thong sandals. Flip-flops and flip-flops decorated with sparkling rhinestone details complete the beach atmosphere.


Recently, travel and ethnic-themed weddings are increasingly popular with jetsetter couples. Popular inspiration is Japanese, Arabic and African culture. The wedding dress and decoration of the place evokes images of the theme. Dresses inspired by geisha-like wooden platforms such as wedding shoes and clothes inspired by Princess Jasmine fit satin sandals.


The gradual flexibility of the marriage tradition allows a more personal and intimate marriage. There is no reason why the bride must hold each other’s style. Wedding shoes provide small surprise opportunities and brides are welcome to bring them. Wedding is, first and foremost, the day of the bride. She can declare Keds as her wedding shoes and no one will object.


Wedding Shoes

Marriage is an important event in everyone’s life and people want all aspects to be perfect for this special event. Every individual pays special attention to everything, starting from choosing a place by taking the right wedding gown. But buying the right type of wedding shoes is an important aspect of every marriage.


There are many factors that need to put into consideration when choosing wedding shoes. While choosing the comfort and style of wedding shoes is the most important consideration. It’s important to achieve the right balance between comfort and style. During the wedding day, you will be busy throughout the day attending your guests, posing for photos that involve a lot of walking. Your wedding shoes must be able to make you comfortable during this stressful day.


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Your wedding shoes also need to reflect your personal style and personality and also complement your wedding gown and other clothing. Because many wedding shoes are available on the market with different styles, choosing shoes that fit your personality and taste will be a challenging task.


When choosing high heels wedding shoes, you need to consider the size of the heels that you usually wear. People who wear high heels can use something like Stiletto and others can choose cat heels. The right type of wedding shoes along with suitable wedding clothes make you look beautiful and glamorous during your wedding day.


Wedding shoes today are no different from party shoes. Many people choose the type of Victorian old wedding shoes because these shoes are soft and flat shoes made of lightweight fabrics such as silk or satin. Wedding shoes are the last purchase because after a tiring day the feet swell and buy wedding shoes are finally recommended.


Most wedding dresses are white and hence it is very important to choose white wedding shoes. The wedding shoes chosen by someone for their wedding are very important because the entire beauty of the dress will be hampered if the wedding shoes are inappropriate. Making the necessary changes do not bring back beautiful moments. So you must buy wedding shoes with interest and attention to ensure a perfect wedding.


Wedding shoes must be taken while trying out a wedding dress so that the dress’s height matches the height of the wedding shoe. Shoes are simple or fashionable, no matter what type of shoe they are, the rule of thumb is that wedding shoes and dresses must match each other perfectly.


Shoes for the Bride

Trying to find the perfect shoes for your Special Day can only describe as a problem. Is that a heel or a flat? Will you show your toes or choose the appearance of sandals? Wading through all colors, styles, and designs can cause the bride to immediately drop one or two.


Don’t despair, finding wedding shoes doesn’t have to be a scary proposition if you just follow a few simple details.

Let’s first look at your dress and the color and type of fabric. The rule of thumb is to keep your shoes and dress as coordinated as possible. Match the material of your wedding dress with your shoe cloth.



wedding shoes



The heel will be the right choice if you use a short or knee-length dress to make your legs look slimmer. This will also give you feet to you, well, you know where. An additional and good attraction is with open heel shoes. Well-maintained toes are a must if you choose this option.


Climate is one thing to consider if you will marry outside. If it will be hot and humid, you will want to think of sandals as your choice. After all, you won’t want to turn off your new husband with smelly feet when you take off your shoes after the wedding.


Make sure your shoes are right and comfortable. You will stand up all day so you want something that feels good. Don’t try to get into the shoes just for the display. Wear the size that you usually wear for office shoes or your clothing pump.


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If you are between two sizes, it is best to choose a bigger one. Don’t sacrifice style for convenience. If your feet hurt, you will feel miserable. If you decide to choose wedding shoes with straps or ties, make sure the shoes can be loosened easily and do not erode your skin. Your wedding shoes can create or shatter your wedding day.


Make sure you bring your new shoes to the test drive. Walk on a different surface and solve it well before your special day. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Take a piece of sandpaper to smooth the smooth surface of the shoe sole. This will help to avoid slipping on a smooth surface. It’s better to change your wedding shoes now than to wait for the actual wedding and apologize for not being able to walk well in the hallway.


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Once you are at the reception, you want to have a second pair of shoes that is practical. Keep the most important comfort in your mind. You will sit most of the time at the reception so why do you want to wear heels? Paying more effort to choose the perfect wedding shoes is very beneficial.


Brides, in general, don’t pay much attention to their wedding shoes as they do to their dresses. They thought that their guests’ attention was on their clothes. But most people will attract to the bride’s legs and feet if they wear a short dress, so give extra attention to your wedding shoes. Is it better to have your best foot forward during your wedding day?


History of High Heels

High heels have been around for a long time. Although they are not examples of the sophistication and sexiness of women, they have served the same purpose for men and women for a long time. High heels are depicting in ancient Egyptian art in murals but the first history of heels goes back even further. The depiction of Egypt took place around 4000 BC and shows pictures of people wearing high heels in murals on the walls of ancient tombs and temples.


The shoes that depict are pieces of flexible skin held in the legs with leather lacings. The next incarnation is a kind of platform sandals in 200 BC. This platform sandal is called kothorni. They had high wood soles and were used mainly by tragic Roman actors. Kothorni uses mostly to provide high profits. Furthermore, in 1000 AD, the tradition emerged that the bride’s father in Saxon marriage would give one of the bride’s shoes to the groom to symbolize the surrender of authority from one person to another.


Shoes are not always for beauty purposes, they are not always functional. In 1154 King Henry II of England began wearing shoes with narrow, pointed toes. This starts a trend among retainer; although it rumors that Henry was wearing these shoes to hide the deformation of his toes.


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In the 12th century AD, knights began wearing shoes with their toes curved down to keep their feet in stirrups on their horses. The toes of the shoes are a big point of contention. It came to a point in the early thirteenth century where the length and pointing of someone’s shoes directly showed rank and skill in a community. The king and prince will wear shoes with toes up to 30 inches!


Women’s passion with shoes did not start in the contemporary form until the mid-18th century with Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour starting a trend in their court concerning shoes. Madame de Pompadour made a popular shoe named after Pompadour. Unfortunately, these shoes are very high and very narrow and too many women faint in court because they try to reduce the size of their feet. Marie Antoinette died with a two-inch heel less than 50 years later.

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