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We need a guest post or creative writers on If you can write for us – our mission/goal is to encourage and advise mature adults to marry and teach them how to enjoy their marital life. Therefore all articles will have this as a focus – Marriage, Relationship, Dating, Parenting, Wedding, Divorce, Sexuality, Child-upbringing, etc.


Guest Post / Relationship Writers Wanted

Marriage NG is one of the most popular marriages and relationship blogs on planet Earth. If we publish your content, it will be seen by MANY people. We are very picky about what happens on the blog page, but we will give anyone who wants to be our guest post a chance. If you are a good writer,  you can send your article to us. We strive to publish every good content we get. If you are a creative person and you can make things that other people like to read, Marriage NG is an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.


Creative Writer

We also need a guest post who can write engaging content; that is able to attract the attention of the audience and help them achieve their relationship needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us: or through our online form.


We will publish ALL articles that are sent after we confirm that the article is original, interesting and able to provide added value to our audience.



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