Wedding Themes: The Best Theme For Your Wedding

Wedding Themes: The Best Theme For Your Wedding

The theme of Your Wedding

Whether it’s a traditional, formal, or off-line wedding, you unite the whole event by planning each phase. Today, with so much available on the Internet, it’s easy! All you need is time and a clear idea of the feelings you want to convey.


Table of Content

1. Introduction

2.The theme of Your Wedding

3. Seasonal Wedding Theme

4. Themed Wedding Shoes

5. The Bloom of Spring in the Daffodil Wedding Theme


Start with the theme and you will have rational images that you can use throughout the marriage. You may be surprised how powerful a word or concept is if you apply as the theme of your marriage.

Love angels, for example? What will more perfect than finding a way to combine angels in each phase of your marriage?


From interest to guest favors to vows, you can find ways to implement the theme through the entire event. Will this be a two kind Renaissance wedding? Renaissance themes are compatible with wedding rituals and make it an unforgettable event.

Married on February 14? Hearts and flowers are probably the most traditional and most loved wedding theme!


When you plan your wedding, save time for choosing music carefully. Get together with anyone who provides music and talk about the right song for both of you. Nothing sets the tone like music, and your wedding music will live in your memory for the rest of your life.


Rings, vows, chosen clothes, a color that you have to make for the wedding to create intimate personal expressions of your love, made much easier by following the theme. But the idea behind it all is the most important.


You can choose one word to describe the spirit you want to become your marriage. If the union of two hearts creates a separate entity with one quality.


Is that joy?  Or Is that satisfaction?  Maybe this an adorable, bubbling, miraculous adoration. Choose one word or phrase and remember. This will unite everything and make the experience more perfect. And the theme of your marriage can be the basis of your marriage.



Seasonal Marriage

One way to make your wedding more memorable can be by having a wedding theme.

Making the decision to have a wedding theme is an easier part. Deciding on a theme is more difficult. You can decide on a 17th-century theme or the theme of a dream wedding, but while considering these themes, it is important to consider certain factors such as costs, availability of personnel, etc.


If you are looking for a fresh look theme, see your wedding date. Every season has its own charm and you can have a seasonal theme for your wedding that will combine all the glory, colors, and natural beauty around you. It can be memorable and unique in its own way.


Many people like to marry in the late winter or early spring when nature is in the best condition.

In spring everything looks fresh and new after a sleepy winter. In spring gardens and parks are in full bloom and natural colors are in full swing. Pastel shades adorn the landscape with a myriad of haste and high-interest romance and flowers. Having a spring theme for your wedding will evoke the same feeling in your guests even at a lower level (Nothing can compete with nature right?).



wedding themes



Spring colors for bridesmaids are pastel colors, each different color will create a different look. A table with snow droplets or miniature daffodils will give a fresh look. Return with tulips to decorate the door. Fill the old jam jar with scented candles for the garden atmosphere. You can add flavor to your wedding by adding pink champagne to afternoon tea and arranging dance entertainment with Morris dancing for adults or hunting Easter Eggs for young people.


Other popular seasons for weddings are Summer, June, July, and August which are the most favored months because of the warm sunshine and reduced likelihood of bad weather. Summer color patterns are spicier than spring pastel colors.


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Wedding Theme Color

Summer themes should aim to create a tropical atmosphere through the use of yellow, bright orange, lime green, and pink themes. You can spice up by making bridesmaids dress in bright colors and more so if they carry exotic flowers that are exotic from each other and different from the usual bouquet offerings. Enjoy a wedding breakfast in the garden with grilled fish and lime. A steel band can make guests burn with pleasant and relaxed aesthetics.


Autumn may bring some challenges to your creativity. Flowers are not abundant and the color is down to earth with a mixture of chocolate, gold, rust, copper, and red. Replace the flowers you carry with hay, wheat, and give, mix a little. Keep food simple – soup, homemade bread, fruits, and grilled meat. Romantic background music can create a magic atmosphere.


Winter, which is considered boring by some people, could be the most magical time for marriage. A dark and cold night can be turned into a warm atmosphere using candles, twinkling lights. Winter is when family gatherings have special meanings and signify celebration times. White silver and blue are the right colors for winter wedding themes.


