Wedding Songs For Reception: How To Select The Best

Wedding Songs For Reception: How To Select The Best

Christian Wedding Songs

Weddings are a festive celebration of the love two people who have decided to come together as one. They are generally performed in front of a minister, so as to commemorate the solemnity of the occasion and to make it more binding in the eyes of God and man. And no other to celebrate that union other than with music with Christian wedding songs, to be precise.


Even if the traditional wedding march is the regular music that plays in the background, consider walking down the aisle, looking all beautiful, whilst there is music playing that express precisely how you feel that unique day. A Christian wedding song, whose words suggest a special meaning between you and your husband to be would really be something special.



Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Christian wedding song
  3. Tips on choosing your wedding reception music
  4. Wedding songs: how the guests can select the best
  5. Six simple steps for composing a personal wedding song for your wife


Religion & Music

Most religions regard to wedding ceremonies mode of worship service, and consequently, are very strict about keeping the solemnity of the event. Therefore, most churches do not permit the playing of popular love songs during the wedding. Hence, how do you decide on songs that are not only religious in nature, but also focus on morals and principles connected to love and marriage? Well, this where Christian wedding songs come in.


Christian wedding songs proffer a balance between a religious song and a love song, which is very perfect for wedding ceremonies and the receptions as well. These kinds of songs set the tone for the occasion, ushering in an ambiance of being not too solemn and not too informal. That’s why; you can have the wedding song of your choices playing as you walk down the aisle through Christian wedding songs.


Searching for the Songs

There is quite an outstanding selection of Christian wedding songs which you and your future partner can choose from. Picking a song can be daunting since there are a lot of very good songs out there. You would want to pick a song that makes a special meaning for you and your future spouse, something that’s special that you’ve heard it many times at other weddings you’ve been to.


If you’re unfamiliar with Christian wedding songs, you can decide to visit your local music or record store and surf through the available selections there. Or, you can also surf the Internet. You will, of course, find a whole lot of basis for Christian wedding songs. A number of websites post lists for the most common Christian wedding songs being used, which you can also check out.


When you opt to hire a DJ or a vocal soloist for your wedding, you can also ask him or her concerning the music selection they have available on Christian wedding songs. You can ask for advice as well, in order to limit your search. Let them play it so as to make a decision whether you want to use it at the wedding or not.


Hiring Vocal Soloists

Use the service of vocal soloist for your wedding will certainly bring with it a more special and intimate touch. In addition, playing with piano, guitar, or violin, singing Christian wedding songs live can positively make your wedding into a more unique one.


The vocalist can croon the Christian wedding songs you chose, maybe during the lighting of the candles, prior to the procession, before the vows, during communion, etc. It all depends on how you want it.


Christian Music

Music is one of the most vital elements of a wedding as it places the tone and mood of the occasion. Whatsoever Christian wedding songs you plan to play in your wedding, it will for sure be embedded in your memory forever. So it is better to choose something that matches what you feel in your heart and has particular meaning to you and your future partner because hearing it in another time would definitely bring back memories of your very special day.


Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Reception Music

Since there is such musical diversity available to brides and grooms, choosing your reception music might be difficult.

It is highly important to answer the following questions before doing anything:

What category of music do you prefer most when you celebrate?

What type of melody would your guest take pleasure in? If there is a disagreement among what the bride and groom and their wedding reception guests enjoy, negotiation might be needed.

Do you have a preference to live music, or a DJ? Can you pay for a live band?


You ought to book your wedding band or DJ about the same time you keep your wedding reception venue. Why? The reason is that your reception music will really depend on your wedding reception venue. If you plan to have live music for your wedding, you should make sure it is allowed by the reception venue. Furthermore, you need to make sure you are aware of the venue’s policy about music before you choose your wedding reception venue.


If you decide to go with a wedding band, make sure you book early. Popular bands are normally booked more than 12 months in advance. Saturdays during the busiest wedding months are generally demanding for wedding bands, so you can book even more than 12 months in advance.


