How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue- Selecting The Perfect Venue

Now that you have found your perfect groom. You have also bought wedding attire. What is uppermost in your mind is how to have a perfect wedding. What you need next is the perfect wedding venue. Having a perfect wedding is solely dependent on having a perfect venue. Therefore, you should treat finding a perfect wedding venue as if you are buying a new car. Since it is where you will receive and take care of your friends and relatives on the most memorable night of your life.


Wedding venue cost

Wedding venue costs attract almost half the budget for the wedding, which means you can expect to lay out a lot of money including food. The venue you choose can also limit the choice of your caterers or bakers; this will definitely affect how much you spend to weak spots or accent its highlights. To worsen the situation, the popular venues book far in advance, forcing brides to make the big decision almost as soon as they set the date.

For that reason, it is advisable for venue-hunter to consider certain things before booking for a wedding venue.



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wedding reception: 8 Tips to help you search for a perfect wedding venue.

  1. Trust your instincts
  2. Take your time
  3. Consider the size
  4. Check the parking space
  5. Know the restrictions of the venue.
  6. Draw a layout of your wedding.
  7. Check the kitchen.
  8. Check the hall itself.




Wedding Reception: 8 tips to help you search for that perfect wedding venue.

Trust your instincts.

The moment you get to a particular venue, you will definitely have a certain feeling towards it. You have to trust your intuition. If you have a positive feeling towards the venue, then that is a good start. Likewise, you will know definitely know if a certain venue is not suitable for you and your wedding. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should not be logical when choosing a wedding venue, especially a perfect wedding near you. It is a place where you will exchange vows with the man of your dream, so it has to feel right.


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Take your time.

You aim for a perfect wedding venue, and a wedding is a very important event, therefore take time to get the venue right. You should never rush into choosing a perfect wedding venue. If possible, start looking for a venue for at least six months or one year before the wedding date. As a result, you will have enough time to make the right choice and change the venue in case anything happens.

wedding venue cost




Consider the size.

You should also take the size of the venue into consideration. The wedding will lose its intimacy if the venue is too small. On the other hand, the wedding will be overcrowded and uncomfortable if it is too big. Basically, the size of the wedding will depend, of course, on the number of guests. Hence, you should have a rough idea of how many guests you are planning to invite before looking for a wedding venue. It is unreasonable to say that you are planning to invite 150 to 400 guests. The 250 person difference would matter a lot in terms of the venue size. In addition, you should leave enough space for the dance area. The more guests you have, the larger the space you need to allocate for the dance area.




Check the parking space.

The major complaint of the people who have attended weddings is the lack of parking space. It is advisable to choose a wedding venue that has ample space for all of your guests. You may consider parking as a minor consideration but it can spell the difference between a happy guest and a dissatisfied one.




Know the restrictions of the venue.

Some wedding venues have one restriction or the other, be sure to ask about the restrictions if there are any. There may be restrictions about noise in some venue, so you might not be able to make use of a band or a sound system. Likewise, some venues have time restrictions while some would allow you to party all night long. In fact, some venues have decorations restrictions. It is very important to check beforehand if the wedding venue would allow you to bring your own caterer, decorator, photographers, florist, etc because there are some venues that have preferred contractors and suppliers.




Draw a layout of your wedding.

It is wise enough to have a layout of your wedding. That is, you must know where you want your guests to sit, the reception area, the dining area, etc. Therefore, check if the venue fits your layout before choosing it.




Check the kitchen.

You should check the kitchen if it looks clean, roomy and suitable for your catering staff to work from.


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Check the hall itself.

Where will you put the band, the cake table, the drinks service? Is a sound system available?




One final thing to consider before you dedicate that contract is your venue’s cancellation policy. But hopefully, with these helpful tips, you’ll have done enough homework to rest easy in your choice and not worry about having to cancel. Now that you’ve signed, take some time to sit back and relax … before you tackle the next task in that thick wedding planner!

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