Decorate the bridesmaid with silver and turn the flower girls into little fairies with all the works of sticks and wings. Tables can be decorated with white feathers and the best sweets and chocolates available, illuminating them with indirect blue lights. Serve white chocolate with the right jewelry to get the best from the winter atmosphere.

Whatever season you choose, a little creativity in this theme can make your marriage the most memorable.



Wedding Shoes

Tradition tells us that wedding shoes must be white, feminine, and quite beautiful. But times change, and with that, trends in bridal shoes. The bride’s shoes are not limited to stilettos, mules, pumps and cat heels in ivory and satin. Today, the added flexibility of themed weddings allows brides to express themselves with their chosen footwear.


The fairy tale theme is probably the most popular for brides who want to be different but still safe. Because most brides are treated like royalty on their wedding day, the fairy tale theme is very appropriate. Fairy tales brides can play with their clothes and shoes more than traditional and classic brides.


Common choices from fairytale brides include party dresses and princess dresses with matching tiaras. Wedding shoes, so far, are more complicated. Stiletto is not appropriate. It looks too modern for the princess, and with sandals. Suggestions for shoes for this theme are tiny strappy shoes with complementary colors for wedding dresses. It will look amazing with a full skirt and sleeveless dress.


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Weddings in open parks are popular. Parks with summer themes allow dresses with spacious fabrics and materials. To complete the “airiness” of a wedding dress, shoes must be roomy and light as sandals; pointed heels can seep into the ground, flat sandals or platforms are the best.


Jeweled sandals with beads and ornaments are a good choice. In this way, the bride does not need to worry about being drowned or balanced in uneven reasons. Wedding shoes for outdoor weddings must be comfortable and relaxed to complement the relaxed and summer atmosphere.


More adventurous women prefer beach weddings. Beaches are usually chosen as a place if there is a sentimental moment between a couple that occurs on the beach like a first kiss or engagement. This is a moment of surprise and the entire bridal dress must echo the joy of the moment.


Because dresses for beach weddings usually show a lot of skin (thought tubes, short, short dresses), wedding shoes must follow. The heels may be tied out due to sand and this makes it an opportunity to use flip flops and funky thong sandals. Flip flops and flip-flops decorated with sparkling rhinestone details complete the beach atmosphere.


Recently, travel and ethnic-themed weddings are increasingly popular with jetsetter couples. Popular inspiration is Japanese, Arabic and African culture. The wedding dress and decoration of the place evokes images of the theme. Dresses inspired by geisha-like wooden platforms such as wedding shoes and clothes inspired by Princess Jasmine matched with satin sandals.


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The gradual flexibility of the marriage tradition allows a more personal and intimate marriage. There is no reason why the bride must hold each other’s style. Wedding shoes provide a small surprise opportunity and the bride is welcome to bring it. Marriage is, first and foremost, the day of the bride. He can proclaim Keds as his wedding shoes and no one will allow an objection.



The Bloom of Spring in the Daffodil Marriage

With the spring bloom in the air, the beautiful lilies raise their heads in the victory of the new season. Choosing daffodils as the theme of your wedding color can also be used to mark the blossoming of a new marriage together.


You can get Narcissus in a variety of colors; the most common ones are in white, yellow and peach colors. The center contains a trumpet-shaped corona surrounded by a larger 6 petal ring. They made striking arrangements either alone or in flower groups.


When planning your daffodil wedding theme, items that reflect this attractive flower can be used. Favors daffodil-shaped cakes into sweet treats to please guests, while a daffodil in a vase placed before each table setting will brighten up your table decorations and your guest house. If you like the idea of making your own help, try making sweets using a daffodil sucker mold.


Narcissus pots purchase in the center of the garden can place directly on the table for attractive centerpieces; the price is cheap to flower arrangements. Ask each of your servants to bring home one of the pots at the end of the night as a thank you gift. For additional table decorations, use a daffodil shaped punch (check the scrapbooking supplier) to make your own table confetti. This hollow shape can be used to enhance other decorations such as tin markers, guest books or maybe cards/gift boxes.


You can enhance your wedding theme ideas by using white and yellow colors. One can use White table linen with a yellow buttery napkin.  White tulle wrap in front of the main table will secure with large yellow ribbon ribbons; groups of white and yellow balloon bouquets placed throughout the room. All of this will provide an atmosphere of fresh spring to the location of your wedding and reception. New marriages are blooming!

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