You should ask the following questions before you book your wedding music provider,

How many years have they been in the wedding industry? You should go with a qualified and experienced band or DJ. Experience will generally result in a better quality performance.

What of the references, do they have any? (Make sure you always check references.) If the band cannot provide references, you should walk away.


Can they play live, regular music for the entire event?

Do they play your favorite music?

The more songs they can play the better. Rock bands normally have long lists of all the songs they can play.

Do they have a sample CD, so you can test their music? Can you see one of their performances? There is no alternate for seeing a band in action.


Can you communicate with the band, and do you feel at ease relating to them? Are they paying attention to you; are they excited? Don’t forget that the band is there to make your party enjoyable, not the other way around. You hire them to play the music you like not the music they like.

How many rock band members do you have and how many are singing group?

How long do they usually play, and how frequently do they take a rest and for how long?


Put everything you decide on in writing. The response to the above questions should all be part of the written agreement, which is a complete must. Ensure you include the precise time the band starts and ends playing.


If you must work with a small budget, you might want to book a DJ as an alternative to a wedding band because they are not as expensive as wedding bands. An experienced DJ can create a lively environment for your wedding reception; so don’t be saddened if you can’t pay for a wedding band.

Don’t forget to have fun; after all, you are preparing the most vital and joyous day of your life!


Wedding songs – How The Guest Can Select The best

If guests participate in singing along at the party then that is a good sign that they are enjoying themselves. Thus you see how necessary it is to select the right songs for your wedding so that your guests can also enjoy themselves too.


Wedding music and songs will always be a feeling setter generating an impression for revelers, therefore, cheering them to get up and party. Wedding entertainment has changed greatly over the years as far as music concerned. So you may realize that this aspect of your wedding planning can be entertaining as well as exciting provided that you see eye to eye with your partner.


Majority of bride and grooms-to-be choose wedding songs that have some form of meaning. These songs can relate to their first date or of another outstanding occasion that they both enjoy the memories of. 
Important issues must know and keep in mind when choosing your wedding music is the rules govern by the wedding venue institution. They may have limits on certain types of musical entertainment.


Basically wedding services or ceremonies normally take place in the house of God (church/chapel) and as a result, you need to talk to the vicar before the marriage so as to make sure that the wedding songs chosen are acceptable. If the wedding service is to take place in another type of hall then abide by what would be considered as suitable for the ceremonial wedding song. This is a day to commit to memory in a loving way – not a laughing one.


Foot tapping nearly starts as soon as the music plays. This is a green light signal representing to all the guests it’s party time. This is now where you will observe the mood change to a livelier and up rhythm mode. Wedding songs can be carried out by a soloist – band – DJ or if you prefer an instrument orchestra. Ensure the reception hall is full-size. Orchestras have lots of instruments that play a happy melody like the flute.


When you are preparing songs for your wedding reception solicit a second opinion from close family members if you cannot decide on the wedding songs to choose.

The customary wedding march is dying out so it is a good chance you may be sticking with this song and why not – what better way to publicize your beauty on your special day to the tune of here comes the bride.


Why not try something special -when mailing out the wedding invitations tell the guest to acknowledge the invite in order to know if they can attend. The way you will ask them to reply is by recording their preferred tune on the reply card. 

Sifting through the cards may take a long time but you have to check anyway to know who can or cannot attend your wedding. Pay attention to every party favorite tune listed by the guests and have the musicians play a compilation of tune of their chosen favorites.


Although everybody cannot be accommodated, the band can connect by playing another song from that particular artist that they preferred. Just a submission to make sure that the wedding songs played at your wedding will be benefited by all.


Six Simple Steps for composing A Personal Wedding Song For Your Spouse

Husbands can make a loving impression and successful marriage by demonstrating to their wives how much they are treasured and loving. In the John Gray ground-breaking book, he believed that “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars,” He sketched out the key differences between men and women.


One of his major discoveries is that wives love to be touched and held. Wives love to be told, in a tender and humble way, how crucial they are to their husbands. One of the most loving ways that a husband can demonstrate admiration and respect to his wife is to write a personal wedding song for her.


Notwithstanding if a husband has been married for some months or longer than 40 years, he can always renew his marriage with a personal wedding song.

wedding songs

Do you want me to sing? No way! Majority of husbands may say. I can’t even carry a tune, let alone do a solo. Although it may seem difficult, a personal wedding song is just a love poem set to music. I have a personal experience of writing, recording and singing a wedding song to my wife, which can be done. When I began, I had no assistance, just gut intuition. What it takes to get started is to know what action to take and then take the first step. Here are the six steps every husband can take to demonstrate love to his wife and to show how treasure she is.


Step One. Acknowledge Your Wife

Write down at least five qualities that you love about your wife and cherished her for. What five would you select? Is she, a good listener, your best friend? Does she have a pleasant and warm smile or a sense of humor? Does she love to shock you? Even If you can list more than ten things, all the better.


Step Two: Write Down the extraordinary Things she admires

What does your wife esteem? My wife, Oluwakemi, loves to hold hands and be embraced, she is very action-oriented, she is so kind, and she always remembers a family member’s birthday. She loves Christian movies, music, plays, prepare good food. She is very intelligent about relationships. A personal wedding song should focus on what is exceptional and special to your wife and your relationship.


Step Three: Ensure You Put Your Sentiment into the Song

I composed a personal wedding song for my wife after 6 years of marriage. I titled the Song “Six Years In Marriage”. At the same time, I wrote down how she is very important in my life. The major success and progress I have made since the time she married me. I also highlighted her roles in my life and what that has done for me. The lyrics to the refrain go like this:


Paragon of beauty, you are pretty and beautiful. I will always cherish you. Your strength is tender and fine as white lace. You excellent listen makes me compose this song for you. Your tender love and your caring attitude make me feel strong.


Using your list in Step 2, pick some of your wife’s best personalities and jot down what they mean to you. If you need help concerning rhyming, you can get a Rhyming Dictionary. Or you can also read books of poetry or surf the Internet through a Google Search to get more ideas. Ensure to personalize your words, though, in order that they come from your heart. You want to be genuine; a cheap copy of someone else passed off as your own may not be suitable for you.


Step Four: Make It straightforward: Two or Three Verses Okay

Ensure that your personal wedding song easy to sing, but exceptional to your wife. for instance, don’t forget the poems that start, Roses are red, violets are blue? You can enlarge that phrase into a verse, like:

“Roses are red, violets are blue, 
I can’t live a good life without you. 
You are my wife, my joy, the crown of my life, 
my life would be empty without you”


Step Five: Use a Common Tune for the Music

Did you aware that it is acceptable to “borrow” a melody (provided that you don’t sell it or declare it as your own) for your personal wedding song? in actual fact, if your wife has a particular song that she has a liking for, you might learn how to write lyrics that go along with it. If you get serious, you might find a musician or studio to help.


After I wrote Song of Our Marriage, I discovered the melody by humming it, playing out the keys on a piano and then finding a studio that produced the accompaniment. You can surf the Internet to find somebody who can assist. Likewise, you can truly produce a song on your PC with downloadable MP3 files.


Step Six: Chant the Song to Your Spouse and Frame the Lyrics

Now comes the most essential part the delivery. It is not a good idea to write a personal wedding song and then stick it in your golf bag. Do it for your wife. Record it. Compose the lyrics and sang the song in your bedroom or kitchen. For the Song of Our Marriage, I even created a photo album with pictures of my wife, with her friends, and more in several sections.


Each segment of the album represents the verse and refrain from the personal wedding song. Yes, I have highlighted the six steps to writing a personal wedding song for your wife. It takes work. I’m sure if I can do it, you can do it as well. Go ahead, take a risk. Your wife will surely move by your touching gift and care for her.

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